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I Understood what she meant, she was on all fours on the floor, I just Squat over her, and inserted my d!ck In a downward manner!.
I started Pumping, I was so desperate not to Pour and I didn’t.
I think that’s a Great prerequisite for lasting Long; Be Determined not to Pour.

Her moaning was trying to distract me form attaining my mission, but I didn’t let it.
After 5 minutes of banging her in that position.
I turned her over with her back on the rug.
And gave it to her in the regular Missionary style.
With my Palms, Massaging her b°°bs.

She moaned and wriggled on the floor, I still wasn’t near cuming.

The p*orn Video that was earlier playing, was long over.

I raised her up, Put my d!ck in her mouth and stroke her head on it.
she gagged a couple of times, her teeth were hurting me.

I turned her over again, she bent a little with her hands on the couch and her a$$ in the air.
I then inserted my hardware into her p*ssy.
I was moving at a very Fast pace and didn’t care if I came, I had last long enough anyway.
I felt my orgasm preparing for Expulsion.
I further increased my pace, I can say she was Shouting, literally.

I eventually came, it is a memorable experience.
She slowly turned around and sat on the Couch with her eyes still closed.

She asked a question that got me laughing wild.

“Are you sure you’re a Virgin?”

I laughed till she later joined me laughing.
that day changed her View towards me, before then, she always looked at me with a level of contempt.
She began petting me, calling me frequently and showing some affection.
You can bet we had $*x a lot more times after that day.
Higher Institution took us Separate ways.
She was studying at a Private university, And here I was.

Enough of the Flash Backs !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday evening, I left for practice, arrived, I was a little bit late, about 10 minutes pass 4pm.
they were all waiting, their faces showed they were upset.

I apologised.
“Do you have the Prototype? Capon asked.”
“Yeah, Sure!” I replied

I demonstrated how we were going to do it.
the Moves involved, I moved from one part of the hall to another, to indicate how the positioning will be
“It was just Perfect!”

They all looked happy, some of them trying to hide their smiles

I heard claps from the back, it was Capon, so everybody Joined Clapping.
The Euphoria i felt at that moment is Indescribable.

We practiced it, till about 5:30pm. it was almost like we were ready!
The competition was Saturday.

before we left, Capon said we will be paying three thousand Naira each, for the Costumes, and payments for the make up Artist.
he also Urged us to get Sneakers.

I left there and was strolling out with Gabriel, Gisting in Pidgin English and laughing.

“Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!” a feminine Voice called out from behind, it was Rita, she was almost running towards us.
Can I have a word with you. I glanced at Gabriel, he Glanced at me too.

“Guy till tomorrow na” I said as we shook, then he left.

“Am sorry about the other day”

“what day?” I asked, pretending not to remember.

“oh please, you can’t tell me you forgot” she replied

“If its about you asking me if I was crazy, its okay, I didn’t take it seriously”
“Really?” she asked, a little excited, both her fists clinched and pinned to her Jaws.

“Yeah” I replied.
the truth is, Rita looked like a Model, not too skinny, Just Athletic and beautiful.

“Words from a pretty lady can’t hurt a N!gga” I added

” You flatter me” she said with a big Grin.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked.
“We’ll have the drink” but I’ll do the buying she replied.

We got to a nearby Bar, we drank and laughed.
I found out she was a 300 level Pubic Adminstration Student.
I was just in 200level.

She took alcohol, I just ordered for a Wine, Alcohol wasn’t my thing!

Rita and I left the bar, about 7:30pm, she was a little tipsy.
I asked her where she lived, she told me, I stopped a taxi, we both hopped in,
We got to her house, I think she was more than tipsy, she was drunk, not too drunk though! or she was just feigning it,coz its not like she had much of the Alcohol. I got the key to her door from her bag.
I opened the door, we both went it, I adjusted her on her bed.

“Good night Rita” I said, I switched off the light and turned to leave.

“Come and make love to me” she said, in a half drunk tone.

There was an Open Invitation, Beckoning, My weakness tickling, but I couldn’t live with the fact that I slept with a Drunk Girl, Its Inhumanely

“No Rita! I’d Love to do that with you, but not when you’re drunk” I said as I locked the door to her bedroom.

I left there really Exhausted, I needed to work more on my Relationship with Sandra, as soon as I got home, I called her,
I told her about my day, how my Prototype was accepted by the Crew.
She was really happy.
“Am proud of you!” She said

I really liked the sound of that, it made me feel Good.
Totally a nice way to end the day.
About 9:30pm I had slept off for about 5 minutes, I heard a Knock on the door.
“Oh who is this that won’t let me sleep?” I muttered

I opened the door. Guess who it was? Amarachi!

“Hey Dear!” I said with a Grin.
Hy Jeff! I invited her in.

And offered her something to drink.
*We had ended the ‘Friends with benefit’ so anything s*x related wasn’t going to happen. No Way!

We were both on the bed.
“Is your ex boyfriend still disturbing you?” I asked

“No, he never showed up since that day”
She leaned forward and kissed me, I didn’t reciprocate.
she paused, looked into my eyes, and Kissed me again.
I still didn’t reciprocate.
Jeff what is wrong with you? she asked in a low tone.

Amarachi, I thought we planned to end this!
This isn’t right I added.
I stood up and leaned on the wall, with my arms Crossed.
She stood up, came to where I was.
“Baby! I haven’t forgotten about it, but can’t we have a good time while I wait for true love?”

I was about Replying her, she placed her index finger on my lips,
Bent and unzipped my 3 Quarter trouser
pulled my d!ck out, I totally didn’t wanna have s*x with her.
But my d!ck having a Mind of its own, was Already Erect ?

She licked the cap of my d!ck, then went half way. And the B.lowjob began.
My arms that were crossed, loosened, I was no more leaning on the wall.
This girl gives a good B.lowjob, damn!

She probably knew I would resist, cause her dressing was very revealing.

I had enough of the b.lowjob, I stood
her up, she dragged me to the bed, I undressed completely till I was completely unclad, She did the same,
She had no b.ra And P.ants #lol

I lay on the bed, with my d!ck point up high like an Antenna.
it was soon buried in the deep glory hole of pleasure.
She gave me the reverse cow girl.

Ave never seen her that Mad. She was Pounding really hard like her life depended on it.
She probably wanted to give it to me so badly, that I won’t have the guts to refuse her a Next time.

I placed my thumb at the entrance of her a$$hole while she Moved up and down.
eja¢ulating was the last thing on my mind, cause I wasn’t too excited about the s*x.

I sat up and Massaged her ¢lits, she moaned really wildly.
We were soon into Missionary style, I did three things at a time, and that drove her crazy.
I Sucked her N!pple, Massaged her ¢lits, and I was still thrusting.

6 minutes later, her eyes, widened
“I Wanna pee, She Moaned”
I understood what was coming so i didn’t bother stopping
instead I increased my pace.
She began Squirting in pleasure, thereby wetting me and the bed sheets.

“Was that your first time?” I asked
“yes!” she replied, exhaustingly

*I have just given her a reason to keep coming back*

I didn’t ¢um, I wasn’t gonna let it slide, like I did the other day, I just adjusted her to a side of the bed that was dry. and pounded her in the Speed of light, with eyes closed.

After some minutes, I moaned as I emptied every single Drop into her ¢unt.
We showered, I dressed her up, and accompanied her.

I came back, and was about going into my room.
Ibro hailed me from his room, the door to his room was wide open.

“Guy, you wan use d!ck to kill another Man’s Daughter?” he asked in a Loud Voice.

I laughed, and walked into my room.

I realised I had been really neglectful of my Studies, I hadn’t even made any attempt to Solve the Assignment Assigned to us


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