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Isn’t it Mysterious? How a Man can Truly Love a woman and still have other Women around.

A man can be with a woman just for the s*x of it, nothing more.
Can’t say the same for ladies, ladies like adding emotions to everything, want to be cuddled after s*x, want you to be around when they wake up, so they don’t feel Used.

I can say I was really in Love with Sandra, even though I wasn’t getting the ¢unt.
there was just something about her that made me to keep coming back, she may have withheld s*x. but she paid me back with everything else.

I was standing outside the Class on the Thursday of that same week.
I got a call from a new number.

“Hello” I said as I picked up
“Hello, is this Mr Jeffrey Ebenezer?”

“Yes it is”

“Sir please you have a patient in the General hospital”

“A patient?” I asked bewildered
“who is the patient?”

“Sir please rush to the hospital it is a case of Emergency”
It was a female voice, she ended the call after making that statement.

I ran to Ibro to inform him, I told him I’ll be leaving.

I have never found the hospital environment Amusing.
I arrived and met the receptionist, she directed me to the Ward.
Guess who I saw on the hospital bed ?

My darling Sandra.

With the Doctor standing by her side.
Sandra! I screamed, trying so hard to stop my tears from flowing!
I couldn’t.
my tears rolled as I slowly sat beside her on the bed.

I was eager to ask the question
“what happened?”
but it would be a silly Question, she clearly had an Accident, probably on her way to school.

I held her right hand with both hands. she was crying too.

“Mr Jeffrey I need to speak with you in my office” the doctor said with his left hand on my shoulder.

I followed him, and sat opposite him in his office.
“Sir, your patient lost a Lot of blood, we need a donor”
take mine I said, without even thinking.
“Just take mine I repeated, with tears starting to flow again ”

“Sir, she indicated that you are her boyfriend, and that is not a close enough relationship for us”

“We need someone, who is family” he added.
I stood up and bent with my hands still on the table.
“Doctor, I love her with my life. her parents are not close by, and you know we don’t have that time. please I beg you in the name of God Take my blood.”

he kept quiet for about 30 Seconds.
“I’ll send a Nurse, to come take your blood sample for test”

I went back to Sandra.
“Sweetheart, you’ll be Alright”
She couldn’t say a word.

I just wiped her tears with my Palm.
Hours later, the doctor came back smiling.
“We have a Match he replied, and your Blood is Clean, meaning Std free”

“I was also Offered a bed, and my Blood was tapped.”.
The Nurse urged me to rest, and made sure I eat really Nutritious food, like Vegetables, Meat and all that after leaving the hospital

I was still on the bed, few metres away from Sandra, I could see my blood being transfused into her system.

2 hours later, two elderly looking couple came in. I guessed it was her Parents.
Her Mum broke down in tears and sat beside her.

Her dad stood, he was almost in tears too, he was struggling to remain a Figure to lean on, not the other way round.
“Doctor is this the boy?” Sandra’s dad asked, pointing to my direction.

He came to where I was, placed his hand on my cheek, And said
“God bless you son, I owe you”

Sandra’s mum also came to where I was and hugged me, While crying.
The emotions were just too much for me to handle.

“why did you do it?” She asked, after letting go of the hug.

Sandra’s Dad was behind, he paid keen attention and awaited my reply.

“I love her, even more than I can ever love myself” that was my reply.

She hugged me again, this time around even tighter.

Sandra’s dad wiped his face with a Handkerchief.

I later Slept off, I woke up to the Noise from different Voices.

I saw about 6 People including Sandra’s Mum.

Guess who they were?

My Crew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically, it was my first time being on a hospital bed.
I felt so Loved!
They were here for me and Sandra.
Rita, was sitting beside Sandra, I sat up.
they all teased me, calling me Romeo.
From their Countenance I could tell they were proud of what I did.

Sandra was looking better, she and Sandra were even having a Silent conversation.
Sandra was Injured on her side, just below her left arm, that’s where she lost the blood, she had a few bruises on her arms and face.

How did you guys find out? I asked, not to anyone directly.
“Ibro told us” Gabriel replied

They brought food which I ate and fed Sandra some.
They later said they’ll be leaving, I accompanied them out, and really Showed my Appreciation for that kind Gesture.
Growing up I never had much Male friends, Ibro was my first best friend.

I had already envisioned the mess I was in.
the Competition was just Saturday, and I couldn’t abandon her in the hospital, she needed me most at that point in time.
As much as my crew tried not to bring it up, I knew they recognized the mess we were up against, and they needed me too.
I was the Mastermind of the Crew’s Dance.

I came back and locked the door behind me.
Sandra’s parents probably decided to give us Space.
I sat beside Sandra and cracked jokes for her.
Some of jokes of which I knew and some where tales from my past shitty actions.
She struggled to laugh, i stopped the joke when I noticed the laughter was hurting her on her side, the injured side.
“Jeff!” she said.
“Yes my Darling” I replied

“Your crew needs you, go to them”

“What crew, no Sandra, am not going anywhere” I Replied defiantly.

“Jeff, please, I have my parents to look after me, your crew needs you”
She was struggling to speak, and my refusal would hurt her, a lot.

“But what’s the purpose of the me being in the competition, if you won’t be there to witness it”

She didn’t reply.

I later yielded, I was still feeling a little dizzy. I informed Sandra’s parents of my departure, they thanked me, they were almost embarrassing me as almost all eyes turned to our direction.

I left the hospital few minutes past four, called the Capon and told him I’ll be showing up for practice.

“He was really shocked and at the same time excited”

I took a bike to our Usual Spot, I was at the entrance of the hall, they all hailed me.

“Thank you for coming, I know it isn’t easy, the truth is we were messing it up” Rita said and Giggled.

Some of them were already sweating, I shook hands with the guys,

We commenced practice, Rita was right, they really were messing it up.

After practice I motivated them with some words of encouragement.

I got home, really exhausted.
“I heard moans coming from ibro’s room, I did something silly.
I thought it was one of Ibro’s Strippers, the knowledge that Ibro had a new Girlfriend, just escaped my Memory.
I just pushed the door and went in, Ibro was it with Jennifer.
missionary style, she really had bursty b**bs.

” Oh my God, am very sorry” I apologised with my hands on my mouth.
I closed the door behind me, walked into my room, and collapsed on the bed.
what I craved for most, that moment was my bathroom.

I took my bath, came out with my towel on my waist.
I heard a Knock!
“Who is that”

“Its Ibro.” he said as he opened the door.
“Am very sorry, for intruding” I apologize again.

he sat on the bed while I stood.

“But Guy you no try” I added.

“You told my guys about my whereabout, and stayed behind to give your babe Multiple orgasms”

“am sorry guy, it escaped my mind”
“it escaped your mind?”

I was too tired to get upset.

Ibro later left.
I was contemplating whether to call Amarachi and tell her or not. I decided not to.

Saturday came even faster than I had hoped, The big Day.
This day actually changed Life


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