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I arrived the School Premises by 7A.M
The competition was to kick off by 10.
The hall was already half filled, I only met Gabriel and Capon.
Rita, Shayo, Flexxy and 2pac later showed up.
we were assigned a dressing room at the backstage.
I looked up the order of presentation
“Guys Guess what?”

“What?” they asked.
“We’re last on the list” I said

They all Cheered.
By 10a.m, the Theatre was already filled. Some guys were standing at the back. The theatre was a really big one

The Competition didn’t Commence till about 10:30A.M due to technical issues.

“Ladies and Gentle men, I welcome you all to the Annual Dance Competition, 6 Crews will be Competing. The Oblivion, X-Crew, The baddest crew, Street Ninjas, Dance Freaks and the defending Champions ‘The Almighty Crew’” The Coordinator said.

The X-crew performed first, their Performance was okay.
My crew and I stood backstage as we watched.
The Oblivion came did theirs, Dance Freaks too as Well as Street Ninjas.

Their Performance were Mind blowing, especially Street Ninjas.

It really hurt me that Sandra wouldn’t be there to witness me perform.

From the Display i saw from these 4 crews, We wouldn’t have stood a chance if we had stuck to the Dance moves we had earlier planned to use.

It was the Almighty Crew’s Cue. Their dance was like nothing ave ever seen before on any plat form, they were just Exceptional.
The whole Crowd, stood up to cheer them. I wasn’t Surprised how they turned out the Defending Champions

I turned to look at my Crew, I could see despair in their eyes, I could sense their fear, I myself was Scared.

A man has got to get hold of himself.

“Guys, We can do this, it doesn’t matter the performance anybody puts on, We have to believe in ourselves, we can Win this Thing!” I said facing my crew. I was speaking on top of my Voice.
I continued.
“Do this not only for the prize, do it to be remembered. And nobody here wants to be remembered for Losing”
Let’s Get them. come on guys I said as I Slapped my palms together.

It worked! it really cheered their Spirit up.
they Wanted to win it as Badly as I did, the Fire rekindled.

I had already instructed the technical crew on how I wanted it to be.

“And Finally, ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the baddest Crew”
I could hear a Few cheers from the crowd, the crew was famous for not making any impact, so we had less Admirers

The Stage light was switched off.
*I will try as much as I can to explain the Dance*
When the light Came on, Rita was sitting on the stage, in rags with a Beggar’s plate in her hand.

“The song Michael Jackson- Speechless”
was on,
the whole Audience were completely Quiet.

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2pac Danced to where she was, she stretched the plate to him, begging him to give her alms,
he walked passed her with his hands in his pocket, and his head raised to the Ceiling.
the song Changed, I walked in, with my coat and hat, I did the Michael Jackson ‘Backslide’
The Crowd went Wild

I passed Rita went to where 2pac was and dragged him back.
to where Rita Was.
I said something to him. but it was a Prerecorded Bass Voice which I had given the Technical crew.

“Show Some Love!” i said

He gave Rita a hand,lifted her up. the crowd Cheered.
That’s when the the other Crew members, came out with their Coats and Hats.
It was a memorable Moment, everything was just Perfect!

The crowd cheered and Cheered,
Toward the end of our Dance, I was at the front, Gabriel used and invisible remote to act like he was controlling me.

Then the Prerecorded Voice said “Pause”
I paused like a Statue, Gabriel came to where I was, kicked me with his Buttocks.
I fell to the Ground like a Log of Wood.
The crowded weren’t just Cheering this time around, they were Screaming!

Our time was over, I was still on the floor, with my two hands stretched forward.
Capon, Flexxy and Shayo danced to where I was and Lifted me up, and left. Just like Lifting a Statue, Motionless.
The crowd went mad.

I loosened up immediately I got to the backstage, My Crew cheered and Laughed as we shook each other, there was nothing but pure joy written on our faces, for deep down we knew we had Won it.

A man Approached me,while I was in the backstage he was wearing a suit,
“Hello Sir” he said
“Hi” I replied.
“Sir, my company would like to have a Business partnership with you, call me as soon as you can” he said as he handed his Complimentary card to me.

I couldn’t reply, I stood there surprised. I collected the complimentary card.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the Terminal of this Competition and now we await the results from our Judges” the Coordinator said.
Hearts were beating, Adrenaline Effusing, silent prayers were said, as every crew fixed their eyes on the Judges.


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