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Linda and I walked home, I was Quiet.
She did most of the talking, most of which were totally irrelevancies.
We arrived home, I told Linda I would meet her at home, I wanted to get Airtime to call Sandra.
We spoke and i sent her a message afterwards.

I arrived home, I noticed everywhere was dark. I turned around, and glanced at our neighbour’s rooms, There was light.
I slowly walked in and tried to trace the light switch with my hand.
“Don’t turn it on Jeff” Linda said as she walked towards me.

She came to where I was, dragged me to the bed. We k!ssed.
“I love you Jeff” she said, soon as our lips parted.

“Personally, I knew it couldn’t possibly be love, just an Extension of her Excitement”

She was sitting on my belly.

“You’re are going to fvck the hell out of me today” she said.
I laughed, but I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted, because she was sitting on my belly.

She undid my buttons, almost tearing them apart.
I took off her dress, and unhooked her br@.
I craved to have a sight of those b°°bs of hers. But It was too dark.
So I just Sucked on her N!pples.
I wasn’t putting on any belt, so she undid the button and pulled my trouser and my shorts at the same time.

I was finally as she wanted me to be, N@ked!.
She bent and licked my balls, then eventually to my d!ck, she wrapped her hand around my rooster, while her mouth was on the tip, then began stroking.
The feeling was Heavenly!

Linda stood up, and slowly, sat on my d!ck.
Then she began Moving up and down on it.
She moaned Wildly, as she pumped up and down on my d!ck.
Something funny happened.
She was riding with so much passion, my d!ck got out of her p*ssy and pierced her @nus.
She Screamed and fell by the bed side.
I began laughing, I didn’t know if I was suppose to Apologise.

I decided to take control of the wheels, I spread her legs apart, until they formed a V shape.
Then ferociously slid my d!ck into her hole of infinite pleasure.

She moaned, am not sure ave ever had a girl moan so loudly.


She kept saying
“Fvck me Jeff, Fvck me and don’t you dare ¢um”

I wasn’t even near ¢uming.

How I manage to last very long during $ex without cuming, is I think about an ugly past experience or situation that gets me so upset.
And the one I always used happened when I was 11 years old.
My dad made me spend the night outside, for not washing the plates.
He came back, from work that evening, he met me washing my school uniform, it was about 6pm.
“Why haven’t you washed the plates?” he asked.
he wasn’t even ready to listen to my reply.
“So you want your mum to come back from work to wash the plates for you?” he asked again.

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Little me, just stood there, not knowing the appropriate reply to give.
He pounced on me, and beat me. I managed to find an opportunity to run out of the house.
He locked the Gate, and warned every member of the family to not let me in.
It was so cold and quiet outside, and a long night.
I kept walking from streets to streets looking for a place to sleep.
I found a platform, I lay there, on the cold cemented floor, with mosquitoes, making the night even more Unbearable.
In the morning, I walked back home, I met the door open.
Immediately he saw me, he picked a stool and hit it on my head.
I cried.
Amidst tears, I said “Why are you so Wicked?”
“You call me wicked?” he said, with his eyes bulging out.
he picked a log of wood, which he had probably spared for me.

My mum came to my rescue, she stood between him and me.

Well that was a long time ago, he’s dead but it still hurts.

So during $ex, once I bring up that painful memory, ¢uming becomes the last thing on my mind.
I continued banging Linda in that same position,
then moved up to her b°°bs, placed my d!ck on her cleavage, then Squeezed her b°°bs together and began thrusting.

I later turned her around.(D*ggy)
I slapped her @ss, as I thrust at high speeds.
“Yes baby, slap my @ss” she said.

“No kill yourselves oh!”
Someone said, as he passed the front of my room, It was Justin, one of my Neighbors.

Linda and I paused for a while, then began laughing.

i stopped thrusting, and let her move her @ss forward and backward.
I took Linda to my reading table.
Spread her legs again, then buried my head in her V*gina, I licked her ¢lits like my life depended on it.
She moaned, without restraint, then later pulled my head up to where she was.
“I love you Jeff” She said
I paused looking into her eyes
“Do you love me too?” She asked.

To Be Continued…..


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