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I was perplexed at that point, she needs a real man? I didn’t see myself fitting into that “Real man”. I was still a Student, in my second year.

I was about to say something, She blocked my mouth with her palm.

“Jeff, you’re not the man I need” she said.
“But i like you!” she said.

At that point, I was very relieved.

“Why do you like me?” I asked, looking into her eyes.
“Oh please” she said, and laughed.
“By the way, it will depend on how active you are” she said
“Active? Active in what” I sat up as I asked.

She didn’t reply.
She simply reached for her Glass of wine.
And looked at me, while she drank.
I figured she was probably, trying to get dirty, I wanted it too, but I had to get some questions off my chest.

“Why isn’t there any real man, coming around? You’re pretty, with a really nice @ss and succulent b°°bs.(She blushed). you’re wealthy, you’ve got all a man needs in a woman”

She dropped the glass.
“There was a man actually” she said.
“But he wasn’t real” She added.

I sat staring at her, I leaned forward, placed my hand on the back of her neck, and k!ssed her, it was swift.

“Hey! Slow down young man” she said soon as our lips parted

She pulled me by my left hand, upstairs to her room.

“Do you have a Girlfriend?” she asked.
“Yeah!” I replied
“Do you Fvck her?” she asked

She stressed the F-word.
Yes, I replied.

She smiled.
“How long can you last on a woman?” she asked.

“What’s with the questions, why don’t you find out” I said
Pushing her to the bed behind her.
She laughed, I got onto the bed, k!ssed her ferociously.
K!ssed her neck, her ear lobes and down to her b°°bs.
I Massaged them through her top.
Then slipped my hands into her Skirt, and Massaged her ¢lits through her p@nties.
She moaned, she leaned forward to my ear, and whispered.
“you’re good”
“You ain’t seen nothing yet” I said.
I took off her top, she wasn’t putting on b.ra, I wet my lips and reached for her n!pples.
She moaned and caressed my hair, like she was moulding a spherical object.
I sucked on the twin b°°bs, then down to her centre of gravity, the ¢unt.
There were some hairs there, licking it, felt like putting your mouth on a dog’s bare body.
It wasn’t fun.
I finger-fvcked her, and tongue-fvcked her, I took my time, she climaxed a couple times.

All the while, I had my trousers on, I got off the bed, took it off.


Once I took it off, she began laughing.
“Why are you laughing?” I asked
She covered her mouth.
“I expected it to be small” she said

“You must really underestimate me, do you know what this Gentleman has seen and where it’s been?” I asked pointing to my d!ck, who was as upset as I was.

I brought out a condom, from my wallet, she didn’t restrict me using it, so I rolled it, got on the bed and spread her legs wide.

I didn’t only want to impress her, I wanted to punish her for thinking less of me.
I slid in my d!ck, forcefully, she gasped.
I began thrusting, moving in and out,
Squeezed her b°°bs, while I pounded.
She moaned in pleasure.
I intentionally asked her a question
“Should I stop?”

It was so ecstatic, she couldn’t even reply verbally.
“Her eyes bulged out, she shook her head, meaning No!”
I smiled
Turned her around, she was on fours,
I slid my d!ck in, and began another session of thrusting, slapping her @ss in the process and pulling her hair,
“Baby, yes, yes, yes” she kept saying.
Then silence, she climaxed and passed out!
I was jittered, I didn’t ¢um, and she had climaxed more than 3 times.

Still n@ked, I walked to her refrigerator, got soft drink, and sat on the cushion, watching a TV program.
An hour later Yemi walked down the stairs, she was N@ked too.

“I began laughing soon as I saw her .
“What happened?” she asked.
“You were flogged by my rod of fury, too bad you couldn’t handle the heat” I said and continued laughing, she joined me laughing, she felt a little embarrassed.

I stood up walking toward her, the ¢ondom, was still hanging on my d!ck.

“I didn’t ¢um, can you handle another round?” I asked

“Of course I have to make up for what I did!” she said.
I pulled her to the couch, we k!ssed, I manipulated her ¢lits, to buy time for Joystick to regain it’s turgidity.

I picked up the remote and turned off the television, the sounds coming from it was altering the harmony of the $£x.

We resumed, the same d*ggy style, one of her legs was on the floor, while her knee was bent on the cushion, I was behind her, slapping her @ss and banging it.
she was moaning and massaging her ¢lits from beneath.
I banged at full speed, as ¢uming was my only intention.

6 Minutes later, I came, the org@sm was a thriller.
we took our bath, she insisted on we having another round, I refused, I was tired already.

I dressed up and was about to leave, she insisted on dropping me off, I turned it down, and asked her to have some rest, the way she addressed me after the $£x was very different from the way she did before the $£x, she was almost petting me.

I left her house, I greeted the gateman as I was leaving. on second thought.
I walked up to him, brought out my wallet, and gave him a thousand bucks.
He was very happy
“Please i want to ask you a question”
“How many men do come here everyday”
I asked because, a secretary, having so much wealth was questionable.

He laughed..
“Oga, the kind men that come here everyday, dey fear me” he said.
“Sometimes, five different men in a day”

To Be Continued…


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