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Now that was the part, where I was suppose to get angry, upset, Pissed and experience all other feelings of Aggression and depression.
But I began laughing, I owed God a thanksgiving, for not allowing a relapse in my reasoning, strong enough to have stopped me from using ¢ondom.

I personally don’t know if she was seeing all those men, to get her ‘real man’ or to gratify her ambitions, either way, considering the assets lying around, I can say it was paying off.

I took a bike home, three days later I decided to Check out my Mum’s restaurant, I had not Visited the place since I returned from school.

I walked into the restaurant, I liked what I saw, it was a standard one.
I sat in one of the empty seats, just resting and enjoying the overview.
A waitress walked up to me, “Good evening sir, what do you have need of?”

I looked at her from head to toe and smiled at her, she tried to hide a smile too.
Just ice cream please, I replied.

She came back a few minutes later with a can of ice cream.
“Thank you very much” I said

She was about to leave
“Excuse me, what’s your name please” i asked
“Sir?” she said
“Daniela, my name is Daniela”

“Nice name, Daniela”
I brought out my wallet and paid for the ice cream.

“Is my mum closeby?”

“Your mum?” she asked, looking confused.
“Yeah, the owner of this Restaurant, Miss Confidence”

Her eyes widened, as she stared in unbelief.
“She’s your mum?”
“Yeah! I replied.

She quickly handed the money to me.
I laughed
“Don’t embarrass me please” I said.
She insisted I kept the money.
I refused
“Alright Daniela, let’s do this” I said,
this time around looking serious, “i just met you today, and I think I like you already, so let’s assume, the money is from me to you”


She was about to say something, when I interrupted her.
“Can I see my Mum now?” I asked with a Grin.

She kept quiet for a moment,
“She’s in the Kitchen” she said, stammering a little.

I walked into the kitchen.
“The best mum in the world, the indispensable paragon of beauty, the immutable woman of great Virtues, The queen of my heart.”

I said, leaning by the door.
She wasn’t alone, there were three ladies along side her.

They all began laughing, my mum turned around, with a spoon still in her hand.

She was really happy and she couldn’t hide it.
we greeted and she introduced the the ladies who happened to be her employees.

The business looked promising, much more than the boutique did, just that it was difficult to maintain and stressful.
I later left the restaurant, to pay Linda a Visit, the ice cream was meant for her, using the address she gave me.
I arrived the compound, it was about 5pm, everywhere was quiet.
I knocked on a door, and was ready to apologize, in case it was the wrong crib.
“Who dey there?” A masculine Voice asked.

I didn’t reply.
He opened the door,
“Yes, who are you looking for he asked” he was only wearing his shorts.

“Am really sorry, I am looking for a Lady, her name is Linda” I said

he frowned a little
“What do you want from Linda?”
I was about looking for a reply,
Someone opened the door wide, and peeped, It was Linda

She looked tired, with hair scattered, she probably woke up from sleep or they where at it, the latter being the most probable.

“A moment please” she said

She dressed up and met me outside.
“Is that your boyfriend?” I asked
She kept quiet.

“Well he’s Good looking” i added
I handed the Ice cream to her.

**It wasn’t quite the reception I expected, I wasn’t even invited in**
She thanked me for the ice cream.
I left her and went home.

Some people are just too confused to relate with love, not too long ago she was professing her love for me.
Like I said, it wasn’t love, just an extension of her excitement for passing the post utme.

I arrived home, she kept calling me and i kept rejecting it.

I called Sandra.
“Have you checked your result?”
She asked
“What result?”
“The first semester result, it is out!”

To Be Continued….


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