(Rated 18+) Midnight Saga episode 3


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episode 3

Am Sorry, it was a Silly Question, are you New here.
Yes she Replied, am a 100 level Student.

okay, how do you find the School.
well, its less than. I expected, I wrote jamb twice to get here, I use to Fantasize and dream about being here, now am here, I thought University would be fun.

*******People say a lot about themselves when they talk, without even knowing.
I Understood something from her statement, she was those kind of Girls who weren’t really Free at home, and Craved for freedom.
now she has the desired Freedom, but the Freedom alone Couldn’t Quench the Hunger to Exploit.*******

oh forgive my Manners, am Jeff, I extended a tender Handshake, (We were still walking)
extended her hand and said, am Amarachi.

So are you married?
Of course not I replied,
I saw you Scream out when the pastor talked about $ex in Marriage,
I laughed.

The truth is i love $ex a lot, and if my wife thinks she can wield it to control me, She’ll be Surprised.
So you’ll cheat on her? she asked.

I wouldn’t Call it cheating, More like seeking for Satisfaction from an External source, it’s like Using your Generator when Nepa Ceases the light.

She Started Laughing Uncontrollably. she couldn’t walk again.
she Just bent and Placed her Hands on her Knees and Continued laughing.

I Stopped too, Using the opportunity to assess her A$$.
it was Packaged.
She later stretched, wiped the tears off her face and said, Jeff you’re Very funny.

Amarachi wasn’t really as Good Looking as Sandra, but she was Beautiful in her way and was more Endowed in bosoms and the A$$

We reached a Junction, this is me she said, pointing to a house by the Right.

okay, so how can we keep in touch I asked her.
I’ll have your number she said. Smart chick.
I gave it to her, walked the remaining distance home, I was about Slotting in my key, when I heard m.oans of Ecstasy,coming from Ibro’s room. I just Smiled and Understood what was going to be  Amarachi. lets forward to Wednesday.
Sandra and I were Keeping it cool.
we were both in class,
I was sitting about 3 rows behind her,
I used my Phone to send her a Message.
“You look so Gorgeous, that Dress Does Reveals your Beautiful h!ps”

2 minutes later. I got a msg.
it was Sandra , she sent a Message saying.
“Thanks, # Naughty boy. Lol”

We met later in the day, she said she had a Challenge in a Specific Course and would be Needing my help, I obliged to help.
So we found a Sit at a Corner, I did my best to teach her. Even Budha Knows she wasn’t Concentrating.

she was busy looking at my lips as I Explained some things to her.
You wanna ki$$ me? I asked
What? she said, and Chuckled!
Oh Sandra, You’ve not been really Concentrating. she Apologised,

how about that Date we talked about? I asked
That’ll be tomorrow, she said

we talked for some time and Left Separately.

I still hadn’t gotten a Call from Amarachi.
She wasn’t really into me I thought.
Ibro and I Walked home, He was Speaking on the Phone with someone, Mixing English and Hausa Language.

He slowed down, and Screamed, What!!!
he later broke into Tears with the Phone still Attached to his ear.
Something bad must have happened.

I approached him, he was still in tears,
Dad, why, why. how could you leave us?
he managed to say.
that’s when I understood his dad had past away,
Personally I never really got along well with my dad, but I know what it means to lose Someone you love.

I did my best to console him, throughout the whole day, I even cooked for him, told him some words of Encouragement.
he said he would be travelling, the following day .
I left his room at about, 10pm laid on the bed and was Reminiscing about a lot on past happenings.
thats when my Phone Rang. It was Amarachi


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