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I wasn’t really eager to see my result, I later logged onto the the School’s portal and checked my result, one word, Flawless!

I showed it to my mum, she was happy, as I anticipated, nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting a smile on her pretty face.
Yemi kept calling me and inviting me to her place, i turned it down. She leaves work for home by 6pm.
So I promised her Saturday.

Linda kept calling, I decided to pick up.
“Jeff!” she said.

“Yes Linda” I replied.
“Am really sorry about the other day”
“Is he your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yes!” she replied.
I laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” she asked.
“you’re a bad girl, you were fvcking me, even when you had a boyfriend” I said, and continued laughing.

“Doesn’t he give it to you as much as you want it?”
“Exactly!” she screamed
I amplified my laughter

“But you know we can’t keep meeting right? Linda you see, I like you, you’re a pretty girl, but you deserve a love life and I can’t promise you that”

She kept quiet.
“I know what am doing Jeff” she said and hung up the call.

Ever since I saw those hot employees my mum had, I felt magnetised to the restaurant. This time around, we were well acquainted.

On the thursday, I was in the restaurant, having a conversation with Daniela, she was the prettiest of them all.

“Daniela can I ask you a personal question?”

“Hmm, how personal?” she asked
“I think its very personal”

I was standing, while she was arranging some utensils.

“You’re a pretty girl, obviously, why hasn’t anybody caught up with you?”
she stretched to look at me, smiled, then continued what she was doing.
“How do you know nobody has?” she asked, her head still tilted, downward.

“I don’t” I said and chuckled.

She winked at me and left.
I stood there replaying it over and over. was that a sign?

My mum, walked up to me, and told me she was tired and would be going home, and I should help her keep the girls working and in order.

Daniela picked a tray and was about to serve a couple.

“Please let me” I said

She blushed and handed it over to me.
I took it to the couple’s table.
“Good evening Sir and Ma’am”
I was about leaving with the empty tray.
“You two look perfect for each other” I said and left.

I turned around and saw them laughing.
Everything was moving smoothly.
Daniela walked into the female’s toilet.
There was another waitress, whose name’s Queen.
I winked at her, and left to the female toilet.
Am not sure she understood what I meant.
But what I meant was
“Hey, I’ll be right back, help me keep things rolling”

I walked into the female’s toilet
Daniela had just finished peeing.
her head was down, trying to fix on her P@nties, she raised up her head saw me and screamed
I smiled
“Jeff you scared me”
“Am sorry” I replied
“What are you doing here?”

“To watch over the most beautiful waitress in the world”
Her face was plain.
I leaned forward and tried to k!ss her.
She moved her face away.

“Jeff are you okay?” she said
I felt really silly, I hadn’t felt as silly as I did then, in a long time.

Am sorry, I apologized.
“Excuse me, she said and walked out.”
I later left the bathroom, in shame of course.
Queen who I had earlier winked at, I caught her a couple of times staring at me.
That night I couldn’t sleep, because of frustration, I kept rolling on the bed, it was actually the first time, my charm failed me.

I arrived the restaurant in the morning, which was unusual.
Daniela, was acting weird, pretending not to notice me.

When I noticed she was lonely, I walked up to her.
“Daniela, am sorry, I don’t know what came over me yesterday. But about you being the prettiest waitress” I meant it.
I said and giggled
She began laughing too.
“So we’re cool?” I asked

Yeah! she replied
I extended a handshake, she pushed my hand away and hugged me.

The following day, which was Saturday, I was kinda eager, like to meet Yemi, as if I hadnt been there before.

I called her and informed her, I’ll be coming.
Meeting another man there that’ll dampen my $exual urge is not what I planned.

So I went there two hours after I called her.

I arrived there, the gateman and I greeted like we were old friends.


I walked into the building, I met Yemi, sitting on the couch with just her P@nties and br@.
She had a grin on her face.
To be honest I liked what I saw,

I was still standing by the entrance, she pulled down her, b.ra, revealing her n!pples.
my d!ck sprang immediately, pointing like a Hunter’s gun.

I walked to where she was, i k!ssed her.
And whispered, “I miss you”
She blushed, I sucked on the n!pples.
Pushed her backward on the couch and took off her P@nties.

Gave her a thrilling mouth action, she groaned and wriggled on the couch.
I took off my clothes, and was about to roll a ¢ondom, she stopped me.

She kneeled and gave me b.lowjob, which I enjoyed.

But I was eager to get to the real deal.
I rolled the ¢ondom on it, I slowly slid my D!ck in and was about to begin thrusting.
When we heard the sound of a car, driving into the compound.
Yemi stood up and peeped through the window.
She turned around with a smile, probably a smile of relief.
Her mechanic brought one of her cars back.
What she didn’t know was, she wasn’t the only one who was relieved.
She moved to the couch to where I was sitting.
K!ssed me and stroked my d!ck a little with her palm, then later spread her legs on my thighs, and slowly inserted my d!ck.

She began moving up and down on my d!ck, my hands were on her waist, supporting her movements.

Being upset about her lifestyle, wasn’t an option for me. Besides I was getting for free what other men were paying for.

I lowered my back on the backrest, lifted her @ss up a little, and began penetrating from beneath at full speeds. She moaned and screamed, as I slammed her p*ssy.

I felt like eja¢ualting, which was too soon.
I turned her back to the missionary style we had skipped, then began pounding, moving in and out, in continuous rhythm.

“Yes baby, talk dirty to me” she said.
I didn’t because It was kinda weird

“I said talk dirty to me” she repeated while she moaned in pleasure.

“B!tch!” I yelled.
“Yes, yes, more!” she said
“This was new to me, I had never had any girl who pleaded to be addressed with vulgar words”

But since she wanted it badly, I continued
“Fvcking hoe”

She enjoyed it.
“Fvcking b!tch” I continued, while banging her in missionary.

Her legs wrapped around my waist, while I banged her and massaged.
A couple of minutes later I cumed.
instead of resting to catch her breath, she hurriedly took the ¢ondom off my d!ck. and began licking the cap of my d!ck.

I was still trying to catch my breath, and she was giving me a b.lowjob already.

“$lut!” I said.
She began laughing.
“Mothetfuvcker!” she replied.

She wasn’t wrong about that one, I had actually fvcked someone’s mother before.

Once my d!ck was up, she stood up, stood by the stairs and gave me a Gesture to follow her.
I stood up, my d!ck leading the way, like a Sniper.

I walked into her room upstairs, I met her on all fours, already massaging her ¢lits, and moaning.

I had earlier brought two ¢ondoms, in case she requests for a third round, I rolled one on.
I stood by the side of the bed, adjusted her @ss and slid my d!ck into her wet, red, ¢unt.

I held onto her @ss, with both my hands, then began thrusting.
At optimum speed, I think that was one of my fastest Fvck.
She screamed, and moaned, at a point, she was trying to push me away, but my grip on her waist was firm.
I continued pounding her ¢unt, in that position.
“Fvck me, yes,yes,yes”
She said.
Then shivered a little as she Pour, once she was done Squirting, I resumed thrusting my rod in and out, in the same way as I did earlier

“Take it easy, James, James please slowly”

James? that got me furious, I increased my speed further, a source of electricity could have been discovered from the kinetic collision.

She later collapsed, and passed out, or pretending to pass out, her eye lids were blinking.
I stood by the bed, with my d!ck still erect.
I got on the bed, spread her legs wide, slid my d!ck in and began pounding.
The person playing unconscious, resumed moaning, lol.
I did that for about 5 minutes before I came.

I went to the bathroom, she joined me there, we k!ssed and romanced, I left the ¢ondom, in the room.
So I just massaged her ¢lit manipulated her
“Who’s James?’ I asked, immediately we got out.

“James, who’s he to you?”
She laughed and said, “He’s my boss”
“You are really a $lut”
She laughed again,
“Like you just noticed”
“What do you mean?” I asked

The other day I saw you talking to my Gateman.
“I called him and asked him what it was and he told me”

“So why do you keep multiple men?”
“I don’t know, its just kinda fun” she said.

I left her place, few days later, I was about to leave for the restaurant, three Masculine guys, approached me.
“Hey! Na you be Jeff?”
“Yes, any problem?” I asked

“Stay away from Yemi” they said
One of them raised his shirt and revealed a Gun.

To Be Continued….


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