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Linda Open the door Na” he yelled out again.

If this Guy and I were to clash, especially when I was about boning his babe, it would be a brutal fight.
And he would be at the winning side, because guilt wouldn’t let me fight back.
My only salvation, was, there was a Back door in her apartment.
I wasn’t the only one Scared, Linda was scared too, she Whispered to me, begging me to leave.
In shame, I walked through the back door, then Climbed the Fence and jumped out.

‘My life was a mess, and I knew, If I meet a Soothsayer and he tells me my life would be cut short because of women. I wouldn’t Argue.’

I didn’t even know what I wanted. I arrived home, Chinaza welcomed me, she was cooking then, while Michael was out to play football.
I took my bath and was watching a Hollywood romance movie in my room. I got a call from Yemi. I rejected it, she continued calling, nonstop.
She eventually stopped calling.

Ten minutes later, I heard a knock on my door.
“Yes who’s there?”
“Its Chinaza, there’s a woman looking for you”

“A woman?”
“I had had enough misery for one day, I hope and pray it isn’t Yemi. Beside it can’t be Yemi, she doesn’t know where I live” I thought as I dressed up.

I opened the main Gate, It was actually Yemi, I was really scared and thankful, my Mum wasn’t home.
“Yemi what are you doing here?” I asked.
“She began laughing”
“You didn’t want to see me, so I decided to see you.” she said.

“Are we going to keep talking in front of your house, aren’t you going to invite me in?” she added
“No I can’t invite you in” I said, without even giving it a thought, it was totally not even an option

“Alright she said, then walked to her car, she opened the door, then turned to look at me”

“Common! Get in will you?” she said
“Where are we going?”
“Somewhere safe, she replied”
“I can’t be seen with you, my life is at stake here.”

“Relax, I have this under control” she said
I sat in the passenger’s seat, while she drove.

We were driving through the city, then she began driving into remote areas, places I never knew existed.
“Yemi where are you taking me to?”
“Relax” she said again.

it was about 6pm, everywhere was beginning to get dark.
She finally stopped, she left her headlights on
This place was completely off the city.
There was only a few remote houses.
Five guys came out of an Uncompleted building, I recognised three of them, they were the ones who threatened me few days ago.
I was slowly moving backwards in a bid to pick race.

“Jeff, calm down” she said.
“Yemi are you trying to end my life?” I asked her, my eyes fixed on their fierce faces.

She was laughing.
“Do you recognise any of them?” she asked.
“Yeah, those three threatened to kill me if they ever see me hanging out with you”.

“They were hired by Chief Bankole, a politician, its a shame, he died yesterday” she said.

“So I brought you here to show you how safe you were.” she added
I stood there not knowing what to say.
“Did Yemi Just kill the man who threatened me?”

Get in the car she said” I got into the car and we left.


“Bankole hired them to threaten you, he later changed his mind and told them to kill you, you’re lucky I found out soon, she said and turned to glance at me.”

My eyes were fixed On the road, but my mind was far away.

“So I paid them double to kill him” And they did.” Yemi said
She stopped, the car, by the road side.
“You have nothing to be afraid of” she said.
“And don’t you dare think about leaving me” she added.
I turned to look at her, I think that was a threat.

“I own you Jeff,” she said, with Emphasis On the “Own”

Now get to the backseat! she said
“What for?” I muttered

“To repay me for saving your life.”
I got to the backseat.
She moved to the backseat too, took off her P@nties and spread her legs.
I sat there staring at her, the sight of her N@ked wasn’t even turning me on.
She noticed my Non interest
She leaned forward, pulled my cheek muscle with her fingers.
“Jeff Darling, don’t you feel like you owe me?”
“I do, I replied”
Actually I did owe her, She just saved my life. Yes! But she killed someone, and how was she able to know where I lived?.

She was so powerful and connected, I doubt if she was just a secretary as she said.

I Adjusted in the car, and began licking her V*gina.
she loved it, I licked her ¢lits, and everything else, like one licking from a mango fruit.
She later stopped me and requested for penetration, I brought out my wallet to check if I still had ¢ondoms left.

“And that reminds me” she said.
“You and I won’t be using ¢ondoms” she said.
“Now give it to me raw” she added.

“Am sorry, but I prefer using condoms” my voice sounded silly, like a four year old asking for favours from his parents.

She began laughing.
“Okay, but one of these days, you and I are going to go for tests”

I had just one ¢ondom left in my wallet.
I brought it out and rolled it on my d!ck.
Then slid it into her ¢unt, and began thrusting.

With my present state, I knew I was going to last a long while, as my mind wasn’t fully into the $£x.

We continued Fvcking in the Orthodox missionary position, the car was bouncing in rhythm.
After fifteen minutes we were done.
She asked for more, but I had no more ¢ondoms and it was 8pm already.
So she drove me back to my home.

Two days later, I went to the restaurant as usual, a Guy friend of Queen, came by, my mum was at home.
It began, raining so there was Virtually no customers.
Queen later excused herself, to the bathroom.
ten minutes later she wasn’t back, the other guy left for the bathroom too.
Daniela and I began talking.
“Jeff, why do you like me?” she asked
I began laughing.
“What’s funny? she asked”

“Daniela, if you have feelings for me why don’t you just say it, instead of trying to find out if its mutual”
She kept quiet, with her hands on her Jaw
“I like you Daniela, and maybe its even more than “Like,” you’re a decent Girl and I respect you too, she began blushing. And if I didn’t already have a girlfriend, I would have longed asked you out” I said

Her facial expression changed, when I mentioned “girlfriend”.
I just figured its about time, I began being honest with ladies, instead of giving them false hope.

As the environment was very cold, I excused myself to pee, I got to the Men’s bathroom, I opened the sink.
That’s when I heard moans of Ecstasy coming from the women’s bathroom.
The urge to Pee, suddenly Vanished.
The moans weren’t audible from the cortex of the restaurant because of the rain.
I peeped through the keyhole.

Your guess is as good as what I saw.
It was Queen and her “Friend” as she introduced him.
“He was Screwing her”

To Be Continued….


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