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I covered my mouth to stop myself from laughing aloud. I was thrilled by the realisation that I wasn’t the only one being controlled by $exual urge afterall.

I walked back into the restaurant, I met Daniela still sitting in the same position, I had a Grin on my face.

“What’s Intriguing you?” she asked.
I sat on the chair.
“Queen and her ‘friend’ are having a good time”

“She opened her mouth wide, her left hand on my laps”
“Don’t tell me it is what I think it is”

“I nodded” almost laughing this time around.

She stood up, and tip toed towards the bathroom, she came back with her hand covering her mouth.
“Queen! Queen!” she said, stretching the “Queen” a bit.

A moment later, Queen came off the bathroom, then few minutes later her Friend did the same.

They didn’t want to arouse any suspicion so they came out separately, little did they know, their cover had been blown

Looking at Queen’s Countenance, no one would believe she just had $ex, some people can be very hypocritical.

Daniela and I glanced a few times.

It was just two weeks to Resumption, the dawn of another semester.
I had not called Linda since that day, and she didn’t call me either

Few days later, Yemi called me, asking me to meet her in the Clinic.
“What for?” I asked
“Just come meet me in the Clinic” she said
“Which clinic? I asked
“Community clinic” she replied.

I left the restaurant, took a bike to the clinic, she welcomed me with a hug.
She was really serious, when she once said we’ll be having blood tests.
A nurse came by and took our blood samples.

We waited for over an hour, she came back with two documents.

It was the results of the blood tests.
We were both serene, Yemi was so happy, she k!ssed me, while other Nurses and patients watched.
“We are going to my place now, she said”

“No, No way, I don’t want to be around your residence anymore”

She laughed and said.
“Have you forgotten so soon what I can do?”
Either because she frightened me or she convinced me enough, I followed her.
On our way going, one of her tires went Flat.
Luckily for us, there was a Spare tire at the back of the jeep, coupled with Wheel spanner and a lifter.
It took me about thirty minutes to change the tires.
We got to her house, I met the gullible gateman.

We walked into her house, she offered me something to drink.
Then changed into G-strings and b.ra

“Do you wanna know how I lost my Virginity?” she asked

“No I don’t think I want to know” I replied.
She giggled.
“I was Virgin till I got married,” she said.


“What! you’re married?” I asked, in shock.
“I was married, we got divorced” she said, then sipped from her beer
“Through out my teenage life, while my friends had fun and shared their different $exual encounters with boys, I chose to keep myself for that Special man. I was so silly.” she said

“And Unluckily for me, the man I considered ‘Special’ turned out to be an @sshole. I still hate him”

She drank up all the content of the tumbler.
“And now I plan on catching up on all those Unexplored Fun”

“Do you love your girlfriend?” she asked
I hesitated, for a while.
“A lot” I replied.

She laughed and requested for her Pix.
I got a picture of Sandra from my phone and handed the phone to her.
She saw it, her facial expression changed a bit.

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“She’s pretty!” she said
“You can bet” I replied with a grin.
She threw the phone on the couch.
“Alright let’s get to business” she said.
Then undid my belt, and pulled off my Jean, with so much force, like she was a little upset.

“Hey take it easy.” I said
then took off my shirt,

She licked the cap of my d!ck, and stared at me while at it, the sensation was sweet.
She licked it, like it offered a pleasurable taste to her mouth, Like my d!ck was a lollipop to be precise.

She later Stretched and took off her G-strings and b.ra
oh! her b°°bs were the killer, her complexion made it look even more attractive.

She sat on my laps and slowly inserted my d!ck into her p*ssy.

¢ondoms zaps a fraction of the pleasure from $ex, and some would say they derive more pleasure having $ex with ¢ondoms.
She rode my rooster, moving up and down on it, like her life depended on it.
She moved her @ss in a circular manner, and it felt great.

“Do that again” I said.
She made another circular movement, damn! it felt awesome.
I stood up, and held her @ss in the air. While I banged her in that manner.
She moaned, I was carrying her whole weight while thrusting, I did that for a couple of minutes.

then dropped her, and turned her over, her hands were on the couch while her @ss was pointing to the sky.
I stood behind her, Slid in my d!ck and began thrusting, my balls slapping her Well, coupled with my thrusts, produced thrilling sounds.
We spent about twenty minutes in that position.
Before I came.
“How are you able to carry my weight?” she asked
“I never thought you would be able to do that, ave never had it in that manner” she said.

We had another round, before I left.

Daniela, and I had been chatting on Whatsapp
Two days before resumption, I told her I’ll be traveling.
She asked me to visit her before leaving.
She sent me her address through whatsapp, I would be leaving on monday, so i visited her on Sunday, when she would be free, i traced the address

I knocked on her door, she came out, looking even more prettier than I had ever seen her while at the restaurant.

She wanted to offer me something to drink, but I turned it down.
I sat on the couch, she came and sat on the armrest.
We were just gisting and laughing, she held my fingers in her hands.
I looked up to gaze into her eyes, she leaned forward and k!ssed me.
then withdrew her lips and smiled.
“I’ve been longing to do that” she said.
“Daniela, am sorry, I have a girl….”
she probably knew what I was about to say.
She blocked my lips with her middle finger.
And said.
“I know!”
She began unbuttoning my shirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked
She looked at me for a while, then continued unbuttoning my shirt.

To Be Continued….


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