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Ihad always been eager to nail Daniela, but with the time and closure we shared together In the restaurant, there was more about her that interests me other than her ¢unt.

Her present action was probably because she also had a crush on me, coupled with the fact, that I’ll soon be Unavailable.

While she was still trying to undo my buttons, almost tearing some of them apart, I held both her hands.
“Daniela, do you really want to do this?”
She stopped and looked into my eyes, then leaned forward and kissed me.
“I want to do this with you Jeff”
I had gotten the consent i needed, it was about time I showed her what she had been missing.
I pulled her closer, then kissed her back, this time in a more emotional manner.
I lifted her up, and walked into her bedroom.
She giggled a little, when I did that.

I dropped her on the bed, k!ssed her lips, her neck, her cleavage, down to her navel.
I was taking my time. I took off her dress, then unhooked her b.ra

I moved back a little, and stood with my hands on my waist.

“What is the problem?” she asked
“You are beautiful, Daniela”
She blushed.

I got on the bed and continued romancing her, I slid my hand into her Panties and manipulated her ¢lits, she moaned in pleasure, holding my hand, and stirring it further,

I later took off her panties to reveal her V*Gina, a nicely shaved ¢unt was pointing to the ceiling
I adjusted myself between her legs, then immersed my head in it and began licking her p*ssy. She loved it, all ladies do.

But she couldn’t handle it, the pleasure was too much for her, she began begging me to stop, I didn’t, I continued till she climaxed.

I took off my clothes till I was as n@ked as she was.
I slowly tried to slid my d!ck into her ¢unt.
But It was like trying to punch through a wall.

“God let this not be what I think it is.”.
“Daniela, are you a Virgin?”

She hesitated for a while, then nodded in affirmation.
I immediately got off the bed and began putting back on my clothes,
“Am sorry I can’t do this” I kept saying.
She hurriedly got off the bed, and held my hands.
“Please Jeff, I want to do this, help me out”.
I still refused.
I don’t want to be the Victim when she one day screams at me saying ” I took her Virginity”.
Very common with ladies.


“Daniela, you’re very beautiful and attractive, and am sure you’ll find someone to deflower you, sorry, but it won’t be me.”

I said still trying to put on my trouser, she held onto it, in a restricting manner.
“Jeff! please, I beg you” tears was flowing down her cheeks.

It really broke my heart, I slowly sat on the bed, with my trouser still hanging on my knees.
“Why me? I mean of all people you chose me, even with the knowledge that am with someone else, it doesn’t really makes sense” I said
She sat beside me on the bed, placed her hand on my bare lap,
“You’re a great guy Jeff, you were honest with me, not too many guys would have done that, many men have lied to me to try to get me to bed.
This is what I want Jeff, you won’t need to feel guilty after this” she said.
Her words softened me a little.

I turned to face her, she leaned forward and kissed me.
“Okay let’s get back to what we started” she said.
I took off my clothes.

“We’ll need a lubricant” I said

She placed her hand under the bed, and brought out a liquid lubricant.
She must have really gotten everything figured out.
I got ¢ondom from my wallet, and rolled it on my rod, to ease the penetration.
I applied the lubricant on her V*gina, and on my rod.
I slowly tried to slid it in, on first attempt, it didn’t go in.
And she was moaning in pains.
I was beginning to sweat, in a swift move, I Instantly slid it in with so much force.
The cap of my d!ck got in, and that was all I needed.
“Daniela, opened her mouth wide, in pain Then began laughing.
I joined her and we were both laughing.
I began moving in and out, continuously.
Neither of us truly enjoyed the $ex.
I continued thrusting slowly in the missionary position.
It was soon over, and by over I mean when i felt I had opened the gateway for her.
but I didn’t ¢um, we both walked into the bathroom, when we were almost done she squatted and took my d!ck in her mouth.

I was very happy when she did that, at least its a small way of paying me back.
The b.lowjob wasnt the best of all b.lowjobs, it was coming from an amateur anyway, her teeth kept bruising my rod.
She eventually stroked my d!ck till I came.
We later left the bathroom.
“Who taught you how to give b.lowjobs I asked”
She began laughing then pointed to her DVD area.
I can’t believe I didn’t see it when I came in.
There was a “Deflowering p*orn Cassette”
Daniela had been busy watching, I left her place, she was so thankful, she sent me messages on Whatsapp, with smileys indicating she was happy.

The following day, the day I would be heading back to school, I got my luggage ready and was about to leave.
I devised a plan with my mum, I asked her to send Chinaza on an errand, and before she returned, I had left.
I was trying to evade the emotional Goodbyes.

I thought the previous semester was the height of my Sexcapades, this Second semester was even Worse.

To Be Continued….


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