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I got to the Motor Park, I got a seat,and sat, while I waited for other passengers to arrive.
I connected my ear piece to my phone and was listening to music.
Someone tapped me on the back.
“Guy are you also a student?” he asked.
“Yeah” I replied.
He left the seat he was sitting on, and moved forward to sit beside me.
He extended a handshake.
“Am Dan, he said”
“Am Jeffrey, but call me Jeff” I replied.
We continued talking and having a chit-chat, he asked me questions like which department I belonged to and which level.

At a point it got annoying, I wanted to listen to my music, his continuous questioning and gist compelled me to keep taking the ear piece off my ears and asking him to repeat his statements.

After two hours of traveling, the bus broke down, the fuel pump developed problem, the driver and a few other guys who thought they could help, were trying to fix it.

Some of the passengers sat under trees, some were standing under the sun, hissing and continuously glancing at their wrist watches.

“Leave me alone, I don’t like you! is it by force” A lady said, from the other side of the bus.

I was at the other side so I went around the bus, to witness the scene.
It was Dan, the guy that sat beside me, he was trying to make the best of this menace by toasting the young lady.

The girl moved away from him, he moved closer to her again, with his hands pointing to his chest. As he spoke
“Babe, I promise to take care of you, all you have to do is invite me into your heart” He said.

I almost burst into laughter, I did actually.
Under this hot sun, the only thing on this guy’s mind is to woo this babe.
I walked toward them, still laughing.
The girl noticed me laughing, and was beginning to laugh along with me.
“Young lady” I began, with my hand around her back.
“Haven’t you considered the possibility, that the reason why this bus broke down was so you can meet this handsome guy, I said pointing to Dan”

He was frowning when I arrived thinking I was there to ruin it for him, he began smiling after I made that statement.

“Show some love sweetheart, not too many people get this opportunity to find someone professing undying love to them” I said..

I winked at Dan, then left them.
After about an hour, the Bus responded, they were somehow able to tweak the fuel pump to function again.
We all got in and zoomed off.

“Guy ah swear, you be correct Guy” Dan said.
He brought out his phone to show me her contact. He saved it as Ezinne.


He Requested for my number too, I gave it to him.
After another two hours journey, we finally reached our destination, at about 6:30pm.

Dan promised to call me, before we parted in the motor park. He said he wanted to see a relative of his before heading Into School.
I took a taxi to my Apartment, It was very dusty, I dropped my luggage by the bed, then lay on the bed.
I was soon lost in a deep sleep, I was exhausted, so it wasn’t unexpected.
I woke up by 9pm, to the sound of a knock on my door.
“Yes, Who’s by the door?” I asked.
“It’s your Guy, Ibro!” he responded.
With weary eyes I opened the door, he was looking really Good and Fresh.
We greeted in our Guy ways.
Since I was awake, I decided to call Sandra.
“Hello Love” I said, immediately she picked up.
“I thought you wouldn’t call me to inform me of your arrival” she said.
“I wouldn’t dare” I replied
“So when are you arriving?”
“Next week” she replied.
“Next week? That’s a long time, you mean I’ll be alone without you in school for a whole week?”I said.
She laughed a little, “I’ll be there before you know it.”
” I love and miss you Jeff” she added.
“I love you too Sandra” I said and hung up.
Then called all my Crew Guys, to Inform them, some of them were in school, while a few were yet to resume.
When I called Rita, she was crying.
“Rita what is the problem?” I asked.
“Jeff please come over to my place” she said.

I wasn’t only tired, I was famished, so I took my bath, and left to grab something to eat in a restaurant.
Before heading to Rita’s place.
I saw the door wide open, it had been reaped from it’s hinges.

I met her sitting on her bed, with head in between her legs. I sat beside her, she raised her head to see who it was.
I looked around the room, it was almost empty.
All her appliances that I once saw were gone.
“They took everything!” she exclaimed, and cried louder.
I raised her head up and hugged her.
“Its Alright dear” I said while patting her on the back. I really felt for her.
The following day, I had no classes, so I hired a guy to come fix the door.
I took a taxi to the market, I bought her a Standing fan, and a pressing iron, which I considered to be her basic needs.

She was surprised by the gesture.
I didn’t do it because I expected anything in return. It’s just in my nature.
There’s a certain Feeling I get when people look at me in the face, with Joy and Appreciation written all over their face. Its a priceless Feeling.

Days went bye, everything was smooth, Amarachi didn’t bother checking up on me, and neither did I on her. She had a boyfriend she loved now, which was what I had always wished for her.
On the Thursday of that same week, I came back from class. And took my bath, I had just left the bathroom, walking into the room, I noticed my phone’s notification light was blinking.
I picked it up to check. it was a message from Grace’s Mum.
It reads
“Make sure you come to my Place, Tonight!”

To Be Continued….


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