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They were Paul, Gladys, Lydia and Rose.
My Johnson addressed us all, and urged us to be very committed, and assured us of unwavering payment as long as we kept our own side of the deal.
“Any Questions?” he asked, after he was done.

Gladys raised her hand
“Yes, Gladys”
“What if we perform and nobody buys the products, are we still going to get paid?”
we all laughed hysterically, it was a logical question.

“I doubt there would be a situation like that, we pay you to perform, in other to make our presence known, and attract the crowd, we’re not bestowing the responsibility of selling our products on you” he said.

We were all comfortable, with his reply.
He asked us to come by, Friday evening to get the things we’ll be needing on Saturday, stuffs like T-shirts, then he dismissed us.

I walked out of the company, and went back to school.
I was in class listening to lectures, the class was noisy, as if there wasn’t a lecture going on.
The Lecturer eventually got frustrated and asked us to tear sheets of paper for test.
“You can’t be serious!” someone screamed from the corner.

“Who said that?” the lecturer asked.
“The guy tried to hide”
“The lecturer threatened all the people in the region, where the voice came from. He was eventually snitched by his seat mate”
“I’ll show you how serious I am, young man leave my class” the Lecturer yelled.

And that’s how he missed the test.
The following day, I was walking in the School’s premises, someone dialled my phone.
I picked up.
“Jeff, turn around!” he said
“I turned around and saw a guy waving from afar” I hung up and walked toward him.
I recognised him when I was just few metres away, it was Dan, the guy I met in the Motor Park.
He was with two of his guys.
He left them, moved forward and shook me like It was the reunion of two old friends.

“My Guy, you too much” he said with a Big Grin.
“How your babe, I asked?”
“We’re rolling smooth” he said, demonstrating with his hands.

He introduced me to his two friends, and narrated how I helped him win Ezinne over for him, he added a few scenes to make it sound incredible.
They enjoyed the story, one of them extended his clinched fist so we could Knuckle it out.

I left Dan and his friends, as I was really hungry.
I didn’t have much money on me to use a restaurant, and I left my ATM card in my apartment.
I was about to stop a bike to head home. when I got a call from Rita.


“Hello J” she said.
“Hi Rita, how have you been, it’s been a while”
“Yeah, I’ve been fine” she said.
“Where are you now?”
“Am on my way home, I’m very hungry, you can even tell from my Voice”
“She was laughing”
“It’s funny abi?” I asked
“What a coincidence, and I have a lot to eat here, why don’t you come over?”she said.
“What do you have over there?” I asked.
“Just come over Jeff”

I quickly stopped a bike, I described the place to him, and hopped, without we even reaching an agreement.

I got to her place, knocked on the door.
“Come in!” she exclaimed from within.
I slowly pushed the door, and walked in.
Her Apartment was now properly stuffed, even better than it did before.
I met her wearing a short jeans, that stopped on her thighs, and a Vest.
Rita had pointing b°°bs, that stood like arrows waiting to be discharged.
She was sitting, she stood up, ran toward me and hugged me.
“Hey what was that for?” I asked.
“I miss you?”
“Well, if I don’t get something to eat, you’re really going to be missing me” I said.
she began laughing again, then walked to the kitchen. and came out with a nicely prepared delicacy. Hot Garri and Ogbono Soup, stocked with meat and fish.
God! that was just the type of food I needed.

I hungrily devoured it, while she watched.
“Rita, where do I start? this meal is wow, thank you very much”.

“You’re welcome ” she replied with a smile and cleared the plates
And came back, and sat beside me on the Couch.

“Now my vision is back, I can see your apartment is back and better” I said.
“Yeah, I got bought a few things”

“She placed her left hand on my lap, Jeff I want to ask you a Personal Question” she said

My hands were wide spread on the backrest,
“Yeah, go on” I said.

” Do you like me?” she asked

I stared at her for a couple of seconds.
“Yeah, of course I like you Rita”

She looked away, and kept mute, probably not satisfied with my answer.
I took my hands off the backrest and leaned forward.
“I placed my hands on her cheeks, so she could face me”
Instead of just turning her face, she turned and reached for my lips, k!ssing me in the process.
My eyes were open, while hers were closed.
I withdrew my lips, “Rita, you know I have a Girlfriend, and you’re with Capon”

“You’re the one I love” she said.

“I was astounded, she was in love with me?”
“I didn’t like the position she was trying to put me in”

“But I love Sandra” I said staring into her eyes.
“I know you love her, all I want from you, is for you to at least ‘like’ me,”she said

” But I like you!” I said.
“No Jeff, you don’t even find me attractive” she said.
I laughed.
“Rita,you’re very beautiful and attractive, I noticed it from the first day I saw you”
She blushed a little.
Then sat across my thighs.
“Prove you like me” she said

To Be Continued….


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