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Rita sat across my thighs, I knew what she meant, I held her by her waist, lifted her up and dropped her on the couch. despite my $£xual cravings, I find it hard to sleep with someone else’s girlfriend.

I was about to begin explaining to her why I couldn’t do it, she stopped me.
“Please leave!” she said.
“You’re sending me away now?” I asked, puzzled.
“Yes, please leave” she repeated, with emphasis on the “leave”.
I grabbed my school bag, walked toward the door and turned around to look at her.
She was looking away, with so much anger written all over her face.
As much as I was aware I had made her really upset, I also knew I did the right thing. Every man should have his limits.
I had barely locked the door behind me, when I saw Capon, coming over.

I smiled a little, all the respect, the brotherhood, the loyalty. All of it would have been outrightly tarnished, if I had yielded to Rita’s desires.
It was his Girlfriend’s place, so I doubt he would have knocked.

“Jeff, my G!” he exclaimed from afar.
“Capon!”, we shook fiercely, the sound we produced even scared a dog, that was lying by the door.
“Jeff, I want to talk to you about something” he said.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“I saw the appliances you got for Rita, I really appreciate it” he said with his right palm on his chest.
“Ah, it’s nothing, that was the least I could do” I replied.

I later left Rita’s place, and left for home.
I saw from afar a lady standing by the door of my apartment.
I moved closer, and recognised her, it was Amarachi.
“Hey bae” I said with my arms widespread in anticipation of a hug.
Her arms were folded, I hugged her anyway.
“I know you must be really upset now”
“Truth or lies, which do you prefer?”
“Truth!” she replied.
I laughed a little,”Am not sure you can handle it” I said.
“Bring it on!” she said.

“Alright, every man has priorities, and am not sure you’re on the top of the list”
She sighed
Let’s go in, she said.

I opened the door, we both walked in, and I offered her something to drink.
“Still hanging out with your new lover?” I asked
She smiled.
“You mean Drake?”
“His name is Drake?” I asked
“Not really, that’s his Nickname”

“How did you guys meet?”


“He had been pestering me for over two weeks, I didn’t take him seriously.”
“On a certain day, he came to my class, he got on his knees, while all my classmates watched, and asked me to give him a chance.
“I must confess, I felt embarrassed, but I realised he must really have enormous feelings for me to go to that extent.
“So we picked it up from there, and he’s lived up to his every word.”
“You see, that’s the true love I had always been wishing for you, look at how fresh you look” I said.
She laughed hysterically.

To he honest, I knew I was going to miss sleeping with her, especially sucking and squeezing those bursty b°°bs of hers.

Friday evening, I arrived Mr Johnson’s office, I met the three Ladies, we greeted. Paul came later on.
They gave us all we would be needing, and coached us on how to go about it.
“Two of our Staff will be going with you for the first three weeks, until you get duly acquainted with how to run it.”

We were shown the bus, there was a construction on the top of the bus, that’s where would be advertising and performing.
Of the three ladies, only two of them were outspoken and lively, I honestly had not heard Lydia say a word before.

The following day, I wore a Jean, with the shirt assigned to us, and sneakers.
I arrived there by 9am, I met them all standing by the bus.

“Am I late?” I asked, to no one in particular.
Not really, Rose replied, with a smile.
One of the staff drove us to a street, we connected the speakers, and began playing music.
The four of them danced, while I sat by the side.
They were dancing in sessions, then both the staff, would publicise the products, the mobile phones and laptops. It was really effective, people were buying.
The Staff and the ladies were upset with me, it was written on their faces.
They believed I planned to sit aside and get paid for doing nothing at the end of the day.

We drove to another street, by 2pm. This street had more people passing by.
I Stood up, walked toward the laptop.
I scribbled through the songs, I found one I liked.

“Michael Jackson- Billy Jean”
I played it, people were already beginning to gather around the bus.

I did a backward slide, from one side of the bus to the other.
People were screaming, and not only the crowd, my colleagues and both the Staff too.

I was like,”You ain’t seen nothing and you screaming already?”

I switched to break dance, moving my bones in a robotic manner and in rhythm with the song.
The crowd were screaming and clapping, they definitely liked what they were seeing.

While Growing up, I fed my soul with Michael Jackson’s songs, and I made sure I perfected all his moves, and even invented a few of mine.

Because there was much more people gathered, we sold all the products, from the Android phones to the Laptops.
Technically, our official closing time was 6pm. But we left there by 4pm and back to the Company.
Mr Johnson was very happy, while we were in his office, from the side of my eyes, I noticed Gladys staring at me.

He gave each of us envelopes that contained money, our names were written on the envelopes.
I walked out of the office, I felt someone hold my hand from the side.
I turned to check who it was, it was Gladys.
“How do you know how to dance like that?”she asked
I smiled
“It’s something I do for fun, and now I get paid to do what I love”

“She laughed a little”
“Come with me” she said.
“To where?” I asked.

To Be Continued….


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