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“To my place of course”
“To your place?” I asked
“Yeah” she replied,
I turned around and saw Paul having a conversation with Lydia, he did almost all the talking, her arms were folded, as she listened to whatever he was saying.
Rose was kinda the only one not getting attention, she was leaning on the wall, with her back and looking at us.

“Alright, let’s go” I said
I followed her, we took a taxi, to her place, while we were in the taxi, she tore her envelope, to check the money.
It was six pieces of N500 notes, meaning it was 3k.
We arrived her home, too big to be owned by her.
I had barely walked in, when I noticed her dad sitting on the Couch, reading a Newspaper with his glasses hanging on his Nose.
“Good evening Dad!” She Greeted him with a Big Grin.
“My Dear, how was your first day at work?”
“It was really Great Dad”
Her hands were still held tightly onto mine
“Meet my colleague Dad”
“Good evening sir” I greeted

“Hello son, what’s your name?” he asked.
“Jeffrey!” I replied.

“he smiled a little, Jeffrey! that was my late brother’s name” he said

“sorry for your loss” i said
Gladys glanced at me.

Gladys’s mum came out of the Kitchen, Gladys introduced me to her too.
Minutes later we were all having dinner.
“Are you a student, Jeffrey?”
Gladys’s mum asked me.
“Yes, am studying Biochemistry”
“That’s a nice course”
“Thank you” I said.

There was something unique about Gladys’s Family; There was so much Love and mutual respect.

We were done eating, I thanked them and bid them farewell, Gladys accompanied me to the roadside, it was already a little dark.
“You have a very nice home” I said.
She smiled.

Was I suppose to k!ss her? I deliberated, while standing.
I turned to the side, to face her, we gazed at each other, then I reached for her lips and kissed her.
I was taller than her, so her faced was raised up, as we kissed for about a minute.

She blushed, once we were done.
She must have really been expecting it.


I arrived home, very tired, I was yet to check my envelope, I dropped it on the bed along with my phone, grabbed my towel and walked into the bathroom.
After the bath, I felt so refreshed.
I changed my clothes and sat on the bed to check the envelope.
I counted the money, mine was 6k.
I got two missed calls from Mr Johnson.
So I called him back.
“Hello Sir!”
“Yes, Jeffrey, I had been trying to reach you
“You see, not all of you have equal pay, so I want you to do me a favour, by not disclosing your wage to your colleagues, it might arouse a level of frustration in them”
“Alright” I replied
I Later hung up.

I had something I needed to do before sleeping, I had to read, I sat on my reading, I did the weekend assignment, assigned to us, before going through all we did through the week.

On the Tuesday, of the same week, at about 4pm, I went to buy some things from a shop, close by.
Three guys, approached me. I recognised one of them, it was the guy I once had a fight with, over Amarachi, in the previous semester.

“Bros, he said, amidst laughter”
“One of them was flapping his shirt to reveal his knife.

“So you think you can just mess with my babe and go free?” he said.
I stood there, not replying.

He winked at his friends, meaning they should give me a beating.
They rushed to where I was, and were about to start throwing punches.
“Wait” I screamed.

“Don’t you guys have dignity, you mean, it will take the three of you to beat me up?”

One of them made an “O” with his mouth and covered his mouth with his palm, to express his shock.

“Una hear am? him say we no get dignity” he said in pidgin English.
The guy I once beat, was very furious.
“Dragon, let’s erase this guy” he said, facing the oldest.

The oldest of them was quiet.

“He’s right, just one of us is enough to give him a beating” he said
Then whispered something to him.

The guy who was even the less masculine of them, came first.
He stood for some seconds before me, then turned around like he was going to leave,
In a swift, he turned around again but this time with a fierce blow, aimed for my face.
I was at alert, I blocked the blow with my left hand, and sent a punch to his face.
My hand hurt a little, he began laughing.
Then glanced at his friends, who were watching with arms folded.

He brought another blow, I bent and aimed for his belly, he bent forward to agonise in pain, I lifted his head up with both my hands, and headbutt him on the nose.
Blood began gushing out of his nose.
I stood aside, after some minutes, he recovered a little after some time, he brought out his knife.

The oldest of them yelled at him to stop, he didn’t listen.

He wanted revenge, and since his strength and fighting skills couldn’t get him that, he opted to use his weapon.
He was aiming for my neck, he really wanted me dead.
I dodged by bending and moving away.
At a point, he got me, tearing flesh in the process, just beneath my left arm.
He laughed in Joy, when he noticed the blood gushing out.

I heard someone screaming from afar and running toward us.
It was Ibro, he was running at high pace toward us with a Sharp Cutlass, pointing to heaven.
There was nothing but Rage written all over his face.

To Be Continued….


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