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I picked up the Call without really Knowing who it was,
Hello Jeff , I heard a Female Voice
Amarachi right?

Yes, I thought by now you wouldn’t recognise me. She Said.
Ah, No, how can I Forget you!
why did it take you so long to Call? I asked.

Sorry, I have been Working on an Assignment for the past 3 days.

Okay, I said, Your Voice is a Relief from the bad day I had.
What made your Day bad, she asked with a Voice that Indicated, she thought It wasnt something Serious.

My best Friend’s Dad, passed away.
Jesus! she Exclaimed

Am so sorry, how is he now?
he’s fine, I just left his room now, Can i come over she asked?.

my eyes that were dizzy suddenly Grew Bulgy.
I was filled with Excitement.

Yes, Sure, If that’s Okay with you. I stammered a little cause it came as a Surprise
But it’s late, hope that won’t Stress you.
Not a Problem, she replied.
Gave her my Address, her House was Just less than 200metres from my House Anyway.

I Jumped off the bed. Dressed the room, the bed.
Connected my phone to the Speakers,
In Seconds, the room was a Sight to behold, personally its been a While I had that Room looking that way.
I selected a song by Bryan Adams “Everything I do” Perfect song for the Perfect Moment, i Left it on ‘Repeat’.

A few minutes later, I heard a Knock on my door.
Opened and saw her, I wonder why Girls usually look better the Second time you meet them.

The Dressing she Wore, isnt a Dressing you wear when you’re Going to offer Condolence, Except of course, you’ll get the Ultimate Consolation, the P.u$$y

She was so Damn $exy, I gave her a Tight hug.
she came in with her eyes Glaring all over the room. nice place she said Eventually.
theres no Chair or Cushion in my Room,

A trick I Devised to get Visiting girls to sit on the bed

she sat on the bed, what may I offer you I asked?

Nothing she said, really I asked, yeah she said.
Am very Sorry about your friend she said.
Even a blind man knows she was trying to kill two Birds with One Stone, As she was Underdressed for the Occasion. lol

I sat close to her on the bed, You know, I said, Nothing Good lasts, even Good People, the Wicked are Allowed to blossom, but the few Good men we have are Swallowed by Man’s inevitable Fate, death.

My head was down while I was talking, she was Staring at me, I could see her from the Corner of my eye.
I raised my head and looked at her, she was almost in tears. I grabbed her, hugged her.

Placed a Ki$$ on her Neck, She jerked.
I withdrew from the Hug but my hands were on her Shoulder, I ki$$ed her On the Fore head.
The song did 80% of the job in putting her in the mood. Her face gave me a Look, like Saying” Is that where You ki$$, you Clown?”

I made a move for her lips, but I intentionally didn’t reach her lips, I stopped half way with my eyes Closed.

She Smiled and pushed my face backward with her hands. You’re a bad boy she said
What? I asked with a Smile.
Youre suppose to be Mourning she Said with a Grin.

She was Right, My Friend was In the opposite room Groveling in Pain, here I was Striving to get Laid.
But who cares, Like the Bible said
“Let the Dead, Bury their Dead”

Don’t blame me I said, I find you Irresistible. Really? she said
yeah, Ave been Thinking about you since we met, and I blamed myself for not collecting your Number.

She smiled, pulled my shirt, And Gave me a Hot ki$$. Emotionally Hot, not Temperature wise. Lol

I realised something, sometimes a Girl may be more than ready to be on your Bed, But she still wants to see how much you want her, how much she means to you

Pushed her gently to the bed, our lips still locked in the ki$$, I withdrew my Lips and said, you smell Good.
her face brightened like nothing ave seen before.
we continued the Ki$$. I massaged her Huge bosoms, through her Top.

Am very Lucky, most of the ladies am having $ex with are very Bursty
She used her tongue to search for mine, As we ki$$ed.

I paused and took off my Shirt, Took off hers too, leaving her with just b.ra and her Mini Skirt.
We Continued ki$$ing, in one swift move i Professionally Unhooked her B.ra,
They were so damn Big. with very dark N!pples.

it was almost like the bosoms were talking to me,
“So na you be Jeff, Na you dey Press me Since, I be your Mate?”

I Sucked on one of the bosoms, and pressed the other,
Uhmmmm, she was making Sounds of pleasure.
I made a Round of “O” around her Tips.
they became so hard, She Caressed my Hair. After about 2 minutes, she was Passing the other b.oob to me, to be Serviced too.

Sucked both bosoms, later got tired of the bosoms, Reached for her Skirt,She pulled it off with her P@nts at the Same time.
She was already Wet. Lol
Very Nice looking C.unt.
I positioned myself in between her legs,planted a Ki$$ on her kitten and Withdrew my mouth immediately.

She Giggled when I did that, F!ngered her With my Middle Finger, then I later used two fingers.

she was Going Wild, I increased the pace,
She was Going Insane, after 5 minutes, she ¢limaxed.

I placed my Tongue in her kitten, and Was Tongue-Fvcking her.
She Squeezed my Head with her Legs, in Pleasure.
*this Babe wan Strangle me?
if Person die, How dem go talk say he die?. *
“The death has been Announced of a Certain Mr Jeff. who died tragically of suffocation with his Face, Buried deep in a kitten,” Lol, Mbanu.

I had already hidden ©ondoms close to my Bed, Grabbed one, Rolled it Nicely on my d!ck.
Slowly and Steadily I Penetrated her kitten, She gave out that Familiar Sound. “Arrrrrrrrrrgh”

I always start with Missionary, I don’t know its Like a Custom.
I Was moving Back and Forth, 10 Strokes fast, and 15 Strokes Slowly
She was m.oaning, Damn!
I figured the environment was kinda dull.

This Thing is Sweet I said.
When she heard that, its like it drove her wild, coz her M.oans Increased.

Turned her For D.oggy,
she was on all Fours, Gave it to her from Behind.
“I have to Accept her Condolence na”
“See how am turning Someone’s Death into my Favour.lol”

The Sound the collision of my D!ck and Balls against her A$$ Produced was Priceless.

I could also hear the sound her bosoms produced as they Moved back and Forth. We were on d.oggy for like 10 minutes and I felt like C.umming so I stopped and Decided to Switch Positions.

I Laid Flat, She Climbed on top, and Guided my ¢ock into her ¢unt,

She was Pounding Hard in resonance with the Music in Background.
this Girl was bad.
I just Laid there like a Patient as she Diagnosed me.
The Sweetness was Building in my Balls
I swiftly turned her over, Back to Missionary.
I was Moving at Usain Bolt’s Speed.

In a Flash, I emptied all my ¢um Into the ¢ondom.
we ki$$ed for about 3 minutes.
i disposed the Condom. that was one Good Bleep Bro Jeff, she said,teasingly we both laughed.

She later said, she will be Leaving.
I Strolled her down the Street,
I finally asked the Big Question.
are you dating?
No, I have a Boyfriend she Said.


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