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The look on Ibro’s face didn’t seem like he was bluffing, Before Ibro even reached close, they had all fled.

I found out they weren’t really Cultist, just a group of boys, trying to rack me up, using their number to their Advantage.

Even while they were running Ibro was still chasing them, and yelling at them to stop and see.

He took me to a clinic where I was treated.
I thanked him a lot, we both left the clinic and left for home.

I don’t know how Sandra found out, she came a few hours later.

I was even already asleep when I heard the knock.
“I stood up slowly, in pain and opened the door”
“Oh my God, what happened to you Jeff” she screamed, with eyes bulging out.

“Relax dear, it’s nothing serious” I said
She walked into my apartment, threw her bag on the bed.
Then analysed the Injury through the Bandage.
“Does it hurt” she asked, gazing at the injury and glancing at my face in intervals.
“Just a little” I replied.
“What happened?”
“I was being attacked, by a Group of boys” I replied
She asked the big question I had been hoping she wouldn’t ask.

“What did you do to them?” she asked.
“Nothing, actually” I replied.
“Are you sure?”
“You know last semester, I made friends after winning the competition, I also made enemies”
“That’s true!” she said.
“So how are we sure something like this won’t happen again”
I kept quiet for a while.
“We can’t be sure, but we can be prepared”
She laughed a little.

I skipped class to take some rest, and analyse my next move, I bought a pocket knife, and stylishly hid it in wallet.

Two days later, I went to class, After the second lecture, a girl walked up to me.
She looked Familiar, but I wasn’t sure I knew her name.
“Jeff I am very upset with you!” she said
“Really? What did i do” I was seated, while she was standing in front of me.
I was really relaxed, whatever it was I believed I could handle it.

“I went to the stress, of printing a card, specially for you, with your name inscribed on it, and you didn’t come to my birthday party”

“Oh dear! am really sorry”
“Don’t just tell me you’re sorry, i need a good reason”
I laughed a little.
“What if I tell you I was almost murdered, is that a good reason”


“Am not kidding please!” she said.
“And neither am I” I added.
“What do you mean you were almost killed, by who, for what reason?”
“Doesn’t matter, what matters is am alive now”
She stared for some seconds
“Can I have your number?” she said.
“Yeah! Sure! why not?”
I gave it to her.

On Friday evening, One of the company staff called us all to meet.
I was somewhat upset, I had reserved my evening to rest and catch some fun.
I Intentionally arrived late, I met them playing music and dancing.
“Whats going on?” I asked
“Choreography!” the Staff replied.

I joined them, soon I got the move.
The Generator began fluctuating, at first we thought it was the fuel, but it wasn’t, there was enough fuel, the fuel was probably not reaching it’s destination.
While I was happy, this miserable session had reached a terminal.
NEPA responded positively, we switched the Fuse and continued playing the music.
After two hours of dancing, it was over.
We began returning the appliances to the store. Gladys and I began chatting in the Store, everyone left, save us, she was good company, we talked about a lot, past, present and future.

It was about 8pm, when we decided to leave.
I locked the store and was looking for the staff, to give the key to him.
I didn’t find him, I arrived at a resolution to keep the key, and show up early the following morning.
Sandra and I were about leaving when I noticed the bus rocking, from one side to another, followed by silent moans.

I glanced at Gladys, I scrolled through the apps of my Android phone looking for the “Torch widget”
I opened the back door of the bus, and Flashed my Phone.

I didn’t know if I was suppose to scream, laugh or yell.
It was the Motherfvcking Staff, he was screwing a lady there, she was trying to use her hair to cover her face.
But I deciphered her identity, it was Rose.
He was giving it to her from behind, thrusting and slapping his balls into her ¢unt.

I slowly dropped the keys on the floor of the bus and turned around to leave, pulling Gladys along, she looked like she had not seen enough.

We began laughing once we were far away from them.

The following day, the staff was acting professional, as if he had not been caught.
Rose continuously stared at me.

We moved from street to street, Playing music and Choreographing.
It was another successful weekend, coupled with the fact that our products were less than Market price.
We got our envelopes, I was gradually becoming a Big Boy, I had asked my mum not to bother sending money.

The following day at about 7am, I got a call from Gladys.
“Hey, Gladys, Good morning”
“Morning Jeff”
“Do you live alone?”
“Yeah, any problem?” I asked
“No, do me a favour, don’t go to church today”
“O….Kay” I replied
“I want to visit you, send me your address”

To Be Continued…


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