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While we were heading over there, my solemn prayer was to meet him in his apartment.
We traced the apartment, It was a smelly environment, the door was open, the three of Dan’s friends went around, Ibro waited outside while Dan and I went in.
We met the champ seating on the bed. With a babe by his side.

He stood up, immediately he saw us.
“Na him be this?” Dan asked.
“I nodded in Affirmation”

Dan landed a thunderous slap on his face, I must confess, I’ve never witnessed that type of slap, that type of slap can smoothen a pimpled face.

The funny thing was the slap, threw the dude back to the bed.

The other guys, came in, the babe he was with was terrified.

“Get outta here!” I yelled at her.
She packed her stuff and fled.

We needed more space, so we dragged him out to open space.

“So you think you can just attack anyone, huh?”
Dan divulged another slap on the dude’s face.

He winked at his friends, to give the guy a beating, I raised my palm, in a gesture to stop them.
Only cowards would want to have and unfair battle.

I got Five thousand from my wallet, I gave it to Ibro
“If you can beat me, the money is yours, and if I beat you, these guys would give you a beating. Its up to you”

He was trying to hide a smile, if I was him, I wouldn’t be smiling.

The five guys, stood aside and watched.
I gave him a gesture to ‘bring it on’
He paroled a little from left to right, then clinched his fist and tried to punch me on the face.
I dodged by moving to the side, held his arm and used my right knee to hit him on the belly.

He kept attacking me and I kept dodging.
At a point I decided to give him a piece of the action.
I aimed for his jaw, while he was preparing to bring on a blow and expecting me to try to dodge as i had been doing before.
Instead, I caught him off guard, with a punch to his lower Jaw.

“Yea! that’s what am talking about” Dan and everyone else cheered.

He held unto his jaw, with his hand, blood dripping from his mouth, I reached forward, held his head in position and headbutted him.
He screamed out in pain.

He was bleeding all over, I placed my right hand between his legs, raised him up, and showed it to God, as a living sacrifice, then dropped him on the ground.

He place his hand to the side of his waist and was shedding tears.
“You just lost buddy! And men do not cry, especially in a fight”

Ibro who had, been very belligerent all along, pounced on the dude, punching him in the face and anywhere “punchable”

The truth is, I never really needed Ibro, Dan or the other guys, to handle this tyrant.

They were for show off, I only wanted to show the dude, he wasn’t the only one with friends.



After I boned Gladys, she began expecting a lot from me, like asking me to take her out on dates, call her frequently, and do a lot or romantic things.
Personally, I can do a lot of things, but pretending to love a lady wasn’t my thing.
What Gladys was asking for, was evidence of my love for her, I cared about her, but it wasn’t love.
You just know love, when you feel it.
I could take her out on dates, call her frequently, amplify her hopes to a great extent, but in the end it’ll be Futile.

Weeks went by, I was at alert, in case Amarachi’s ex boyfriend, decided to try something funny, but nothing happened.

Drake had been discharged from the hospital, he and I became really close buddies.

I got a call on a certain day, it was a feminine voice
“Who am I speaking with please?”
“So you mean you can’t tell, from voice” she said
“Not really, your voice sounds familiar but I can’t attach a name to it.” I said

“Hmm, you continue to disappoint me,Jeff, first it was my birthday, now you can’t even recognise my voice” she said

“Oh! The birthday girl, you never really told me your name”

“Because you never asked” she said out loud.
“Am really sorry, what’s your name?”
“Evelyn!” she replied

“There’s a party this evening, it’s your big chance to redeem yourself.”

“Party?”I asked, parties weren’t really my thing.
She texted the address to me.
I called Drake and informed him about the party, he was very interested.
So he and i left.
I met the gate open, Evelyn was just another girl from an affluent family.
I met folks of different calibres, some were standing, holding uno their glass of wine, and some were seating. while a slow music was playing in background, I don’t know about Drake, but I felt odd.
None of the folks in the party were our age mates, they were high class people.

Our salvation came when I spotted Evelyn.
She ran and hugged me, immediately she saw me.
“Evelyn this is Drake, my friend. Drake this is Evelyn…..” I didn’t really know where to place Evelyn.
So I introduced her by her name.
“So what’s the party about?” I asked.
“My Uncle’s engagement” she replied.
we found a table, and sat, all three of us and kept discussing and drinking wine.
Just from the little moment I spent with Evelyn, she was a really nice person, very brilliant and loves argument. A few times, she would clinch her fist and bounce it on the table, while arguing.
The party was great, very relaxing, a couple of singers went up to the stage to sing, some where sensational and others weren’t anything to write home about.

The following day, in the evening, I was working on an assignment in my room.
“Someone knocked on my door, I dropped my Biro on the table to go open the door.”
It was Rita, she had this very not-too-good-look on her face.
One of her hand was on her waist.
“Who do you even think you are?” she asked, almost screaming out.
“Jennifer peeped from Ibro’s room.”
“I said who do you even think you are?” answer me!
I was confused and staring in disbelief.

“I threw myself at you,” she said, and made a gesture, by moving her hand to point to herself from head to toe.

“I foolishly threw myself at you, and what did you do? You tossed me, and trampled on my feelings like it was nothing.”

To Be Continued….



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