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One of them was sitting in the backseat, his elbow was resting on the backrest, and a pistol hanging from his hand.

While the other was driving.

Relying on logic, if they really wanted me dead, I would have long been dead. Because where I was, was a little bit isolated, and no one was passing by.
Unless of course, my grave had already been dug else where, I tried not to ponder too much on the latter.

Evaluating my options, I had only three, and only one of them seemed reasonable.
I could Fight, which would be very silly, using my bare hands to fight two armed, professional thugs.

Or I could resort to flight, that was another silly idea, trying to outrun a bullet?

So I humbly yielded to the last option, by getting into the car.

The guy at the backseat, sitting beside me, adjusted his position in a way, his back was facing the closed door, while the pistol was pointing to my face.

While in the Jeep, I said my prayers, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be my last.
The only person I knew could be behind this, was Amarachi’s Ex boyfriend. And if it was actually him, I doubt he would leave me alive, to reform and attack him again.

Jack died for Rose in Titanic, and that gesture received global recognition, because he did it for love.
I can’t say the same for myself.

After two hours of driving through bushes, a wind of relief blew on my face, a face dripping from perspiration; As we began moving on tarred road.

He drove into a hotel, we all got out of the Jeep.
One of them slapped me on the back of my head, and began laughing.
Both of them were laughing, I was terrified, were they trying to give me a cheerful death? I doubt they would drive all the way into a hotel to kill me, in the presence of all these people around.
“Room 218″ one of them said.
“Go to room 218″ he reiterated.

They stood by the Jeep, as I walked away.
I approached a receptionist and asked for direction to the “room 218″
I walked, to room 218, without having the slightest idea, about what was awaiting me.

I squeezed the door knob, and walked in.
I used my hand to search for the switch, I didn’t find it, I searched the other side of the wall, i found it and switched the lights on.

My eyes, hurt a little from the sudden gain in luminosity.

A woman with a braided hair, was sitting, in front of a mirror.

“Good evening Jeff” she said, looking at me through the mirror.

I looked closely and recognised her. Wtf
It was Yemi… Damn !!!
“Yemi? Is that you?”
She laughed hysterically.
“you don’t even know how I look?”

She turned around, but still seated, she was totally unclad, her legs crossed.

I glanced at her Bosom, salivated a little.

“Why did you have to use thugs to get me?” I asked, furious.

“She grabbed a glass of wine from the stool beside her, and sipped, before replying

“You left for school without informing me, that’s one, you won’t pick my calls, and won’t call me, that’s two, and would you have come if I had invited you politely?” she asked.

“No!” I replied.
“That’s what I thought” she said, and sipped her wine again.

I sat down on the cushion beside me, a great part of me, loved the turn of event, it was way better than what I assumed, while in the Jeep.


“So you came all the way, just to see me?” I asked.
she laughed, flashing her very white teeth in the process.

“Not really Jeff, am here on a business trip, so I decided to make sweet the opportunity”

My hands were in the front pockets of my jeans, while I sat on the cushion.

“Are you going to keep stealing glances at my b°°bs, or you’re going to come feel them?” she asked.

“No, thank you!” I replied.
She giggled.

“You know, one of the two guys that brought you here is gay, I could call him up, to fill you up, or you could come over here and make me feel good”

“And you know I don’t bluff” she added

“There was something about Yemi, she loved authority, especially over men.”
Either because I was scared of the proposed peril, or because her absence of clothes had seduced me, I can’t really say.

I stood up, my face frowned and walked toward her.

She spread her legs wide, and used her middle finger to point to her p*ssy.
I squatted before her, and buried my head in her ¢unt, and began licking her ¢lits.
She moaned and Stroked my hair with both her hands.
I used my fingers, and manipulated her voraciously.
“that’s right baby” she kept saying.

After a while, I stretched, undid my belt, and brought out my rod.
she smiled a little, then grabbed it and began sucking on it.
The b.lowjob was great, Yemi stood up and dragged me to the couch.

She spread her legs, one on the backrest, and the other on the floor.
“Won’t we be needing a ¢ondom? I asked.
she kept quiet for a while.

“I don’t know about you, but am still good” she said.
In good faith, I slid my d!ck into her wet v*gina.

And the wild $£x began, still one of my hardcore experience ever.

Because I banged her with so much rage.
“Talk dirty to me” she went again.
Instead, I further increased my pace to ram her @ss.

“Stop!” she yelled.

“I stopped”

She turned around to face me,
“When I say talk dirty to me, you take dirty to me, got that?”

I nodded.

We resumed banging.
“Talk dirty to me” she said.

After 10 good thrusts, I went like

“Dirty, stripping, $lutty, hooker!”

She began laughing, it sounded funny. Especially the way I said it, on top of my voice.

After three straight rounds, we were done.
“How’s school?” she asked
“School’s great!” I replied

I checked my time, using my phone, it was 7:24pm.
“I should get going” I said.

“Am gonna miss you, she said then moved forward to hug and kiss me”

“Give me your account number” she requested, and I gave it to her.
Those two thugs, drove me, back, I gave them direction to Sandra’s place instead of my place.

We shook hands, like buddies, I was about leaving, but on second thought, I decided to ask the seemingly friendlier of them a question.

“Please guy, can I ask you a question? Madam said one of you is gay, is it really true?”

They glanced at each other and began laughing.

“Bring your mama, and you’ll know”
one of them said, and they began laughing again.

“Yemi is a B!tch!” I thought as I knocked on Sandra’s door.
we talked and babbled for long hours, I left there about 10pm.

Two weeks after that experience, on a fateful Saturday, after dancing and selling, all the products, unlike other days, we were a little bit late, it was almost seven and we were heading back to the company.

The music was still playing, Lydia and Paul were dancing, she was using her butt to tease his d!ck.
While we watched and cheered.

We suddenly heard gunshots, bullets shattering the glasses of the bus, the driver died instantly. And the bus capsized.

To Be Continued….


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