Midnight Saga

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I was in a mess, a messed up mess, where do I place Yemi? I could have lied saying she was my cousin, Aunt or a family member, but my mum was there.

I had to not only tell them about Yemi, I had to provide a credible explanation to the obvious closure she and I shared.

At that moment, I wished the ground would open and swallow me up, I was between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A great part of me, regretted ever waking up.
My mouth was half way open, trying to give an inexistent explanation. When Yemi said.

“Oh I own the company, the company where Jeff works”

I turned around to look at everyone, they actually fell for it.
I tried not to convey a look of surprise on my face, it might arouse scepticism.

I thought I had crossed the sea, my woes got intense. When Mr Johnson came in.

“Good morning, Jeff, I got a message that you’re awake.”

“Yeah, obviously” I replied.

My heart was beating fast, few minutes ago, Yemi claimed to own the company I worked for. Mr Johnson was the only one who could ascertain that.

“Good morning ma’am, could you please sign these documents” Mr Johnson said, to Yemi

“Sure, she replied” she unzipped her purse, got her pen and signed on the documents.

Mr Johnson was about leaving, his hand was on the door knob, he turned around and said.
“Ma’am, the vice president of the company told me to remind you of the meeting with the affiliates”

“I haven’t forgotten” she replied.

I used my left hand to pinch myself, in case I was dreaming or in a trance, but I wasn’t.
Is Yemi truly the owner of the company? I thought.

I was troubled at the same time glad I had gotten out of the dilemma. It would have been tragic.

My mum brought food, I only ate a little of it.
We continued talking and laughing, all six of us.
Sandra did her best to take my mind off the pain.

The previous semester, she was the one on a hospital bed and I was the one sitting beside her and comforting.
This semester it was her turn, to keep me warm and loved.

I think that’s what a relationship is about, being there for people, especially when they need you the most. That’s the prime purpose of being a relationship, leaning on each other.

In the evening, I had to persuade Ibro, Amarachi and Drake to leave, they were hesitant at first, but I insisted. Not too long after they left, a few of my dance crew came in. Capon, Rita and Gabriel.

I was really happy to see them, at least if I had died, I knew I had people who would miss me.

While we were cracking jokes and laughing, something popped up in my thoughts.
“How’s my colleagues, Paul, Gladys, Lydia and Rose?Have they been discharged already?” I asked

They all kept quiet.
“Will someone please answer me?” I yelled

Sandra placed her hand on my chest,
“Jeff, there’s something I have to tell you”
My heart was beating fast again, I was sensing danger.

“One of your friends died” she said.

“What?” I screamed out.

Tears was already rolling down my cheeks, “who is it?” I asked. Bracing myself up for the worst.

“The male guy, I think his name is Paul, the doctor said he broke his neck and died instantly”

I was quiet for a while, then suddenly broke into a rigorous session of weeping.

I cried like a baby, not even minding the people around.

Paul and I were big time buddies. He was a great guy.
Of all my colleagues, he was the only one who knew I was receiving higher pay than them all, but he wasn’t worried about it.


I want to see him, I screamed, trying to get off the bed, Sandra held me back and they all pleaded with me to further recover before seeing his body.

A week later, I was discharged, I was beginning to use crutches. My leg and my head was still bandaged.
I borrowed Ibro’s phone to make a call.
“Good evening Yemi”
“Hey Jeff” she said, recognising my voice immediately.

“Can you please come over to my place. I know you already know where I live” I said

She laughed a little, “Alright am coming” she replied.

Thirty minutes later, she came over with a flashy car. One that I hadn’t seen before.

“What’s the problem Jeff?” she asked, stepping out of the car.
“We’re going somewhere” I replied

I gave Ibro his phone back, and sat beside Yemi in the car, while she drove.
“Where are we going?” she asked
“Take me to the mortuary”

She drove into the mortuary, I was taken to the ward were Paul’s body was kept.
Yemi stayed outside while I walked, I needed to be alone.

I began crying bitterly, soon as I unveiled his face.

His head was twisted a little, and a part of his vertebrae was sticking out of his neck.

Am not sure I’ll be able to properly describe how I cried. With tears and catarrh flowing from my eyes and nose respectively.

I remember how he would use jokes and parables to try and convince customers to buy our stuffs, how he always laughed with his mouth wide open.
I knew I was gonna miss him. I had to cry over him one last time.

After about an hour, I was done, I was experiencing a slight headache.
I came out, Yemi handed a white handkerchief to me. I used it to wipe my face.

We got into the car, and she drove away.
“Yemi, how were you able to do that?” I asked.
“do what?”
“About the ‘i_own_the_company_talk’”

She laughed hysterically.
“There’s nothing money cannot do, she replied”
“You know why am a very successful woman?” she asked, rhetorically
“I expect everything, especially the worst”

“Yemi please stop the car” I said
“Why should I do that?” she asked
“Just stop the car”

She parked the car by the roadside
“You and I have to talk” I said.
She laughed again and said.

“Are you planning to end what we have?” she asked.
“I nodded”
“My life is really messed up, i think this is my second chance to make it right”

She was silent for a long while.
“Relax, I’ve been thinking too, I think it’s about time I moved on too, I’ve had enough fun.” she said.

“I felt a wind of relief”

“But we’ll be friends” she said, pointing to me with her index finger.

“Yeah sure” I extended my hand so we could knuckle it out.
“What’s that for?” she asked

“You’re suppose to clinch your fist and hit on it” I said.

“No way, that’s a guy thing.” she said and we both laughed, she ignited the car and drove me to the market, where she got me a new phone and sim card.

She later drove me home.
We hugged and she left.
I slotted the sim card, into the new Android phone.
As I had already memorised Sandra’s number.
I saved it immediately, followed by my Mum’s number.
At about 10pm. I called Sandra.
“She picked, not recognising who it was that was calling.”
I didn’t even bother introducing myself.

“Sandra, if I have never told you how much you mean to me.
You mean everything to me
Sandra, if I have never told you how much I need you.
You are indispensable.
Sandra if i have never told you how much I love you
I love you with all my heart.”

She began crying softly over the phone, I heard her sniffle and wipe the tears off her face.
I later hung up.

Sandra visited me at about 12 Midnight.

And that’s the reason for the story:
“The Midnight Saga ”





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