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If there’s something Experience has taught me, is to never Compel, Convince, or Persuade any Lady to Sleep with you.
Its like Forcing Yourself to Drink Hot tea,
the Pain From the Hotness will Black out the Sweetness of the Milk and Sugar.

She probably wanted it as badly as I did, I could see it in her eyes.

“Are you Sure,” I asked
Yes baby, She said, I think we are taking this too fast, let’s Slow down a bit she said, We just met not up to 2 weeks ago.
Okay I said, Grabbed my Shirt, Put it back on, I dressed her up too.
She was Staring deep into my eyes, trying to Guess what I was Feeling, but my face was just Plain.

Immediately I was done dressing her up, I gave her a Big Smile, and said Do you have any Movie we can Watch?

Ye,Ye, Yes, I have Some (She Stammered)

Eventually she Found a Movie, titled “Love Actually” Nice Movie.
We both Watched it together with she Lying on my laps.
The movie ended about 9:45pm and I had to leave.
Baby, am Gonna have to leave now.
So soon? she asked.
Yeah, its Getting late.
We reached her door, Ki$$ed for about 5 minutes, it was like she wasn’t willing to Let me Go.

I pulled her Cheeks and Said with a Smile.
“You know I Love you Right?”
She nodded tears were flowing down her Cheeks.
Oh pls, I hate to see you Cry.
We hugged and I left.

When the Okada Man Dropped me at my house
felt the Vibration of my Phone, it was a Message from Sandra this Message Blew me Away.

“You’re not Human, No man has ever Loved me like you do, Am I even worth your Love?”

I paused for a Second, still standing, I called her back, We talked for a Long while with me Consoling and Assuring her Most of the time, I Immediately Quit the Call, Entered my room.
Straight to my Reading table.

One Great thing I Learnt in life is to Never Put Women First in your Life, Always Put them Second.
People who Put Women First never Live long enough to Share their tales
Amarachi and I were Just “Friends with Benefit”
But it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make her know I Care about her, I Figured.

Friday Evening, I Bought Airtime on my way home.
Called Amarachi, She was Happy, Very Happy to hear my Voice.
Just wanted to check up on you, Which department do you say you belong to ?
She Replied,
Wow that’s a Tough one, I Said.
She Giggled.

We talked about a few more things, In the end she said she would be coming by the Following day, Saturday.

It was a Great Idea, I really Love this Alliance I said to myself.
I Love Sandra but, her Cookie isn’t Ready, E never done, one must be Patient.
Amarachi and I had a Mutual Agreement, $ex Agreement. I hope she doesn’t later Bring Love into the Picture.

I arrived home, trying to Open my Door, that’s when I Heard Sounds coming from Ibro’s Room.

I knocked, Come in he Said.
he was sitting with Boxers, with legs Spread, One on the floor and the other on the Cushion.
He had just finished having $ex, there was a Lady Beside him, She was Dressing up, Still without B.ra, just P@nts.

Ibro what’s wrong with you, You Just Switched off your Phone all through the time you left,
you were coming and didn’t even Care to call me and inform me.
Guy you no try.

He Apologised, Anyway, I later joined him on the Cushion, he offered me a Drink.
I was relieved Coz he wasn’t as Moody as he was before he Travelled. Its amazing how he got over it so fast.

O boy see the A$$ you don Pump now, I said with my eyes fixed on the babe, She had bent down trying to wear her shoes.

He laughed, the thing about Ibro is he never Brought home the same Girl .
I don’t know how he does it.

Saturday, Morning I had Dressed up, and Was Expectant, waiting for Amarachi to come Summit her A$$, for Assessment.

Music was in the Background, I wore just a Singlet and a 3Quater Jeans.

I was laying on the bed with my Back when I suddenly heard a Knock on the Door.

Guess who it was.



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