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episode 5

You have a Boyfriend? I asked with Relief
Yes she said, And you’re Fvcking me, you must be a Bad Girl gan

She laughed, that’s not True she Said, I just Like You, from the very first day we met, Ave also been thinking about you ever since.
And by the way, My boyfriend really Sucks on Bed, He doesn’t give it to me as much as I want it, and I don’t want to devalue myself by always asking for $ex.

I listened with Keen Interest, So that Means, we’re Friends with Benefits ? I asked.
Yeah she said, Something Like That.
Deal? I asked
Deal she Said.

Are you Sure you won’t feel bad when you see me hanging out with my Girlfriend? i asked Teasingly, She Giggled, and Paused for a Second.
I hope Not! she managed to say.

I Accompanied her home, we ki$$ed for another 2 minutes. when I came back, it was about 12:30A.M
I just Fell on the Bed and Slept off.

I woke up to find out Ibro had Travelled already.
I Took my bath, Dressed up and Left for Class, Class that Day was Surprisingly Fun.
Probably because of the date I’ll be having later in the evening With Sandra. I sent her a Msg that Reads

“The first time I saw you, you warmed my heart, the Second time, you made little Flames and now, and Now you make my Heart Burn like hell,I may mean Nothing to you, but you’ll Always be Special to me”

Sent it and Saw delivered, I was really Missing her, and its not been Up to 2 weeks since we met.

I later saw a message, from her telling me to Meet her at the “Love Garden”
I went there but saw nobody that looked like her, her complexion is supposed to make her stand out, I was standing in front of a certain statue, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I was about turning to see who it was, she just planted a deep Ki$$ on my lips,
No girl has ever ki$$ed me like this with passion.
She paused after a minute, She looked me in the eye staring deeply and said.
Jeff, do you mean every word you Said, or you’re just playing with me?

I was Puzzled actually, but I had to answer her.
I ki$$ed her one more time and said.
“I mean every Single word, I am Incomplete without you, don’t ever leave me”
she hugged me tight her face on my chest, she was shedding tears.

As a man, No way am Gonna Cry along with her, the emotions were also coming up on me, I was trying to think of an Incident that’ll piss me off enough to carry away my mind off this Present emotions, but None was coming.

We later left, Not more than 2 minutes after I had parted with Sandra, She sent me a Text message, Saying
“I Love you Jef

It was About 6:40p.m we planned the date by 7pm. I stopped bike, he rode me down to her door step, I paid him off.
Glanced at my Wristwatch 6:59pm
Smiled to myself and Said “Timing is Everything”

I had barely even Knocked when Sandra flung the door open, Dragged me in by my Shirt
Gave me a hot long ki$$, she obviously does love ki$$es.

*Ki$$ is only Awesome, when looked at from an Emotional Angle, but literal Analysis will make it Disgust you. lol, Let’s not go there*

I managed to break free from the Ki$$, That’s when I noticed a Well decorated table, with candles lit, This arrangement outclassed the one we had in the Restaurant, So Romantic.

You look Great I said, You too she replied.
This time I around she pulled a Chair for me.
“You must be a Gentlewoman I said”
we both laughed.

She had prepared Fried rice, plantain chips with two bottle of Maltina, and Faro water, Not without a Prominently Big meat of Course.
Occupying almost Almost one third of the Plate’s Circumference.

Wow! you are Awesome, thanks for all the effort you put in to make this date happen, I said.
You’re welcome she said with a Smile.

I saw your Text I Said, She Gave out a Grin.
I didn’t reply you, Cause I wanted to say it to your Face.
I love you Sandra, even more than I can ever love myself,
*My eyes fixed on hers, she wanted to get Emotional, when I decided to create a Divergence.
let’s eat I said.

“Hmmmmmmmmm” I said. this is Superb. infact a word has not been invented to describe this Meal, you’re Good I said.

She was really Happy, Dimples all over.
I mean, she spent money, time and went through Stress, so the least I can do is Appreciate her Hard work.

we were done eating, and were just talking , talking about past relationships, told me she had just one b.f in the past, he died.

She thought she would never find love again till I came along.
the table was almost becoming an Obstruction. I stood up went to were she was, Lifted her up from her seat, Gazed into her eyes and ki$$ed her.

she responded, making “Ummm” Sounds.
We ki$$ed our way to the bed, took off just my shirt, and took off her Top.
we continued ki$$ing.
I reached for her bosoms, squeezed them, I was done with the bosoms, and was trying to slip my hand into her C.unt through her p.ant when she held my hand. in a Restricting manner,
her eyes were closed all along, she opened her eyes and Said the Unthinkable.

I Can’t do this Jeff.


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