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I Approached the Door with a Grin, Held the Knob of the Door, and Opened the door, with The Grin Still Polished on my Face.

My Smiling Face suddenly Lost its Charisma.
It was Ibro, lol
Jeff, Abeg I fit get Salt for your Side? He said
I Couldn’t even Answer him immediately, Coz of disappointment.

i Went back, Got the Can of Salt, brought it back and gave it to him.
I later went back to the bed, Lay down on my Back, and Suddenly Slept off.

A Very Loud Persistent Knock woke me Up, I Approached the door with dizzy eyes, thinking it was Ibro who was probably returning the Salt.

Hey Handsome! She Said.
My eyes Widened!It was Amarachi!

Oh my, Does your beauty Amplify with time?
I asked her, Coz I was blown away, not just by her Beauty, She was too damn s*xy** and Underdressed.

Are you going to keep Flattering me, or you’re going to Invite me in? she asked.

Am sorry, I said.
Invited her in,She sat on the bed.
What type of music do you listen to, I asked.
Any song by Alicia keys she Replied.

I only had one Song by Alicia Keys on my Phone.
“Alicia keys- No one” it is
Left it on repeat.

Got 2 soft drinks from the Fridge. placed them on a tray with two Glasses
I dropped it on the Bed.
and Sat beside her.

She was Sitting at the edge, while I was totally on the bed, with my feet tapping each other and my Knees facing opposite Directions.

How are you Sweety? I asked.
She smiled.
Let’s drink from this little token, I said
Poured some of the Soft drink into both Glasses.

We were soon done drinking, I dropped the tray to the floor and Moved closer.
Naughty boy,am sure you’re up to no Good she said.
I Blushed, but Unrelenting in my intention.
I reached for her lips, She reciprocated,
I was about to Reach for her Bosom when her Phone rang.
it was her Boyfriend, Hello Darling she said, after she picked the call.

Am at Cynthia’s Place, she Said.

The truth be told, on a neutral Basis, What we were doing was far from Right!
As hard we sometimes try to justify our actions, there’s still a Silent and Suppressed Voice deep down, telling us
“This isn’t right”
But, Most times, the voice gets Ignored.
Here I was trying to have $ex with Someone else’s Girlfriend.
The mere thought of someone hugging Sandra, pisses me off.

Like I said, Most times the Voice gets Ignored.

Immediately she was done, With the Call, I reached for her lips, I was half way there, she moved forward and reached for mine,
that’s what am talking about, I like $ex better when both parties are really into it, Spirit,Soul and Body.

I was removing my shirt, Let me, she said.
She slowly and steadily took off my shirt,
*We had all day, anyway*
I took off her shirts and B.ra too, we were both Coverless.
I pushed her backward, her back was now on the bed, Our lips still locked in the ki$$.
My Chest was on her bosoms, I could feel her Heart beating Fast.

I ki$$ed her lips, her Jaw, down to her Bosom,
Sucked her N!pple.
She let out a Silent M.oan.

Did the same to the other b.oob.

In one Swift move, she pushed me away.
And Said, “Today, am going to be in control.”

we both took of my Trouser, She took off her Mini Skirt.
And made me to lay down flat, and said.
“Whatever you do, don’t touch me” if you do its over.

My Half way erect D!ck Sprang up to its Optimal Length, the moment she Rapped her hand around it.
She placed her mouth on the tip of my Joystick.
She was just playing with the tip of my d!ck.
she wouldn’t Ride my d!ck by Moving up and down.
She was killing me, and she knew it.
I was Sweating, I couldn’t take it anymore.
I didn’t know when my hand reached for head, trying to push her downwards and Upwards.
My hand was almost there, when she Said “Be careful!”
She had been Observing me.
If I was a Criminal and The Police used this Means to Torment me in other to Extract Vital Information from me.

I would have long Confessed everything I knew.

She went on like that, I was dying, Literally.
Its like when your Ear itches, And you’re Forced not to Scratch it, Terrible.

She finally stopped, Climbed onto me like she was Gonna Ride my D!ck, Little did I know, it was the Phase of another torment.

She Only inserted the tip of my d!ck into her kitten.
I wanted her to take it all in, but she didn’t, She only inserted the Tip of my Joystick.

She began, Moving up and Down, not on the full length of the D!ck,just the tip. This was Horrible

Then came my salvation, She went down on the Whole d!ck, It was a Huge Relief.
Like being offered A Glass of Soft Drink after Crossing a Desert.

She started pounding me, up and Down.She was enjoying every second,her eyes were Closed.

Her bosoms were Moving up and down, Succulent bosoms,
I wanted to Grab Them, and Squeeze them, but i didn’t wanna Risk it.

the Frequency of her Pounding Decreased, She was Tired, Obviously.

In a Snap, I reached for her Waist,Held her and Penetrated her from beneath, at a Very High Pace,
She M.oaned Out, almost like a Scream

I just Rolled, and in a Snap, we were Into Missionary Style.
I didn’t even Pause,
Kept Banging Like my Life depended on it.
I felt my O®gasm Closing in.
Lifted her Two legs and placed them on my Shoulder,
I was still Moving in and out.
Sweat all over my body.

I was at the point of Ej@culating, that’s when I noticed I wasn’t using a ¢ondom.

Oh my God! the Possibility of me Contacting any disease has been Compromised.
I have to Evade the Second possibility, Pregnancy.
I was about Pulling my D!ck out to Spill the Pour on her Abdomen,
When she said “Baby,¢um inside me, I want to feel you.”


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