It is possible for any man to ask for s3x in a relationship, but is left for you as a lady to know that s3x, can’t keep him, that is, S3x and will never be  enough.

There are two major factors ladies complain about s3x in a relationship:
1.) After giving him my body he left me.
2.) He left because I refused to have s3x with him.
Please NOTE: Both those who gave and those who refused to give are complaining…
( Whats the difference)
Ladies Listen, S3x isn’t enough, its not the only thing you can offer a man.
If You Don’t Have Anything To Offer A Man Outside S3x, Please remain Single…
A man can’t stay with you because his having s3x with you….
Relationship is not buying and selling.
There are much to life than Monkey style, Doggy style, Missionary style, Apple and juice style, step pillows style, etc …
Are you sound intellectually? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Characteristically?
Men love intelligent ladies…
Men love ladies with ideas..
Men love respectful ladies…
S3x is very cheap these days, anybody can buy it Or,  have you ever wondered why the so called ugly girls keep getting married and thinking you as a very beautiful lady remain single and being used and dumped?
You need to build yourself beyond s3x.
Leave make-ups (not saying you shouldnt look good)  and be a productive lady.
Men are looking for ladies with ideas and solution not those who paint their faces with different colours.

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Men wants ladies who can understand them while they are down,  some ladies will keep nagging even when they know things are not going well for their man. Nagging while your man is down is always a turnoff.
What a man wants is beauty with brain not make ups with boobs or hips….

If all you know is twerking and not thinking of how to be a better woman to your man, he will eventually get bored at a point.

As a lady,  having the mentality that you cant cook,  wash or do house chores for your man because you are yet to be married to him,  but yet you allow him park his rangerover inside your garage every night. Is that not foolishness? Try to useful than having s3x.
S3x is not everything, about life there is more to life than s3x ..
So please build yourself very well , so that when the man comes to you your ability to arouse his loins and his intellect is what will keep you with the man outside that s3x is sold on the street and he can always buy it  cheaper everyday and he can afford it.

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