See 3 Sure Ways To Know If A Lady Is A V!rgin Or Not

See 3 Sure Ways To Know If A Lady Is A V!rgin Or Not

For many men it is important to be the first one with their wife. So, they are looking to marry virgin girls. But how does find out about such a thing without carrying out a virg inity test? Get the signs now.  So, here are the signs of possible vir ginity loss in your girlfriend.

1. Her reaction to your questions
What does she say when you ask her if she is a vir gin? In most cases, (if the girl is not a feminist), she would react calmly or shyly. The one who has lost it, may get irritated by your inquiries or angry with you. She has it no more and those questions make her nervous.

2. She gets engaged in se x talk easily
A v!rgin girl has a bit of this natural modesty. She does not have firsthand experience in the process, so se x talk makes her uncomfortable. She would not be easily engaged in it.

3. How she conducts herself with men
V!rginity loss is a serious step in every woman’s life. It involves some big changes in her behavior as well. But once there is not more to lose, a girl may start acting more lavishly and self-indulging with men. If she is a student, she might be hanging out in the teacher’s office all the time.

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NB: this article is not 100% accurate to all girls.



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