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Today on ChattingDMC, talking about how shes coping with sexiness and Talent, is our own nollywood star, Motilola Adekunle, Producer of Mirage, stars in movies like IMO, Onikaluku, here’s what she has to say…


Chatting with dmc
How did you discover yourself as an actor?


I don’t know how I fell in love with Acting I just realized I was in it, nothing pleases me more than either being on stage or in front of a camera, it’s a feeling nothing comes Close to for me,and I realized I had to polish my talent so I did some stage plays,did some movies and here we are today,still polishing it



Tell us about your process when writing your script… how do you write?


I’m an actor but I dabble into script writing at times, and I use the computer and I let it read back to me at times



What are the five things you can’t live without?

Love, God,family,money and  Acting


How did you get to combine sexiness and talent , because, as well all know the popular Motilola, you act so real and show passions on stage, being a very resplendent woman, how did you manage to combine sexiness and talent
Ah… I sexy😂😂😂 I know the answer to that was just joking..okay, 

Talent is God given, Shape and all too come from God and if you are lucky Good DNA,The sexy I will say great DNA, the talent is inborn so it’s kind of effortless, I just carry it around, by the way I have a daughter…you know that right??


Yes i know that u a mother



May God continue to give you strength and grace to be a good wife and mother




One of my signatory questions, If I was to turn on your ipod right now, what five artists/songs
would I see on your recently played list?


Kiss Daniel’s Nothing dey I’ve listened to it like 500 times…love the lyrics die
( 2) R.kelly’s Storm is over for obvious reasons

3) will be When you Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

4)  Long Distance by brandy…

And  my daughter’s favorite song Let it go the theme song for The cartoon frozen


How do you handle a bad review of your work?

Depends if it’s constructive criticism i’d take it in the spirit of learning,i mean no one is a custodian of wisdom and mistake has no master so why not, but some people critique to destroy and tear down, I won’t encourage such


Any personal ambitions yet unattained?
Directing? Producing? Writing?
Are there any new projects you’re working
on that you can talk about?


Directing maybe, I have produced 2 movies, Ariwo Oja and Mirage, Ariwo Oja is a

Already in d stores but Mirage is yet to hit the market,i am still currently sourcing for funds for my new project it’s going to be big, I decided to take on acting full time to mirror some of the ills in our society and I won’t let the entertainment part of it make me derail from that,my next project will be on Cancer, Gender Based Violence and Child Abuse, I’m still looking for sponsors to come on board and hopefully by God’s grace they will. when people hear words like Gender Based Violence it sounds like a strange concept, like something that doesn’t ever happen but when you bring it closer to them,and paint a picture they will understand and can relate to, then you will have changed lives. It’s no longer an idea,it becomes reality and we will do it. Yes we can


This next question is kind of funny… Try to get ready?



As an actress, how do your husband feels anytime you on set kissing or stufs like that….like we men jealous things


You will have to ask him…lol but I try as much as possible to avoid kissing on set,there are 1,000 ways to skin a cat and show intimacy without necessarily kissing. He knows I will avoid it until it’s inevitable.


Thanks for your time, we hope to catch up with you soon, any advice to other young actors ? And quotes you live by?
Advice will be, Hardwork, self development and Humility nothing beats that combination.One quote I live by, is that ” there are no rules binding creativity” feel free to explore


Thanks for welcoming usChattingdmc

You are always welcome



Interviewer: Damexmrcoded


Interviewee: Motilola Adekunle [i.G@motilola]

On ChattingDMC (c) july 2016.

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  1. Have been looking for her IG handle since I watched Onikaluku. Mehn, thanks Damex for bringing her. Gbade all the way from Malaysia

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