Some Things We’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along

Hey, not everything is as obvious as it seems. It’s surprising how much hides in plain sight, how many things we take for granted, never suspecting that we’re supposed to be doing things differently, that the little, unusual details weren’t mistakes, but were planned and designed with purpose. For example, for the longest time I didn’t know that there was any easier way to load cans into the fridge than just plodding away, one can at a time. And I will never do it that way again. Ever.

Life gets better when you realize you could be doing things more efficiently. Give these a try!

1. The fastest way to chill your drinks: wrap them in a wet paper towel before putting them in the fridge.

2. Your mirrors can double as dry-erase boards.

Note: if you accidentally use a Sharpie, try nail polish remover to wipe it off. 

3. Open a keyring with a staple remover.

Do your fingernails a favor!

4. Save room in your cupboards by hanging your spray bottles from a tension rod.



5. Load cans into your fridge quickly by opening both ends of the box, putting it all on the shelf, and pulling the box away.

Seriously, I’m never putting in one can at a time again.

6. Ever wonder what that little slot on your key-chain bottle opener is for? Voila!

Best bottle opener ever.

7. Most companies put tabs on the end of their foil or cling wrap roll containers – punch them in to keep the rolls from popping out.

8. Fold your coffee lid’s tab inwards to reduce spilling.



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