hey guys , wassup!!! how are you?? ,am good😊, been a while fam👨‍👨‍👦, have been on a lot, some nugheads will be like, guy we don know,Must you tell us ehn?,🙂pls eat some fruits🍇🍐🍎,it help cure your unnecessary tension, how as the recession been affecting you?, Ehn??, some will say its very terrible,some be like why did we vote this 👴grandpa to rule us😂, Its funny right?? but remember we all said SAY-BABA,when he won the election, ”una dae scream CHANGE, no be the CHANGE una dae see now”, the earlier you remember that under this recession, someone just bought a New Car, Under this same recession, Someone just bought iphone7 for his bae🙂, and you be there, complaining RECESSION, theres No Money, better change that mindset🤔,go and hustle, let the hustle pay …….NKECHI signing Out……….so fam, i will be telling you, Jobs you can do as a student, and make money while your in school,Please stop fooling yourself about making money Online by sharing one yeye false link on Whatsapp which says get $20 per day😂😂, you be thief??, no one will ever pay you that amount…….even in GTA, you cant earn that,lets tell ourselves the truth…… as student, we must first know that as a student , you cant secure a job that will pay you anything higher than $20, infact its hard to get a job as a student, an undergraduate with 1st class dae sell yougourt on the road, and you want to get job when you are still starting your journey to first class….Ko jó oooo, but they are business ventures you can do and earn Income💵……so lets begin the countdown⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱


you should know why i started with this, Guys Una suppose know na, Barbing as a skill cannot be over emphasized,i remember this guy way Back when i was a secondary school, Vincent was his Name…..he was a 💥💥, and he makes his extra dou for barbing, or should i tell you about Lekan👦, Unilag Finest barber,he reps sociology, cos his a young guy and understands the trending hairstyle and how he gets the style well,this guy is overoccupied,esp on Saturdays or dinner evening , so i asked him how much does this pay you??, he smiled and said “How much do you think?, that smile just showed the joy of a booming business boss, so i asked how many people does he cut their hair for in a month……so we started the Arithmetic , every Weekend he cuts over 50 guys hair in a month thats close to 200 aside the carving of their hair and beards …….so 200 guys * 200# = 40,000 aside the rough calc of the carving which he says he does for 100, thats lets say 100guyz, thats 10k , so on the total sum ,EveryMonth as of average, Lekan makes 50,000 on barbing, which means he can make more above average…..that aside his monthly allowance from His parents,and you will be there complaining theres No Money, Guy go Hustle ……….


This is also a good paying job especially when it comes to braids and attachment😊😊, Ladies did i get it??…..permit me if i was wrong, this not my field but to my knowledge, its a skill that is 💥,My most lovely CHIOMA, A 200 level student of lasu pays her school fees through hairdressing, dont worry i will soon interview her, she will tell us how she does it…….thats also another thing to do…….


this one ehn, its another MMM(MoneyMakingMachine), but the risk involved is most worrysome, As a student if your doing this, just do the washing and give your client,the clothe to dry……cos if it get stolen, you bare the wrath which may damage your personality, that the risky part of it……but trust me , its a cool source of Money,let me tell you my experience 😂, it happened to me while i was in secondary school, i did this business in school , then it was fun ……. i wash my senoir’s clothes,dry them …..park them and deliver ……it was giving me small change, at least Foluso go buy #20 yougourt in TalkShop , till this unfortunate day😂, am laughing but that day it wasnt Funny, a senoir gave me his Uniform and Socks to wash and iron for him for exchange of 1cup of Frosties ,Milk and Milo with 2 cube of sugar, this was the ideal business payment i wanted, it was during the end of the term , things are tough🙂,Boarders will understand….. na so i jump on the deal,i washed it and dried it on the Line, i wish they stole the shirt it will have been better,During Night prep…..My housemater punished me , cos one crayfish head wrote my Name for Standing , just Standing!!!!!! , so the wind started blowing, Sign of rain…..that housemater is the most closest to the the devil,he is wicked(To be continued), I caught your attention😊😊, i will complete it in my subsequent post, this is also a good business…….

Click to Get your music on MTN,GLO, ETI, Airtel as callers tune and make money from your song
Click to Get your music on MTN,GLO, ETI, Airtel as callers tune and make money from your song.

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this one is a business venture and also an A list professional career job, who know Tj studio? Anyone😶….. it one of the best studio in africa,you can google it, just to inform you……..its owned by 16 year old micheal Zaugbe of Zimbabwe, as of 2015 issued released magazine, he made forbes Magazine of influential teenagers in africa, brother and sister, how old is this guy, and he is a what??? Photographer!!!! , he started at the age of 10, with his father camera phone and now a CEO, his photo studio is the only studio in africa that use an A+ camera optical Led flash.Think about that……….Remember he is only 16 and turning 17 this year……..and you there buzzing momc for pocket Money…..🙂


another business venture, this one cannot be over emphasized, as a student doing this job.It will attract respect and your popularity stance especially if your in a private University,that you cant leave campus at ease ,how about helping you mate, fix their phone and you collect your money……..they have no option, maybe in the school there is only one phone repair shop, and the price of the phone to repair is 1k but the phone repair shop want to make money from students and they say its 5k, as a student you have no option, that your boo as been messaging you since …..but you can do it and you do it for 2500, thats half of the price ……automatically you have murdered the sales of the repair shop…..people will not only patronize you but your popularity increases ……that bae sef go think twice 😊, cos she knows when her phone has problem , this bobo go show me pepper 😂😂😂…..

Should i continue?? , they are so many ventures you can do as a student,so many!!!!, i will be telling you subsequently …….hope you got informed 🙂, instead of decieving yourself with one yeye link that say make $10 dollars per day ……you are only helping them make the money😄, thanks for following me through …..I love you(Ladies ooo) Guys no Homo …….Catch me on Snapchat@Swishrep, for exciting gist and stories as it unfolds🙂😊✌️ …….Kizzez ……



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