Teenage Love- Episode 1

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Teenage Love

Episode 1


Segun got down at the junction leading to his house
and started walking along the un tarred road that led
to his house.
He knocked on the big black iron gate at the
entrance of his father’s house. His junior sister Mary
opened the gate for him.
“Welcome bro Segun.” She greeted bending her
“Thank you.” He answered.
“Bring your bag.” She requested.
Giving it to her. “Is Daddy at home?” he asked.
“No.” she replied.
“What of mummy?”
“She’s not back from the shop.” she answered.
He entered into the sitting room, climbed the stairs
and went straight to his room to change and take a
shower. He came down some minutes later and
asked for his food. He was served a plate of rice and
fried plantain and fish. He ate the food hungrily and
went into his room to take a nap.
He woke up two hours later and he discovered that
the PHCN(Power Holding Company of Nigeria) had
restored the light. He scrambled out of bed to plug
his phone to charge. Then he settle down to read for
his next paper, Agricultural Science which was
scheduled to take place the following monday. He
read for the next on hour before he went to the
dining to have his dinner. He got there and found
mary in the living room watching T.v.
He finished his food and rose up to go to bed.
“Won’t you go and sleep?” he asked.
“I will. But i want to finish this move. She answered.
“Okay, but kindly reduce the volume so that you
won’t disturb dad and mum. He requested.
She picked up the remote control and reduced the
“Goodnight.” He said
“Goodnight.” She replied.
Immediately he got into his room, he unplugged his
phone and logged in to a popular chat application
known as ‘2go’.
He was suprised to see a pending friend request
from a strange user ‘jummy77′. He accepted the
request and he discovered that the user was online.
His phone beeped. A new message. The following
the course which their conversation took;
Jummy77: Hi.
Shegzy: Hello.
Jummy77: How are you?
Shegzy: Am good and you?….please do i know you?
Jummy77: Am fine.
Jummy77: This is Jummy, Omolayo’s friend .
Shegzy: Oh! Its you. How was your day.
Jummy77: It was good.
Shegzy: Dat’s good to hear.
Jummy77: How is your girlfriend. [smile>big grin] He chatted with a few more friends before exiting
the application. He picked up his essential
Agrictultural science textbook and started reading.
He slep around 2am the following morning which
was a sunday.
Mr Akinola was seated on a sofa in the sitting room
with his wife and daughter.
“You! Call your brother for me”. He said.
She stood up and went upstairs towards Segun’s
Knocking the door. “Bro Segun? Daddy is calling
“Okay, am coming. He replied.
She left the door and went back to the sitting room
to join her parents.
Few minutes later, Segun descended the stairs and
went to the sitting room.
“Yes Dad, I learnt you’re calling me.”
“Yes. Aren’t you going for your papers today?”
“I will but i have an afternoon paper.” He replied.
“Okay! Take. He said handing him a #100
“Thank you sir.”
Standing on his feet. “See you later in the evening.”
“Bye Dad.” They both chorused.
“Daddy, wait let me pick my bag, so you can drop
me in the shop.” His wife said.
“Aren’t you taking your car?” he asked.
“Yes, i don’t feel like.” She replied.
“No problem. Meet me outside.” he said.
Mrs Akinola stood up and went inside to pick up her
handbag. She re-emerged a few minutes later.
“Yes mum.”
“Make sure you prepare something to eat before you
father comes back.”
“Ok ma.”
With this, she went outside and joined her husband
in the green Toyota RAV-4 parked outside. Off they
both went out.

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Segun came out of his room dressed in a blue long
sleeves fitted shirt and a black pant trouser with a
black paul smith shoe. He was looking handsome
and cute.
Mary was seated in the living room reading a novel.
She looked towards the dining area when she heard
footsteps on the stairs.
“Where to?” She asked.
“Am off for my papers.” He replied.
“But i thought it is scheduled for 2pm.” She asked.
“Yes, you’re right but i have to make it early to the
exam hall to avoid stories that touch.” He explained.
“Okay, safe journey. She prayed.
“Amen, thanks. He replied.
“Heads will surely turn in that centre when they see
a handsome boy enter.” she said laughing.
“hmmm. He giggled before rushing out of the
Segun walked into Loyola colled on monday
afternoon. He walked towards the examination hall
opposite the school football pitch. He entered the
hall and walked towards his seat. Only a few student
were around as at the time he came. He greeted
those seated at the front seats, he looked towards
the end of the hall and saw someone wave at him,
he waved back and sat down. He mumured a few
words of prayer, opened his textbook and did some
1th-hour revision.
“Hey!” she said tapping on the shoulder.
“Oh! It’s you?” he replied.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Am fine and you?” he replied.
“Am okay.” she answered.
“that’s good.” he said.
“Are you busy?” she asked.
“No, why?” he replied with a question.
“Just want to read my books.”
“Ok have your sit.” He said shifting for her.
A light complexioned guy walked into the exam hall
burning with anger. He tapped segun’s table,
disrupting their conversation.
“Yes! How may i help you?” Segun asked.
“What are you doing with my girlfriend?” He asked.


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