Teenage Love- Episode 10


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Mrs Akinola was seated in her shop giving
instructions to her workers.
Jummy walked into the shop dressed in a black mini
skirt and red top. She walked through the sections of
clothes, toys, jewelleries, consumable products and
other varieties of goods based on the cashier’s
“Good afternoon ma.” she greeted bending her
“Good afternoon my dear.” The woman replied
giving her a searching look.
“It is me, Jummy.”
“Oh! You are welcome my dear.”
Mrs Akinola instructed one of her girls to give
Jummy a bottle of chilled drink.
“So you are my son’s girlfriend?” she asked.
“Yes ma.” Jummy replied smiling.
“But don’t you think you are too young for that?” she
“Yes we are young but we are not going too deep
with the relationship.” Jummy explained.
“Is it a must for you to have a boyfriend now?”
“It’s not a must but so that we don’t have problems
with relating in future and to know ourselves
better.” Jummy explained.
“I see.” she replied.
Mrs Akinola and Jummy were together in her shop
talking about relationships and their ups and downs
before Olanike arrived.
“Good afternoon ma.” Nike greeted kneeling down.
“Oh! Nike right?”
“Yes ma.”
“you are such a beauty.” Mrs Akinola complimented.
“Thank you Ma.” Nike said kneeling down.
“Have your sit.” mrs Akinola said pointing to a
vacant seat beside where Jummy sat.
“Good afternoon.” Nike said greeting Jummy.
Jummy ignored her and continued playing with her
Mrs Akinola noticed the cold atmosphere between
them and the jealousy in Jummy’s face. She smiled.
“Do you know her?” Mrs Akinola asked Nike.
“Yes ma.” Nike replied.
“Who is she to you?”
“She is my friend.” Nike replied.
Jummy raised her head up and looked at Nike with
an angry face.
“Who is she to Segun?” the woman asked.
She never saw that coming.
“I don’t know but recently i discovered they are
much more close.” Nike explained.
“So there is a possibility that they are dating?”
“Yes ma.”
Jummy’s phone rang and she picked it. She dropped
the call twenty seconds later.
“I have to go ma. My dad wants to see me.”
“Okay.” mrs Akinola replied handing a five hundred
naira note to her as transport fare.
Jummy left after showing appreciation to segun’s
mum and ignored Nike’s greeting.
“That girl doesn’t fit my son.” Mrs Akinola said to
Nike was suprised and did not know how to reply
the woman.
Mrs Akinola gave Nike her number at the end of the
day after giving her her own transport fare.
Segun got to the exam centre very early in the
morning on the 2nd of october (the last day of the
He sat down and did his last minutes revision.
“Good morning.” Nike greeted.
“Good morning.” he replied.
“How was your night?” she asked.
“It was fine.” he replied.
They chatted happily for like twenty minutes before
Jummy entered the hall.
“I’ll see you later.” Nike said immediately she
sighted Jummy.
“But, nobody is sending you away.” Segun replied.
“I know but i don’t want trouble.” she explained.
Nike left for her seat. Jummy got to Segun’s seat
“So you are still seeing this useless girl?” Jummy
“Keep your voice down and moreso, am not seeing
her.” Segun defended.
“You finally allowed your mum to make decisions
for you.” Jummy said.
“Don’t bring my mum into this.” Segun warned.
They stood up against themselves before Olanike
came between them.
“Segun. What’s the matter?” Nike asked.
“Sl*t. What’s yours in this?” Jummy asked.
Nike walked away with tears in her eyes.
“How dare you call her Sl*t?” Segun asked but
waited for no reply as he ran after Nike.
Jummy walked to her seat angrily. Segun apologised
to Nike before the invigillator came in and
distributed the question paper and the answer
After the paper.
Candidates were seen loitering outside jubilating on
the completion of the exam.
Some were taking pictures while other were
exchanging contacts.
Segun snapped Nike’s pictures and vice versa.
Jummy was looking at them from afar with a very
angry face.
Segun chilled with Nike for some minutes before
Emma and his boys numbering up to fourteen
showed face.
They dragged them to a lonely part of the school.
Segun’s phone was seized, his wristwatch and his
chain. Nike was begging for their safety but the guys
ignored her and warned Segun not to move close to
Olanike for the rest of his life.
Segun voiced out angrily and requested for a man to
man combat between him and Emma.
They accepted the contest and they were left to
battle it out. Segun succeeded in pushing Emma to
the ground and was raining lots of punches on him
before the other guys joined in support of Emma.
Nike seeing that they had dropped the things they
seized from them picked it up and took to her heels.
Segun managed to stand up and ran away with a
series of cuts on him. He took the school’s back gate
and walked towards the bus-stop where he saw
Olanike waiting for him. Seeing him in his injured
state. She quickly called a taxi and off they went to
her house in the GRA.

“Did they hurt you?” Nike asked with concern written
all over her face.
“Not really. I just had some minor cuts.” He replied.
Nike left him in the sitting room and went into the
kitchen to boil water for him so as to press his
swollen head.
“Ouch.” he whinced in pain.
“Is it painful?” she asked.
“Should i test it on you?” Segun asked scooping
water with his hand pouring it on her.
“Oh my God! This thing is painful.” She said
“So you don’t know before.” Segun teased her.
She gave him some painkillers against his wish but
he took them to please her.

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There was a horn outside the gate. Segun was
“Who could that be?” he thought.
“That should be my dad.” Nike said heading outside
to welcome her father.
“Welcome dad.” Nike said hugging her father.
“How are you my princess?” he asked.
“Am fine. Hope you bought what i asked for?” she
“don’t you know i came home because of your
birthday?” he asked.
“I trust you.” she replied smiling.
“Daddy’s girl.” Joe the gateman said.
“Thank you.” she replied playfully.
Father and daughter both went inside and met
Segun sitting down.
Sighting her father, Segun stood up.
“Good afternoon sir.” Segun prostrated.
“Oh! How are you?” he asked.
“Am fine sir.” Segun replied.
“So you are Segun right?” he asked.
“Yes sir.” Segun replied suprised. He looked at Nike
for an answer but got a smile in return.
“Enjoy yourself and make yourself comfortable.” the
man said and headed for his room.
“I’ll be right back.” Nike said following her father.
“Okay.” Segun replied and sat down.
Nike came back and they continued talking about
stuffs such as their schools, friends and Emma and
At exactly 4 o’clock Segun stood up and announced
his departure.
“Wait and let me tell daddy.” Nike said and went
back inside.
Nike came back and handed one thousand naira to
As Segun was about stepping out of the house Nike’s
father came to the sitting room.
“Hope to see you on thursday.” The man said.
“Definitely sir.” Segun replied.
Nike escourted him back to the bus-stop where he’ll
board a bus to his house.
“Take care of your wounds.” She advised.
“Okay, i will.” he answered.
“Bye. I’ll call you.” she said.
“Bye.” he replied hopping into a bus.
Segun got home thirty five minutes later but got the
shocker of his life immediately he got into the sitting
Seated in the sitting room was his mother and
Segun entered the sitting room and met his mother
and Jummy seated discussing only God knows what.
“Good afternoon mum.” he prostrated.
“Welcome. How was your paper?” she asked.
“It was fine. You didn’t go to shop?” he asked.
“I had to come back to attend to somethings.” she
“Okay ma.” he said leaving the sitting room.
“Segun.” his mother called him back.
He face her waiting for what she had to say.
“Are you blind or you don’t see your girlfriend?” she
“Girlfriend? I don’t think i have one at the moment.”
he said.
“So who is she?” she asked pointing to Jummy.
“She is one of those girls i met during the exam.” he
“Are you alright? So you have started changing girls
like you are changing clothes?” she asked.
“I am okay.” he replied.
“Okay. As your mother i hereby command you that
you should continue your relationship with Jummy
with immediate alacrity.” she said angrily.
“That’s not possible. I own my life and i know what is
good for me.” he said angrily.
“Are you a bastard?” she asked.
“That a question for you.” he replied.
His mother frowned her face. And stood up angrily
moving towards him.
“Am i the one you are talking to?” she asked.
He kept mute to the question.
His mother angrily picked up a mug and threw it at
him. He quickly dodged it and the mug came
crashing on the wall.
He quickly ran to his room and shut the door. His
mother ran after him and knocked on his door
She walked back to meet Jummy in the sitting room.
“Don’t worry my dear. He will surely become yours.
Tell your mum that everything will be settled.” She
consoled jummy.
“Okay ma.” Jummy said and left.
Segun overheard all what his mum said to Jummy.
“Does that mean that her parents are connected to
mine. No way am gonna date such girl. Nike is the
right person for me.” he said angrily.


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