Teenage Love- Episode 12


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Mr Akinola was walking on the street very close to
the secretariat. He walked past a black Nissan
“Akin.” Rose the occupant of the Nissan altima
“please i don’t know you.” he replied.
“It’s me Rose Bolakale.” she explained.
“Oh! Now i remember. Rose, Magaret’s sister.” he
She opened the door to the passenger side for him
and drove off.
She discovered that the man who helped her pass
her exams is in dire need. So she fixed him up a
capital to start his own business in partnership with
her husband’s business.
Akinola thrived and made a name in the business.
Rose was on the sickbed with Beatrice by her side.
“Beatrice, can you do me a favour?” Rose asked.
“Anything for you my sister.” Beatrice replied.
“I want you to unite your family with mine.” Rose
“We are already united.” Beatrice replied.
“Let’s become inlaw. Let your son Segun and my
only daughter Jummy be made one.” Rose said.
“Consider it done but first you have to get well.”
Beatrice advised her friend.
“Beatrice. The only way you can repay my kindness
to your family is by doing what i asked for. I’ll
forever be unhappy with you if my desire is not
made possibe.” Rose explained and gave up the
“Doctor….doctor….doc….d..d.” Beatrice called on the
“You can now see why i am concerned about you
dating Jummy.” she said.
“But mum why can’t you tell me all these before.”
Segun said sadly.
“I never knew you will meet so soon and moreso,
she was adopted by a family member when her
mum died because she was still a baby then.” she
“So what do you want me to do now?” Segun asked.
“Break up with whatever girl you are dating now and
stick with you wife.” she advised.
“That’s not possible.” he countered.
“Make it possible son.” she begged.
“Okay i’ll think about it.” he said and left his mother
in the sitting room.
He got back into his room and sat down on the bed
with his face buried in his palms.
“What sort of promise is this. I can’t afford to loose
Olanike after all i had gone through. But come to
think of it i can’t disobey my mother but i don’t love
Jummy.” he thought.
“Then there must be a solution somewhere.” he
concluded before laying down on his bed to sleep
round two.

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7:45am monday 7th october.
The students of Brights comprehensive college all
lined up according to their classes on the assembly
After the recitation of the anthems(national &
school) and recitation of the pledge. Mr Hastrup the
principal climbed up the podium to address the
He started by welcoming the senior students who
went for the just concluded waec gce back to school,
he reminded them of their school fee and advised
them. He concluded by saying
“All prefects, see me in my office.” with this he
walked back to his office and the students marched
back to their various classes.
The senior secondary school 3 students got back in
their class shouting and arguing about trival issues
which is normal among secondary school students.
“You guys are matured enough, so stop making a
noise.” Wilson, the class monitor and the punctuality
prefect commanded.
The whole class bursted into laughter.
“So, in short you are trying to say we are not
matured?” Titi, the senior girl asked.
“Exactly.” Wilson replied.
The class went into another round of laughter.
“Let’s go and see the principal.” Segun said
immediately the noise subsied.
“Everybody?” Chioma, an igbo girl in the class asked.
“Are you a prefect?” Segun asked in a mocking
manner which caused another round of laughter.
Mr Ige the Biology teacher walked into the class.
“And what is the noise all about?” he asked no one
in particular.
“Goood mooorning sir.” the whole class thundered.
Mr Ige walked to the chalkboard and wrote the days
topic. He faced the class and saw about fifteen
students making their way out of the class.
“To where?” he asked.
“The principal office.” Wilson replied.
“Come back here, you have my class. You can go
and see him later.” Mr Ige advised.
“Uncle forget joor.” Segun said as the whole class
bursted into laughter.
During the cause of their laughter, the prefects
including Segun left the class and headed to the
principal’s office.
They got to the principal’s office in no time and the
principal began his boring talks about leadership.
He ended by giving each prefect a project to handle.
Segun was told to handle the practice for the
upcoming football match against Steadfast
comprehensive college(Nike’s school).
The principal ended and dismissed them. On getting
back to the class, Mr Ige had left the class when the
period ended.
“Segun, Mr Ige asked to see you immediately you
are back.” Peter the shortest boy in the class said.
“Let him come and carry me.” Segun said and went
back to his seat.
“I am here to carry you.” a thick voice thundered
through the window. It was no other person than
the said Mr Ige.
“Follow me to the staff room.” Mr Ige commanded.
Segun obeyed him and followed him to the staff
They got to the enterance of the staff room and Mr
Ige went inside. Segun surveyed the teachers sitted
in the staff room. He discovered they were mostly
young teachers whom he had good rapport with
because most of them are his friends on some
social network media. With this he walked into the
staff room with confidence.
Mr Ige reported him to the teachers present and
seeked their opinion on how to punish him since the
use of cane is prohibited on the SS3 students.
The teachers turned the question to a jovial matter
as they all laughed it of and they offered Segun a
seat as they began discussing about sports, politics
(the minister who bought a car worth about 225m
naira for security reasons. As if na inside car she go
He was released to go back to his class as he ran
back. He got back to the class and found his
classmate dancing to a popular song sang by a
musician who was 19yrs for three years. The
principal showed face from nowhere and was
watching the dancers. Segun and his classmate
settled down and were laughing at the dancers
The principal cleared his throat causing the three
dancers to run back to their seats. He entered the
class and seized the phone with which they were
playing the music from.
“This is the time you need to face your studies
squarely. The fact that you have written gce doesn’t
mean you are through with your education.” he
The students all mumured some incoherent words.
“You keep on listening to worldly songs that are of
the devil. Tell me what is the meaning of ‘skelewu’?”
he complained.
“Mr principal is so on point. So you know what is in
town.” Segun said loud enough for the man to hear.
“Who said that? Before i punish everyone of you.”
the man asked.
“Mr man shaaaat up there and go back to ya office.”
Danjuma a hausa boy in the class said.
The whole class bursted into laughter as the
principal looked on foolishly. He walked out of the
class and went to his office.

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Five men walked into ss3c class. They were dressed
in military uniform, they were the student
disciplinary squad(SDS). They marched the students
to the football field and ordered them to do frog
jump from a goal post to another.
Segun stood his ground while other began the frog
jump as if their life depended on it.
“Hey! Do what you are asked to do.” the youngest
among the five men yelled at Segun.
“Am not doing any unecessary stamina training.”
Segun replied and the students who were frog
jumping bursted into laughter.
The man closed the gap between them and held
Segun by his shirt as he marched him to their
“Boy, i heard you decided not to do what you were
commanded to do.” the man said.
“Yes.” Segun replied.
“But why?” the man asked.
“I know my rights and and you can’t just come and
deprive me of my rights.” he defended.
“And what are your rights?” the man asked.
“As stipulated in the constitution of this country. It is
wrong to subject a citizen of a country to arbitrary
torture.” he explained.
By this time the other students had stopped frog
“I need to teach this boy some manners. He needs
to visit the barrack.” the man said as he headed for
the principal’s office.

“Jude please let the boy go.” the principal begged
the military man.
“You mean he will go unpunished?” Jude asked.
“I have a reason for that.” the principal explained.
“Your wish is my command.” Jude replied.
“Thank you.” the principal thanked him.
Jude walked out of the office leaving Segun behind.
“Akinola what’s your problem?” the principal asked.
He kept mute with his head bent down.
“You have grown wings abi? Despite the likeness i
have for you.” the principal lamented.
“No sir.” Segun defended.
The bell was jingled which signified break time.
“Sir, can i go? It is break time.” Segun asked.
“Are you serious at all? You are under punishment
and you are telling me it is break time.” the principal
said banging his fist on the desk before him.
“Am sorry sir.” he replied.
“Tell your father to see me tomorrow morning.” the
principal said as he dismissed him with a wave of
Segun walked out of the principal’s office, got
outside, adjusted his uniform and walked back to his
“Shegzy. Aren’t you playing football today?” Wilson
“Am not jare.” he replied.
He sat down and brought out his government
textbook. He read through the topics he had missed
while he was away writing exam.
Mary entered the class and walked towards Segun’s
“Bro how far?” she asked.
“I dey o.” he replied.
“What happened between you and officer Jude?” she
asked with concern.
“Nothing much. Just a little burst up.” he replied non
“Bro, i think you should try and work on your
temper.” she advised.
“Are you here to preach?” he asked already loosing
his temper.
“Am sorry o.” she apologised.
“Mary i want to see you.” Mike called through the
Mary made to leave to join her boyfriend but Segun
held her roughly on her hands.
“Don’t dare leave my presence while am still talking
to you.” Segun said angrily.
“Man leave the girl alone, she is through with you.”
Mike said entering the class.
“She is my sister and i have every right to tell he
what to do.” Segun said advancing towards an
oncoming Mike.
Oblivious of the fact that members of Segun’s class
had turned them to a movie. Mary quickly got in
between the and stopped them from hitting
Mike tried leaving the class with Mary but she
angrily left through the other exit which led to the
school playing ground.
Segun angrily sat down and closed his textbook. He
removed a small hand towel from his bag and wiped
his face with it. He stood up checked his wallet, he
headed for the school’s snacks shop.
“If i should meet this mad boy on my way, one of us
must visit the hospital.” Segun said to himself as he
headed for the snacks shop.
Segun went to the snacks shop to buy something to
quench his hunger.
“Good morning sister Joy.” he greeted the attendant
in the mart.
“Good morning my brother, how you dey ?.” she
“I dey o.” he replied.
He bought two packs of cupcakes and a vanilla
flavoured yoghourt. He started a conversation with
Joy as he munched his food.
“Senior…senior Segun…..” a junior student greeted
kneeling down.
“How are you?” Segun asked.
“Am fine sir.” the girl replied.
Segun finished what he was eating and left for his
class. He got out of the mart and met Mike. Mike
blocked the way.
“Hey, leave the way let me pass.” Segun warned.
“What if i don’t leave the way?” Mike dared him.
Segun moved close to Mike and held him by his
collar causing him to whince in pain.
“Segun, what’s going on there?” Peace(an asthmatic
patient) a girl in SS3A(the science class)asked
walking close to them.
Segun left his collar and walked angrily back to his
class to avoid listening to unecessary preachings
from her. As he got to the door of his class, a junior
student ran to him.
“Senior please, i misplaced my snacksmoney and i
am hungry.” the girl said.
Segun looked at her for some seconds.
“Go and meet sister Joy. Pick what you want in my
name.” Segun told her.
“Thank you sir.” the girl said as she ran towards the
direction of the snacks shop.
Segun got into the class and was suprised to see the
whole class facing the direction where Wilson the
class monitor was seated.
“Segun come here and lets talk as brothers.” Wilson
spoke to him.
Segun walked to him and the whole class began
talking at the same time advising him to change and
reduce his temper. He was infuriated by this and
angrily yelled at them.
“You all must be crazy. Are you sent to school to
advise me?” he asked as every member of the class
started dispersing one by one back to their seats.
Segun sat down and laid his head on his locker
waiting for the next teacher.
“Hypocrites.” he said and hissed loudly for them to


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