Teenage Love- Episode 14


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Mary looked at her mother and then Segun before
she cleared her throat.
“Mum, i missed my steps while i was descending the
stairs.” she explained.
“Is anybody pursueing you?” she asked looking at
“No mum, it was the tile that caused it.” she lied.
“What have you taken?” her mother asked.
“Bro Segun has given me some pain relievers.” she
“Take your time and rest.” her mother said standing
up as she left for her room.
“Thanks mum.” Mary appreciated.
“And you, see me in my room now.” their mother
said referring to Segun.
Segun nodded his head as he sat down on the
available chair by the bedside with an apologetic
“Mary, am sorry for what i did.” he said.
She looked at him as tears welled up in her eyes.
“I don’t want you to have anything to do with Mike.
He is a player who will always toil with your
emotions.” Segun explained.
“But i love him.” Mary said sadly.
“I know but he doesn’t love you. Imagine him
running away when you fainted in the afternoon.”
Segun explained.
“He was afraid.” Mary defended.
“Just be careful.” Segun adviced.
Mary nodded her head in affirmation.
“Let me go and see mummy.” Segun said as he
walked out of the room.
“Segun, why didn’t you come to shop when i asked
you to come?” she asked.
“I was attending to Mary that was why.” he
“Is that so?” she asked.
“Yes mum.” he replied.
“I called you so that you can meet Jummy’s father.”
she informed.
“thank God i didn’t come.” he thought within
“We have finalised things as it ought to be.” She
“What things?” he asked ignorantly.
“Her father will be going back to Japan in two days
time, so Jummy will have to live with us now. And
this will futher strengthen the relationship between
you two.” she explained.
“She can’t stay with us. What about her schooling?”
he asked.
“I’ll enrol her in your school.” she informed.
“Our school doesn’t admitt final year students.” he
“I’ll meet Mr Hastrup tomorrow and hopefully he’ll
admit her.” she said.
Segun looked at his mother angrily who in turn
smiled at him.
“You can go.” she dismissed him.
He got out of his mother’s room and brought out his
“I need to establish something with this girl.” he said
as he dialled Nike’s number.
She picked the call after the fourth ring.
“Hello.” he said.
“Hi.” she replied.
“How are you?” he asked.
“Am fine.” she replied.
“Nike, i have something i want to tell you. It has
been bothering my mind since but i have to say it
out now.” he said.
“Say it.” she replied.
He brainwashed her for the next five minutes with
his romantic words which left Nike speechless.
He concluded his talks with.
“Nike, will you be my lover? Yes or no?” he asked.
She cleared her throat and replied.
“Segun let me think about it.”
“When should i expect a reply?” he asked.
“Before this week runs out.” she replied.
“Goodnight sweet.” he said.
“Goodnight.” she replied.
Segun walked out of his room and headed towards
Mary’s room to check on her.
After checking on Mary he retired back to his room
to sleep.
“Segun! What is this?” his mother called from the
sitting room.
He immediately ran to the sitting room where he
saw his parents standing.
“Daddy, you are back? Welcome sir.” he greeted.
His father ignored and looked at him with an “i will
kill you look.” which futher scared him.
“What is this?” his mother asked pointing to the
drops of blood on the tile.
“The blood abi?” he asked foolishly.
“And who drank this?” she asked pointing to the
bottle on the stool.
“Talk now or never.” his father yelled.
Mary walked into the sitting room holding the walls
for support.
“The blood is from me.” she said.
“How?” her mother asked.
“I’m seeing my period.” she lied.
Their parents bought the lies foolishly as they
dismissed them after Segun had been ordered to
clean the blood. They both left the sitting room and
Segun followed Mary back to her room.
“Mary, thanks for saving me for the second time
today.” he said.
Mary was in pains as she couldn’t reply.
Just then her phone ranged. It was Mike. She looked
at an angry Segun who pretended not to be angry.
“Hello, is this when you are supposed to call me. As
if you are not the cause of all these. And i was trying
to stop him from hitting you, that was how i got
injured. Now look at the time you are calling me.”
Mary lamented.
Segun couldn’t hear what Mike was saying in the
background. He just heard Mary reply.
“How dare you call my brother an animal?” she
asked angrily.
Segun folded his fists like he wants to punch Mary.
“Mike, so this is life? This is how you want to repay
me, despite how much i have done for you.
Remember i love you with my heart and body.” she
lamented angrily.
Segun was confused as to what she was saying.
She quickly got herself back as she ended the call
and removed her battery.
Segun looked at her with an askance look.
“He has broken up with me.” she cried.
Segun told her to lower her voice which she did to
his relief.
“Thank God you have not invested much in the
relationship.” Segun said happily but faked sadness.
“How i wish i haven’t invested heavily.” she said.
“What do you mean?” Segun asked agitatedly

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“I had s*x with him.” she said with a teary voice.
“Mary, why? I’m highly disappointed in you. Why
would you allow such guy to take advantage of you?”
he asked in anger.
“Please, its not my fault. I thought that was the best
way to seal our love.” she explained.
Segun moved close to her and held her shoulder.
“Mary, did he use protection?” Segun asked.
“No.” she responded.
“Segun are you there with Mary?” their father asked.
“Yes sir.” Segun replied as he quickly composed
himself and cleaned the tears in Mary’s eyes.
Their father opened the door to the room, checked
on Mary, prayed for her and left but not after telling
her, she would be visiting the hospital the following
Mary knelt down before Segun immediately their
father left.
“Please lets keep this a secret.” she said pleadingly.
Segun sighed and looked at her sympathetically.
“Mary, i don’t want to see you with Mike again. But
he will be punished for this.” Segun said angrily.
“Bro please, if you attack him people will know
about us.” she explained.
“Okay.” Segun said and left for his room.
He got into his room filled with rage and laid on his
bed before he drifted into a fitful sleep.
Segun was standing before the principal.
“What is wrong with your sister? I learnt she is not
in school today.” the principal asked.
“She’s not feeling fine.” he replied.
“But i think i told you to come with your father this
morning. Where is he now?” the man asked.
“He took Mary to the hospital.” he replied.
Just then there was a knock on the door to the
principal’s office.
“Yes come in.” Mr Hastrup said.
Mrs Akinola(Segun’s mum) entered with Jummy
following closely behind her. Jummy was dressed in
a black knee-length skirt and a purple top over a
multicoloured flip flop(slippers).
Mr Hastrup dismissed Segun immediately he
discovered that Mrs Akinola was there for business.
Segun got outside and thought to himself.
“Why on earth will this girl be brought to this place?
Imagine how she was winking at me in there. She’s
gonna be a stalker for sure.” he said and left for his
He got into the class and saw some mathematics
questions on the board. He settled down and solved
them all to the amazement of all other students who
were present when the teacher was teaching them
the topic. They(his classmates) all agreed he is truely
a genius even though they were mad at him because
of the way he insulted them the previous day when
they tried to preach to him.
“Good morning sir.” they all rose up to greet Mr
Adio(the vice principal academics)who was
accopanied by Jummy.
“How are you all?” he asked.
“We are fine sir.” they chorused.
The students started murmuring some inaudible
words. The guys were busy admiring her beauty,
while the girls were accessing her base on what she
“Hello class, this is Olagunju Olajumoke. A new
student of this school.” Mr Adio said calling the
attention of everybody.
“Good morning.” the whole class greeted her
excluding Segun.
“Good morning.” she replied shyly.
Mr Adio left her in the class to get acquinted with
her new classmates.
She left where she was standing and walked to
where Segun was seated.
“Hi.” she greeted him.
“Hello.” he replied without raising up his head.
“The serious student.” she said mockingly.
“Oh! You are welcome to our school.” Segun said
standing up to shake her hands like they were
meeting for the first time.
She took the handshake but not after hitting him
playfully. She left Segun’s seat and went on to
introduce herself better to other members of the
“Olagunju. The principal wants to see you.” the
secretary said referring to Jummy.
Jummy followed the secretary and off they went to
the principal office.
“Segun, this girl makes sense o.” Wilson said.
“I heard about it.” Segun replied sacarstically.
“Can i have her number?” Wilson stressed further.
“You don’t know any other thing than to toast girls.”
Bolanle(a girl sitting in the front said).
“Is it because he didn’t toast you, now you are
jealous.” Segun chipped in and everybody bursted
into laughter.
“Segun, i don’t like it o.” she said angrily.
“Don’t mind me jare.” Segun apologised mockingly.
Jummy came back into the class and went straight to
Segun’s seat. They began gisting like new friends.
Segun called all the members of the school football
team and addressed them on behalf of the games
master. He reminded them of the need to put more
seriousness in practice, so that they can triumph
over their opponent.
Segun left the school compound and joined Jummy
outside as they both walked home.
“I never knew we could come back together this
soon.” Jummy said happily.
Segun was shocked.
“What did you say?” he asked

“I never knew we could be back together this soon.”
Jummy said.
“What did you say?” Segun asked.
“I said i never believed we could get back this soon.”
she said.
“Get back together where?” he asked.
“Never mind.” she replied.
They continued walking until they got to the bus/
stop where they boarded a bus home.
They arrived home fifteen minutes later. They
entered the sitting room and saw a small basket
filled with drugs.
“I think Mary is at home.” Segun said.
“Lets check on her.” Jummy replied.
They both walked towards Mary’s room. They
knocked on the door and were told to enter.
“Mary, how you feeling now?” Segun asked.
“Much better. Welcome.” she greeted her brother.
“Have you eaten?” Jummy asked.
“Yes.” Mary replied.
“Do you mind if i get you an energy drink?” Jummy
“I don’t mind.” Mary replied.
“Segun where do i get the drink?” she asked facing
“You first turning by the left in the dining area is the
kitchen. So you check inside the fridge you will see
there.” Segun explained in the best of his abilities.
“Okay.” Jummy said and went outside.
“I’ll come back and check on you.” Segun said and
He got into his room, changed from his school
uniform to his house wears. He sat down on his
reading table and began reading his biology
textbook without bothering to take his lunch.
An hour into his reading, his phone ranged and
checking the caller, it was Nike.
“Hello.” he said smilling happily.
“hello. How are you.” she replied.
“Am not fine o.” he replied.
“Why?” she asked with audible concern in her voice.
“You are yet to give me a reply based on what i told
you the last time we spoke on phone.” he said.
“Oh that?” She asked rhetorically.
“Yeah and i have been having headache since then.”
he replied which made her burst into laughter.
“You are not serious.” she said playfully.
“I am.” he replied.
“Really?” she asked.
“Nike, i love you what of you?” he asked.
The line went silent on the other end. Segun checked
the phone to confirm if he was still on call or she
had ended the call. He confirmed it that it was Nike
that kept quiet.
“Nike, are you there?” he asked.
There was a sniff on Nike’s end.
“Are you crying?” he asked.
“No, am not. Its just that…..” Nike said with a shaky voice.
“Segun.” his mother called from the sitting room
interrupting his converstation with Nike.
He slugglishly dropped the call but not after
promising to call Nike later. He walked out of his
room and descended the stairs into the sitting
“Welcome mum.” he greeted.
“How are you my son?” she asked.
Segun was suprised because since the issue of
girlfriends started his mother has been hard on him.
“Am fine ma.” he replied.
“How was school today?” she asked.
“It was fine ma.” he replied.
“I learnt you are getting on much better with your
wife.” she said.
“No wonder, this woman was extra nice today.” he
thought within himself.
“What will you eat because i learnt you’ve not eaten
your lunch?” she asked.
“What’s in the kitchen?” he asked.
“Rice and plantain?” she asked.
“No problem.” he replied.
Jummy who overheard the discussion between
mother and son left the dining where she was
seated and left for the kitchen. She came back with a
plate of rice and fried plantain with meat and a
bottle of chilled water.
“Segun this is your food.” she said setting them on
the table.
Mrs Akinola on seeing this smiled at Segun.
“You have gotten a wife.” his mother said silently.
Mary came out just then and witnessed the little
action put in place by Jummy.
Segun walked past her and she pinched him on the
arm. She smiled sheepishly.
Segun sat down to eat and Jummy walked back to
join Mrs Akinola in the sitting room. She sat beside
her and they began talking in low tones.
Segun could not decipher what they were discussing
but he could hear things like “i’ll give it all it takes.”,
“he must listen to me, am his mother.”
Straightaway he knew they were talking about him.
But he pretended like he didn’t hear them but he
would occasionaly clear his throat loudly which will
make them silent for some seconds.
“Women and their gossips.” he thought within
Then he remembered the promise made to Nike. He
abandoned his food and ran straight to his room.
He dialled her number.
“Hello.” he said immediately she picked the call.
“Hello.” she replied tiredly.
“Are you asleep already?” he asked.
“Yes.” she replied.
“Oh am sorry.” he apologised.
“No problem.” she replied.
“Nike, how about my question?” he asked.
“Which question is that?” she asked feigning
“Nike, don’t pretend now. I said i love you, please
give me a chance.” he said.
He was met by a ten seconds silence.
“Segun i understand how you feel but please give
me time to think about it.” she pleaded.


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