Teenage Love- Episode 18


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“Nike i appreciate you for honouring my invitation. I
pray you will also be honoured in all your
endeavours.” Mrs Akinola prayed.
“Amen.” Nike replied feeling nervous.
“I called you so that we can iron things out between
you and Segun and know where we are headed to.”
Mrs Akinola explained and waited to see if she got
what she was saying by her reaction.
Nike looked at the faces in the room. They were not
smilling. She looked at Segun who gave her an
assuring smile which made her feel relaxed a little
“You see i don’t like when people influence my son
negatively. I noticed that since Segun met you or
rather since the time when your examination
started. He has been behaving strange and has
become extremely rude and proud. Mrs Akinola
Nike looked at her with a scared face.
“Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say you influenced
him. I was just using the exam as a case study.
Shebi you met him during the examination?” Mrs
Akinola asked.
“Y…….y……yes ma.” Nike stammered in fright.
“You see this girl here. You know her right?” Mrs
Akinola asked pointing to Jummy.
“Yes i know her.” Nike replied a little bit composed.
“She is Segun’s girlfriend. So if you call Segun your
boyfriend i guess you are just kidding yourself.
Segun personally told me he is just playing you.”
Mrs Akinola said.
Every other person in the sitting room was shocked
to the marrow as to what Mrs Akinola just said.
Nike looked at Segun for a clue but instead of giving
her a facial expression he looked down in shame
like actually did what he was accused of.
Nike looked at Jummy who smiled her as a sign of
victory. Tears flowed freely from her eyes.
“You don’t need to cry over a spilt milk.” Mrs Akinola
Nike stood up and made for the door.
“Bye ma.” Nike said and walked out without waiting
for a reply.
Segun quickly ran after her.
“Nike.” he called.
She ignored him and continued walking towards the
He ran after her and held her hand immediately he
caught up with her.
“Nike don’t do this to me.” Segun pleaded.
“Do what to you? You’ve spelt it out for me. Jummy
is the choosen one for you. Your family has
consented to it so my presence in your life will
eventually turn to be a waste.” She lamented.
“Nike. Its all a lie.” Segun defended.
“Why don’t you oppose your mum when she was
talking but instead you looked down like you did it
which i know you did.” Nike added and walked out of
the compound.
“It doesn’t speak well if i oppose my mum openly
before you.” Segun defended.
“There are better ways through which you can do
that and will sound polite.” Nike explained.
A bikeman wandered freely on the street. Nike
flagged down the bike and mounted it and off she
went home.
Segun walked back home dejected.
“It is now i show this people my true character.” he
said and slammed the gate angrily as if the gate was
part of those who offended him.
He got to the sitting room and could hear voices of
his parents which seems like they were arguing.
“You disappointed me by saying all these to that
innocent girl.” Mr Akinola said.
“Why is she forcing herself on my son?” Mrs Akinola
“Who is your son? I think these children are to
young to be exposed to things like this.” Mr Akinola
buttressed his point.
“Let them know themselves better now so that they
won’t have problem in the future.” Mrs Akinola said.
“Which future? Don’t tell me you are planning on
getting them married in future?” he asked.
“I made a promise to her mother.” Mrs Akinola
“Don’t you know they could take the silly
engagement of yours and start having s*x with the
belief that they are couples.” Mr Akinola said and
walked away to his room.

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“Hello.” a voice said from the other end.
“Am i speaking with Mercy?” Segun asked.
“Yes and who is this?” Mercy replied.
“This is Segun. Nike’s boyfriend.” he informed.
“Oh! Longest time.” she said.
“Yeah.” he replied.
They asked about how they were fairing. Before
Segun stated the reason behind the call.
“I want you to ask Nike if she is at home.” Segun
“Why not call her yourself?” Mercy asked.
“We are actually in a small misunderstanding. So
she wouldn’t pick my calls.” Segun explained.
“What went wrong between you two?” Mercy asked.
“Nothing much. I’ll explain everything to you later.
But first make that call please.” Segun pleaded.
“Okay. I’ll call you back.” she said.
“And don’t tell her i asked you to make this call.”
Segun warned.
“Okay.” she replied and ended the call.
A few minutes later Segun’s phone ranged and he
knew at once that it was Mercy.
“Hello. She is home.” Marcy informed.
“Okay thanks.” Segun said.
He stood up from his bed and changed his cloth into
something light. He left the house headed to Agodi
GRA without informing anyone of his movement.
He got into the GRA and walked towards Nike’s
house. He knocked on the door and the gateman
greeted him warmly being a regular visitor.
“Oga you are welcome.” the gateman said.
“Weldone baba.” Segun replied and headed for the
main building.
He knocked on the door a few seconds later.
“Am coming o.” Nike said from within.
Segun waited patiently for the door to be opened.
“Segun what are you doing here?!” she asked
smiling suprisingly. A smile which after a few
seconds changed to a frown.
“Can i come in?” Segun asked.
“Why not.” she replied as stepped aside for him to
He got into the sitting room and got the shocker of
his life.
Seated on a sofa was someone he didn’t expect to
Segun walked into the sitting room and met
Emmanuel seated on the sofa.
Emmanuel stood up with the aim of greeting him.
Segun looked at his hand and weighed his option.
He shook hands with him.
“I’ll come back and check on you.” Emma said as he
walked towards the door.
“Okay. Thank you.” Nike replied following so as to
see him off.
“No stay with your visitor.” Emma said.
“Okay.” Nike replied.
“My guy see you later.” Emma said referring to
“Alright bros.” Segun replied.
Emma walked out of the house.
“What can i offer you?” she asked.
“Am ok.” he replied.
“In this hot weather? At least you need something
cold.” she said and walked to the kitchen.
She returned a few minutes later with a bottle of
chilled lacasera.
“I never believed you guys could clear the eye.” she
said referring to the feud between Emma and Segun.
Segun kept quiet as he didn’t know how to reply her.
There was silence in the room for some minutes.
“Nike.” he called breaking the silence.
“unhm?” she murmured.
“I came here to apologise because of what my mum
did to you.” he said.
“Your mum didn’t offend me.” she replied.
“Okay but what about us?” he asked.
“Us?” she replied with a question.
“I mean our relationship.” he replied.
“Segun. You see i’ve moved on long ago. Your mum
said i am a negative influence on you, and i don’t
want situation whereby people will look at me with
one bad eye like i am a bad girl.” she explained.
“Don’t mind her. She said that out of annoyance on
that day.” he defended weakly.
“Annoyance? She chosed her words carefully. so i
knew she was prepared for me.” she replied.
“So are you telling me that…..?” he said as his voice
trailed off.
“Yes.” she replied.
Segun stood up.
“Bye.” he uttered then walked to the door.
“Segun.” she called. He looked back to hear her out.
“We can still be friends.” she added.
He nodded his head and opened the door. Off he
went home.
He got home and could hear voices, one which
seems like Jummy’s voice and the other masculine
baritone voice which he couldn’t comprehend.
“Who could that be?” he thought as he headed to the


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