The Bruises – Episode 11

[Episode 11]

After robbing the most popular store at Ibadan that night, it felt like I was destined to be a robber.

Trust me, Ajanaku and Fresh didn’t need to train me because my determination alone was more than all the skills they had

“Guy! You don thief before? You be pro o!”Fresh said to me.

I smiled at his remarks

“You be mumu, you no know say suffering they teach person some kind things? You sef no go know say “it’s in you” like peak”, Ajanaku said.

“Hahahahaha” we all laughed to his reply.

The drive back to school was so smooth in fact, police men was out of sight. I wouldn’t have doubted if someone had said we had charms on us because it was too smooth to be true. We robbed the store smoothly with the help of the extra keys the guys had.

They went into the store like they owned it. They were so patient while stealing the money that was left in the little bag beside the safe. They were suppose to take the money to the bank first thing in the morning.

I guess we were their bank for the day. We got this information due to the help of the store manager.

While in the car, I thought of how convenient the job was. I thought of how much money I could make. “If I get more than enough money for five robbery, I’d stop right there”, I thought to myself.

“This is not something I want to do for life. I’ll stop once I get enough to cater for me and my sisters. That “enough” should do till I get a good paying job”, I thought.

We got to school and went straight to FRESH’s apartment. The store manager was already there waiting for us. We began to divide the money. We were able to steal 1.5 million that night.

I didn’t want much, in fact one hundred thousand would have been enough for me and my sisters. As if reading my thoughts, Ajanaku hit me with stack of money.

I looked up at him and a satisfied smile was plastered on my face. I didn’t bother counting it because I knew it was above the one hundred thousand I wanted.

“Thank you”, I said to them

“Why’re you tanking us? You earned it na” Fesh said.

“Yes bro! You worked for it” Ajanaku said foo.

I smiled at them

“Club go sweet tomorrow”, Fresh said with a big grin on his face.

“You don start. You know the reason why we’ve not been caught is because we chose a low profile, the moment we start to act as rich as we are, our doom will be near.

Rashad has already warned us, let’s heed to the warning that has saved us for four years now” , Ajanaku said to fresh.

“Na you sabi guy” , FRESH said smiling at his own share of money.

I was about heading to one of the rooms when Ajanaku called out to me ….

“Olakunle, you can’t let anyone know about this because if you go down, we all go down. Low profile is the code.

They think of us as cultist in this school, let that thought remain that way, they shouldn’t know we’re what we are. Do you understand bro?” He asked affirmatively.

“Roger that!” I said to him playfully while I went inside.

Life continued that way for me. Life became sweet and my sisters didn’t need to complain about money or anything. So I did more than five robbery in opposition to my promise that I’d only do five.

I don’t know why, but it felt good. It felt like I was doing something right. Because we don’t just rob just anyone. We rob people as a way of punishing them. Those rich people that their complaints were brought to us.

“Hmmm! it’s true what they say that money is never enough”, Idera said to me with her teary eye.

“How come you were never caught?” She asked.

“I said it earlier, we lived a low life. We don’t go to places where cameras are fixed. We don’t go to banks. We don’t rob politicians in their house, we do it when they’ll be with their girlfriends.

We don’t just go to houses to carry out operations except the need arises and when we do that, we’re always masked”, I said.

“But there was this day that we almost got caught because I allowed my emotions got in the way” , I said looking flustered.

“Why are you angry?” Idera asked.

“Because thinking of it gets me angry. If I had a gun right now, I’d shoot that person over and over again” , I said in anger.

“Slow down now, we’re here for a change not for killing”, she said to me calmly.

“What happened on that day?” she asked.

“Hmmm!” I sighed.

I was on my way home when fresh called that we had an Operation to carry out that night which means I had to stay back.

I rushed back to his apartment so that we could plan our day ahead. He told us that the information was given to us by the man’s son.

He wanted them to murder his step mum and rob his dad because she has made life unbearable for them and his daddy watched that happened. Hearing that, I felt sorry for the guy and I was thankful my daddy didn’t think of giving us a step mother after Mummy vanished.

Soon, it was time for the operation and we headed to golden estate at one of the serene areas in Abeokuta. We got there and had to wait for the right time to strike.

We didn’t want to risk lodging in a hotel, we just went to a lounge to chill till it was time.

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We moved at about 11pm and we got to the estate at 11:45pm. We were stopped at the gate but that was taken care of because we called the person that sent us here and he said we were his family and he claimed we were late because we were coming from the Lagos airport because one of us just got back from the state.

They bought the lies and allowed us in. Oh! I forgot to add that he also told them when we’d be leaving, he claimed we’d be going outside to celebrate a welcome party and that was our escape. Going into the house was no issue at all because we had an insider helping us

We got in and guess who was the woman of the house? Guess who was about to be killed?

“Who?” Idera asked anxiously

“It was my mother Idera, my mother”, I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Wow! How did you feel when you saw her ?”

“Is that even a question? I wanted to avenge my father and my siblings

I wanted her to feel what we went through when she left. I wanted her to feel every pain we felt. Imagine how horrible you’d feel knowing someone brought the complain of your mother to you that she did the same thing she did to you to them” I said angrily.

She couldn’t see me because we were all masked. At that moment, the money we wanted to steal wasn’t my priority, killing my mother was. She has hurt us so much that calling her mother felt Wrong to me.

I looked at her laying on the ground pleading that we spare her life and that of her husband. Ajanaku and fresh had already gone to the rooms to handle the money, I stood there confused and angry.

I remembered everything clearly and I wanted to scream and unmask myself so she could see who I was, I was crying under the mask

My little memory lane was soon cut short when fresh and Ajanaku walked in.

Ajanaku whispered, “it’s time to shoot, should I do it? Or would you do it?” He asked.

I knew if Ajanaku had done it, my mother would be a dead meat. I knew her end would come. Although, we don’t kill we just rob but this time, special money was paid for my mother to be killed, can you imagine that? That means for them to pay for her death, it means she must have been a horrible person.

“I’ll do it,” I said to Ajanaku as I aimed my gun at my mum

“Please don’t shoot me,” she said to me in tears.

I could see her eyes filled with fear as I remembered all we went through and I pulled the trigger but I changed my focus and aimed at her husband instead and the gun met him instantly.

“What did you just do, fresh and Ajanaku asked as they immediately shoved me aside. But it was too late as I kept on shooting the man, saying this one is for Daddy, this is for Akanni, this is for Shindara and Kiitan and this is mine, I said all that in my mind.

“Guy wettin be all these now,” fresh and Ajanaku shouted as we rushed out of the house. I immediately removed my mask and I was crying like a baby.

I could hear my mother shouting “won ti pa mi loko o” (they’ve killed my husband) as we head to the car. The guys were so mad at me but I didn’t care. I knew we were in trouble but I couldn’t have watched them killed my mum even though she has done the unspeakable to us.

It was easy for us to leave the estate

“It looks like they’re thieves in the estate”, Fresh said to one the guards there.

“we heard gunshot while we were coming. It will be better you all check it or call the police, he added.

“A wa naa wo be” (we thought as much) the old man said as he immediately opened the gate for us to leave so that we won’t be in danger

Even though we escaped at the estate, I’m not sure how we’d escape the wrath of the person that brought the business to us.

The drive to school was quiet and there was tension in the air

“Guy! You fuck up. What was that for?” Ajanaku asked me.

“Guys, that was my mum,“ I said in tears.

“Your mum?” They ask in unison with shock written all over them.

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