The Bruises – Episode 12

[Episode 12]

We all went to bed that night as if nothing happened. I couldn’t sleep as I kept on thinking of the event that occurred some hours ago.

I wasn’t really bothered about the consequence of my action. I was worried about the boys though. But I was relieved somehow.

It felt like I lifted a burden off my family’s shoulder. I didn’t know if it was right that I killed my step father (that’s if it’s safe to call him my step father) or if I should have killed my mother instead.

These thoughts and many more were the thoughts crossing my mind as I slept off. Soon, it was morning again and my instinct woke me up. I was about stepping out of the room when I heard a knock on the door

“I’m awake” I said loud and clear.

“Okay! We need to talk,” Ajanaku said.

I stepped out of the room and I met them both standing by the door. I was so scared as I saw guns in their hands

“I know I’ve put you both in so much trouble. If death is the punishment for my crime then you’re free to kill me. But please when you’re done, don’t tell my sisters what really happened.

Tell them I died while being their hero,“ I said as the acts that took place last night couldn’t stop playing in my head.

Ajanaku moved closer to me with gun in his hands

“Let me say my last prayer,” I said in fear while I closed my eyes waiting for gun to blow my brains off.

I stood still waiting for the next action but I didn’t hear anything. I wasn’t sure if I was to open my eyes or not as my heart was racing fast.

I summoned courage and I opened my eyes but Ajanaku wasn’t in front of me. I was startled and confuse all at the same time.

“Sit!” I heard fresh said behind me in a commanding tone.

I turned to face where the voice came from and I saw Ajanaku and fresh already seated on the couch. I looked at them, unsure of if I could still trust them or not

“Baba sit down! No dey do like bolo,“ Ajanaku said.

I sat down reluctantly and I was about to talk when fresh cut me off

“Look, no one is here to kill you. As you see us so, we believe in brotherhood and you are our brother. Win or lose, we gather dey.

Na true say you fuck up yesterday but no matter how things be, make we no forget say mothers will always be mothers no matter how bad they are. Na him be the example of wettin you portray yesterday and baba I respect your action” Fresh said.

I wasn’t sure of the feelings he had when he said that. If it was coming from a place that will pull the trigger on me anytime soon but I was surprised at their reaction and all I wanted was to pull them into a hug and scream “brothers forever”.

I know I’m not expected to be this soft but remember I didn’t wish to be like this, life taught me but that won’t change the fact that I’m a compassionate person.

A wide grin spread across my face as I realized I’ve found myself family for life.

“Brothers, I’m sorry for what happened last night. My mother……… “

“e don do guy. We no need your explanation because for you to do wettin you do, na him be say mumsy fuck up from heaven to earth.

She lucky say you be good guy, if na me Ajanaku wey get that opportunity, my guy I go pull the trigger,” he said hitting his chest.

His statement caught me unaware as I looked at him with my mouth ajar.

“Brother close your mouth he said playfully. What’s her use if she’s already as good as dead. God no go vex say I complete him job for am,” he said with a little bit of anger expressed on his face.

I smiled at him as I looked away pondering on what he said

“So, what’s the way forward now?” Fresh asked.

“What excuse do we give Jackson for our cause of action” he added.

Then my heart started to beat again.

“Look no worry, I don dey reason am sef.. but I pray make the idea wey we go give am go work”. He was about telling us about the idea when FRESH’s phone began to ring

“Jackson!” he said as he looked up to I and Ajanaku.

“Pick the call,” Ajanaku said.

He picked the call and placed it on speaker

“You’re lucky my daddy survived, “ Jackson said angrily over the phone.

“You guys have some answering to do but in the meantime, send my share to me” he said as he hanged up.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I heard that his daddy survived which means I wasn’t a murderer after all.

The guys filled the air with their laughter. They were about talking about the next operation when I told them I couldn’t join them. I told them I wanted to go home. They agreed due to the fact that I had a bad time last night. I went home while they went for the operation.

On getting home, I met my sisters looking as happy as ever. I thought of the incident that just occurred and I didn’t want to ruin their mood by telling them that their mum was about to be killed by their brother. Imagine how betrayed they’d feel when they get to know what I’m doing.

I doubt they’d understand that I’m doing it for them. I watched them as they talked about school and how Kiitan would be if she gained admission. I watched them in amusement and I was glad I had them in my life

The rest of the semester went by so fast. Ajanaku and fresh graduated and I became the leader of the blood gang in school.

We had other guys that joined us from different levels in school. Ajanaku and fresh still join us when we’re having higher operations.

I was already in my final year and in my last semester too when Jide joined us. He was connected to the gang through Ajanaku. Jide was another victim of a broken home.

His father cheated on his mum even though she was the breadwinner of the family.

When his father gathered little money from his Mum, he got married to another woman, using Jide’s Mum’s money. He rendered her useless and now the woman is a shadow of herself.

I’d say blood gang is made up of children that family taught them the opposite of love and are willing to make the best of life.

Even after I graduated, I still continued with the gang. Most times, Jide gives us information on who and where to rob because he came from a good background and he knows all the wealthy people who has hurt their family somehow.

So we punish them by robbing them. That has been our routine.

I was still recovering from the nightmare I had when I received a call from Jide

“Hello”, I said in a shaky voice

“Ola-k, I don dey try your number since, wettin happen?” He asked.

He didn’t wait to get a reply from me before he continued with his words. “Anyhow, I be wan tell you say fresh and Ajanaku don die”, He said sternly.

Hot breeze came upon on me and it felt like I was about sinking to the ground. I couldn’t understand what he said as I was in shock

“You dey hear me so? Na only me and you remain now. Na that operation wey dem go for na him cause all these ones.

Bro, I just want tell you say, I no dey do this job again. As I dey so, I don dey port go yankee. We go dey see for future. Abeg take care of yourself”.

He said in rush as he dropped the call almost immediately. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I fell on my back. Of all the people in the world it was me God decided to save.

This was because I didn’t go for the operation with them because I was suppose to be working on an information for our next operation.

“That was how God saved me from the wrath of death”, I said looking at Idera.

“And to top it all, God made me found you to share my story. You might decide to use it against me or report me to the authority. Just give me a chance to let my sisters know that I’d do anything for them, “ I said in tears.

Idera looked at me with tears in her eyes

She held my hands together and wiped my tears to.

“What do you want to do next ?” She asked.

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