The Bruises – Episode 4

[Episode 4]

Hmmmmmm! She sighed

“I would have allowed the sale of my pure water company, we have the super market, I’d be the one supervising the day to day activities there.

Who knows, things might even get better at the supermarket when I operate it. You know the saying what a man can do, a woman can do better”, she said as she poked me with a big grin on a her face.

“I’d choose to sell the pure water company because that’s the one that can easily get us the amount my husband is in debt for and I’m sure the payment for the sale would be more than the amount We’re in debt for.

I know my husband would be in a state of dilemma, I would be there for him while we both think of the next step to take in order to sustain the family” she continued.

“I’ll do that because I won’t even get married to a man I don’t believe in. So me being married to him means I believe in him and I’d be there for him through the rough time because I trust he’d come back up again”, she concluded with smile on her face.

I released a breath I didn’t even know I was holding when I said “ if Mummy had thought things through like you’re doing now, things might have been good and not turned sour after all”

“What then happened afterwards?”, she asked.

“Hmmm! Mummy didn’t sell the company”, I said, using my hands to support my jaw.

“Oh shit!” She said hitting her hands on her laps as if she was disappointed.

That day wasn’t a good day. I’ve never seen Mummy and daddy argue like that

“I’m not selling my company” Mummy raised her voice while she walked downstairs.

“You opened that company when times were good. You gave it to me with love. So now that things have turned sour, you now want to collect it? Ko jo rara” (it’s not possible) she said still raising her voice.

“Kofoworola, listen to me, I’d make sure things get better, trust me, don’t you believe in me?” Daddy asked in his usual low tone.

“Se believe ni mo ma je? Is it believe that is going to put food on the table? Wait! Do you think that tiny supermarket of yours will cater for our needs? Kin to jeun (before I eat), kin to woso(before I wear clothes).

Look Kolawole, I have people looking up to me outside, I have people who would die to be in my position, please how do I just drop from high to low? It’s not possible o”.

“Ha! Kofo, nothing is changing, the only thing changing is that you can’t buy party clothes like you do every weekend, you don’t have to attend all those parties anyway.

You don’t have to buy those expensive jewelry all the time? Speaking of jewelry, can’t we sell the ones you already have, at least it will amount to something”, daddy said in his usual low tone.

“God forbid! Sell what? Ha! This man really wants to render me useless. Don’t you know these jewelries are the only things that can conceal our secret?

Once people get to see that I don’t look as good as I use to, they will immediately figure out that the palace is on fire. Kola, just leave those jewelries out of this. I’m not selling them”, she said with so much hesitation.

“It’s fine then, God will lead us through” daddy said.

“Better!” Mummy said.

Daddy went back upstairs while Mummy stayed back at the sitting room.

“God! This can’t be your plan for me, I’ve told you severally that I can’t put up with a broke man. God! This isn’t the life I choose. Help me oo, I don’t want this life”, She said as she walked back upstairs.

All these while, I and my sisters were in the study reading our books. It was easy for us to hear all that Mummy and daddy had to say.

Shindara broke into tears and said;

“I don’t like how Mummy and daddy argues every now and then. Things were not like this before.

Ever since daddy went broke, things hasn’t been good”, she said as she broke into tears. I pulled her in for a hug and said “don’t worry, Mummy and daddy will come around”.

I knew deep inside me that Mummy wasn’t being good to daddy at all. I knew daddy wouldn’t have treated her that way if she was in that position.

Kiitan looked at us in disgust and said “I don’t know why you’re crying like a fool. It’s obvious Mummy doesn’t like us. I hate her already”, she said as she walked out in anger.

“Poor Kiitan, she’s your immediate sister yeah?” Idera asked.

“She must have gone through a lot seeing your Mummy and daddy like that”, she added.

“Yes she is my immediate sister and she is the Mama no nonsense In our Midst”, I said smiling when I remembered how Kiitan use to be the one to fight for us all when were younger.

“And Shindara is the most caring of us all. She has always had the fragile heart since we were young” i said.

“And you? How can you describe yourself?” Idera asked me.

I looked at her with pain written all over me

“Honestly, Ideraoluwa, I don’t even know what best qualifies me. I don’t know If I should say I’m the monster or …… “tears ran down my cheeks

“It’s okay Olakunle, I’m sure there’s still a loving and caring man in you. I don’t know what has happened or what you’ve done, I know you’re a good man”, she said as he wiped my tears.

“So what happened after Mummy and daddy’s argument that day?”

Nothing happened for the rest of the day even weeks after, until one Friday evening when daddy received a call from work, reminding him about the debt and the consequence for his failure to pay.

We didn’t know what they said to him, I came down stairs and I saw daddy in tears like he was the first day the whole thing started.

He didn’t see me coming as I was coming from behind

I hugged him from behind while we wept together.

“Go back inside Olakunle mi”

“No daddy, let me be here for you as a man that you’ve taught me to be”

“See me as your better half daddy”, I said with so much determination in my voice.

“I’m tired Olakunle, I’m loosing everything just in the twinkle of an eye. If I’m not careful, I’d loose my family”, Daddy said.

“Never daddy! We’re always going to be here for you”, I said.

“Hmmmm lakunle, I appreciate your display of strength but temi ye mi” ( I know what I’m talking about), He said as he walked away.

What does daddy mean by temi ye mi

I’ve never seen daddy that vulnerable before. I guess he spoke to me because Mummy was nowhere to be found.

I was still downstairs in the dinning when daddy walked back to me and said;

“I’m going to the see the owner of the supermarket, I’d be back soon”

“Good luck daddy”, I said to him

He walked out of the room as I watched him all through until the sight of him got small and I couldn’t see him again

God! Please, let my father find breakthrough, I said silently, looking up to the sky as if I could see God

I was about going to my room when Mummy walked in, “where’s your father?” she asked angrily.

“He went out to see the owner of the building we use as the supermarket”, i answered. “What’s wrong Mummy?”, I asked in concern.

“O ti ti tan bayii” (it is finished). “Ha! Te mi ti ba mi “ (I’m doomed)

“Mummy what’s wrong?” I asked again.

“Olakunle you can’t understand” she said as she began to cry too.

“Mummy don’t cry, you can talk to me” ,I said in concern.

“Don’t worry, when your father gets inside, we’d all talk about it”, she said wiping her tears as she went upstairs to her room.

I stood there devastated. I was angry as I didn’t know what to do. That moment, I wish I was already grown. I wish I had a way of bringing daddy and Mummy out of this mess. I stared to hit the wall, and I didn’t stop until tears rolled down my eyes

I sat down on the chair thinking of what to do. I closed my eyes to say a little prayer that God help us.

“Ever since I was young, I had always believed in God. Maybe that’s why I’m still alive today” I said smiling and looking up again to see if God was there listening to me.

Daddy Walked in few minutes later looking dejected as he walked upstairs not even acknowledging me

“Daddy! How did it go at the owners place?” I asked.

He turned to look at me and he said; “go to bed”.

Arrrggghh!!! What’s all these now? Why won’t they all talk to me? Did daddy get the job or not, I don’t know. What’s wrong with Mummy, I don’t know. Can this world just come to and end

I thought as I fell on the ground.

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