The Bruises – Episode 5

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[Episode 5]

“So were you able to figure out what happened between Mummy and daddy?” Idera asked.

I tip toed upstairs just to see what was going on with Mummy and daddy, I stopped at their door to eavesdrop for a while, I wasn’t hearing anything, I was about leaving thinking they had nothing to say when I suddenly started hearing Mummy crying out loud “I am finished “

“my life is ruined” Mummy said while crying.

“Kofoworola Calm down!” Daddy said in his usual low tone.

“How would you tell me to calm down , we have lost everything we have worked for in our lives, how can they lock my pure water company on what account, they came in saying they smell rat in my company , that I have been producing pure water with rat , how could I have done that?”

Daddy said calm down in a low tone, you already know it is the enemy that is behind this , you already know it is the blessed water company that is doing this to us , don’t worry Kofoworola I will be at their office first thing tomorrow morning to make things right.

For now, calm down I need you to be stable so you can hold up this family together” daddy said to Mummy in a very low tone as if he was comforting her.

I envied daddy that how can he be going through so much and still has time to be comforting Mum even when Mummy wasn’t there for him when he needed her to be there for him.

“Ok no problem” Mummy said to him.

Daddy started to lament

“what is wrong with my family?, why is all these happening to us ? how can I lose a pure water company and the super market just by the blink of an eye”.

“You did what?” Mummy asked in a high voice

“Kofoworola, I was unable to seal the deal with the landlord. He said he’s no longer selling his property. You know the property was on lease? The lease is coming to and end soon”. He said in a very sad tone

“Ha! Kola! Why can’t you ever do anything right? Why would have to make us go through all these?

If you were not in a mess in your company then we won’t go through all these. Your calamity has befallen all of us, now we all have to act like we’re all unfortunate” Mummy said to daddy .

Why would Mummy say such harsh words to daddy? Why is Mummy acting mean all of a sudden? I asked myself. Tears was about to roll down my eyes when I heard daddy shouting on top of his voice

“Kofo! Would you keep quiet? What have I done to warrant you talking to me like this ? Nigba wo ni gbogbo Palapala yii bere ? (When did you start to act like this) he asked.

“I know how much of hard work I’ve put in just to get here.

Kofo! You didn’t just become polish all of a sudden? Or have you forgotten how I met you? I made you Kofo. You looking all polished and classy is due to my hard work. I’m not asking for anything in return other than love and support from you in this trying time” he added.

“Oh! I now irritate you all of a sudden? But when I had it all, I was the best husband.

Was this how your mother was to your father? Because I don’t remember him being one of the most richest man in this”……

Pa! I heard the sound of a slap.

I was scared Daddy was hitting Mummy. I won’t daddy to hit Mummy no matter what because he taught us that real men don’t hit women , so why is daddy going back on his words?, I asked myself.

“Kofo! You slapped me”, daddy asked almost in tears.

“Yes Kola! I’d do it over and over again if I have to. You don’t talk about my family member like that. Don’t you ever talk about my parents like that” Mummy said to


Daddy shouldn’t have gone too far I thought to myself.

I suddenly heard the door swing open as I saw Mummy standing in front of me looking like she just left a battlefield

“You? What are you doing here? How long have you been here?” Mummy asked in anger

“Ermmmm ….I stuttered

I Just got here now, is daddy in” I asked.

She looked at me in silence as she walked passed me not answering my question .

I went in to see daddy and I saw him sitting lifelessly on the bed

“Daddy! I called out

Olakunle! I told you to go to bed didn’t I?”

“Daddy for how long would you keep seeing me as a stranger? I’m no longer a kid daddy. You can confide in me daddy”

“Go to bed son”, daddy said

“No daddy! Why? Why are you doing this to yourself” I asked in concern

“What’re you talking about son? I heard all that transpired between you and Mummy”

“It’s nothing son, married people go through things like this” he said trying to force a smile.

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“Daddy if this is the definition of love and marriage then I don’t want to ever fall in love talk more of getting married”, I said to my daddy.

“No son! Don’t say that. Marriage is sweet so is love. Love is sweet, patient, caring and kind” daddy said smiling .

“It’s true daddy. In fact, some weeks ago, If someone had asked me what my definition of love is, I would have said the same thing you said, using you and Mummy as an example. But lately, it feels like the only definition of love is sour and pain”

“No, don’t say that. Your Mummy is a good person and she loves us all. She’s just angry that’s all”, Daddy said, trying to hide mummy’s act.

“Okay daddy, just know that no matter what, I’d always be here for you. Just stop seeing me as a child”. I said to him

He smiled and said “Goodnight son”

I was about opening the door when daddy called out to me

“Olakunle, some parents would advise their son saying “make sure your wife loves you more than you lover her”. If it’s a girl, they’d say make sure your husband loves you more than you love him”

“But I’m telling you tonight that when it’s time to pick your life Partner, make sure the feeling is mutual. Love can’t be one sided. One person can’t be giving and the other person will be pouring it away” daddy said sadly.

I left the room with so much thought on my mind I left that room that night feeling so sad like I have never felt before.

Why is Mummy falling out of love for daddy?, why is she treating daddy so bad? Is this how love fades away?

I went to bed that night with so much thought on my mind , will our lives be better if Mummy and daddy divorce each other or is Mum still in love with daddy and she’s just angry like daddy said? I thought to myself

Hmmm! Ideraoluwa heaved a sigh of relief. I’m surprised at all these you just said. Is this how love works? She asked

“I would have thought so too but meeting you made me realize not all women are like that” I said holding her hands.

“But Kunle was Mum cheating on daddy? She asked.

“Do you think Daddy was referring to he and mummy’s situation?” she added

“Hmmm Idera, from what I’ve said, If you were asked that same question, what would have been your probable answer?”

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