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[Episode 6]

Actually, Mummy loves daddy, maybe not as much as daddy loves her. Daddy’s love for Mummy was unconditional but mummy’s own was conditional.

Things were so rough after the whole company and supermarket brouhaha and life really dawned on us. Things were hard but daddy tried his best to make us feel comfortable.

I was on my way back from school. One fateful day when I saw daddy sitting outside all by himself in front of the compound. He looked dejected and I wondered er what he was thinking so bad.

“Good afternoon daddy,” I greeted but I got no reply.

“Good afternoon sir”, I said. This time in a very loud tone. He was immediately brought out of his thought.

“Good afternoon son”, he said coming back to life.

His response was slow and I knew something wasn’t right with him.

I sat beside him hoping he’d cheer up a little or pretend things were okay like he always does but daddy was too sad that even pretense couldn’t stand his sadness

“Daddy, what’s wrong with you?” I asked feeling concerned.

He looked at me with tears at the tip of his eye lid waiting to drop anytime soon.

He reached for a paper in his pocket and handed it over to me. I looked down at the already rumpled paper…… “what’s in the paper?” I asked with a worried look as I was not ready for another sad news.

Hot sweat covered me up in my already soaked uniform

I opened the paper and this was it…..

“Dear Kola, I’m writing this to you with pain in my heart especially with the fact that I have to leave my kids behind. I don’t know if I owe you an explanation but all that is certain is that I can’t endure this new phase that life brought to us.

I’ve never thought of going broke or being with a broke person. But I know it’s not your fault all these are happening. I’ve gone to look for greener pasture and you don’t have to wait for me. Someone Who would

Appreciate you will come your way. You’re the best man I’ve ever met and if I had my way, I’ll choose you over and over again. Take care of our kids, I’ll come back for them.

I love you all”

Tears rolled down my eyes as I squeezed the paper so tight clenching my teeth.

I felt like having super natural powers so that I can help daddy ease his pain.

I didn’t look at daddy twice as words failed me

I hurried inside only to find my siblings in the sitting room

“Brother Kunle, welcome”, Shindara greeted.

“How was school today?” Kiitan asked.

I wanted to reply her the way we use to reply each other, I wanted to talk to them about the funny thing that happened in class today because we’ve grown to always Care for each other and we had the normal routine of talking about our day.

I wanted to reply them but I couldn’t, as I held out the paper daddy gave me.

“What’s this?” kiitan asked in a curios way as she yanked the already rough sheet from me.

She immediately opened it and I could she her face deepened in Anger as she scanned through every word.

“What’s wrong now?” Shindara asked

As she Wasn’t getting a reply from any of us, she moved closer to Kiitan and read the words in the paper along with her

“Nonsense, Kiitan yelled. I’ve always liked daddy better than Mummy and I’m not sorry to say it” she said in anger

Kiitan and Mummy has not always been the best of friends as they argue so much especially when Mummy tries to correct her or say something to her, Kiitan always makes sure she’s been heard too. The assertive nature she has is the reason why she and Mummy don’t mostly get along.

“Stop saying that” Shindara said in tears.

“Stop saying what?” She asked in anger.

“They’re both our parents, remember daddy always says they both love us equally. I’m sure Mummy has reasons for her actions but why didn’t she tell us properly instead of writing a letter?”

she asked rhetorically while tears dropped down her eyes. “Oh shut up! Dara when will you ever learn ? Kiitan asked shutting Shindara a daring look.

“It’s obvious Mummy doesn’t love us. What so called reason will she have for leaving her family behind? I’ve always known she doesn’t love us” she said in assurance.

“Look Dara just because you can’t see without your glasses doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to see the realities of life” Kiitan added angrily

Soon they both began to argue while they raised their voices.

I watched as both of my sisters argued and I couldn’t do anything.

Suddenly, the sight of Akanni caught me as I saw him looking uncomfortable and coughing uncontrollably . I suddenly saw Akanni drop to the floor as he continued to cough so hard

While Kiitan and Dara kept arguing.

“Will you both keep quiet”, I yelled but they both didn’t listen.

“Look at Akanni”, I added.

They both went quiet and immediately turned towards Akanni’s direction

Little Akanni laid helplessly on the floor still coughing so hard

I was wondering how it all started and where Akanni was all these while when I suddenly remembered Akannin was sitting right on Kiitan’s Lap when I walked in and he has been coughing since then but we didn’t notice because of what we all had in mind. Kiitan must have dropped him when she was about to read the paper Mummy left.

“Daddy, Akanni is running out of air”, Dara shouted.

Daddy rushed in immediately, while he instructed that we search for his inhaler.

We looked everywhere but we couldn’t find the inhaler.

At that moment, I sort of miss Mummy because even though she’s being a bad person at the moment, that doesn’t change the fact that she has her good sides too.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I watch daddy struggle to carry Akanni to the car while I pondered on the words I heard on my way from school at the time some women were having a conversation and they said “oro Iya lara omo kin se kekere” (a mother’s role in a child’s life can’t be overlooked)

I closed my eyes praying that Akanni makes it alive.

Tears rolled down Ideraoluwa’s eyes as she held my hands saying “I’m sorry about that”

“It’s fine” I said.

So, did Akanni make it? She asked

“Was that what killed your little brother” she added.

I sighed not knowing where to start my next narration from

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