The Bruises – Episode 7

[Episode 7]

“Akanni didn’t make it Idera, I said painfully”. “I’m sorry about that”, she said sympathetically. “Do you know the painful part?” I said as tears welled up my eyes as I remembered those times.

“What?”She asked .

“Daddy had to sell his car for Akanni to survive but I guess God had his way of doing things” I added.

After the death of Akanni, things got a little heated with us, coupled with the fact that Mummy disappeared into thin air. The only thing we have to ourselves is this house

It got so hard that daddy had to resolve into driving okada (motorcycle) just to make ends meet.

I thought things were going to change after I gain admission into the university but I was wrong or maybe I was right because things really changed but it was worse for me.

I realize better now that when you’re requesting for things from God, it’s good you specify what you really want.

Meeting the blood gang would have been the end of me if God didn’t give me the second chance he gave me now

“The blood gang?” She asked as a deep furrow formed in her brows.

“Olayinka you were part of them? God! How did this happen? But I asked you when I suspected and you blatantly denied” she questioned as she broke down in tears.

“Olayinka what have you done to yourself?” She asked pulling my hands as if to see if I was lying.

“How did you meet them?” she said.

“That doesn’t matter anymore” I snapped.

“Every details Matters and I want to know now”, She snapped back.

“Fine!” I said surrendering to her request as I began to narrate my ordeal to her.

When I gained admission, I was happy but sad as I didn’t know how I was going to survive it.

Kiitan was in ss3 when I was in 100 level and Shindara was in ss 1.They were going to schools quite expensive for us at that time and I knew daddy would want to focus on them since they are girls.

On the day I was leaving for school, Daddy was only able to give me five thousand naira from which I had to spare some for my transport fare. I knew from that day on that I had to be a man.

Daddy already paid for my tutition fees and took care of other needs. So when I got to school, I had the intention of doing good so I could make daddy proud.

But how would I have done that when I didn’t even have money to feed?

So I was in class one day when one guy came to sit with me and he started to bully me saying I look wretched and I’m not suppose to be sitting where I was seated.

I didn’t even think twice as I immediately punched the guy. Anger filled me up as I yelled on top of my voice saying; “you have no right to determine where I sit in class just because I don’t meet up to your standards”, I said as I walked out of the class angrily not caring wether the guy I punched was fine or not.

Some days later, while going to the library, I was stopped on the road by some group of guys. In their midst was the guy I punched. One of them came before me and started to say;

“Who know no know person go know person today. So na you slap prince Jay? Who you be? Who be your brother?”

I just stood there looking at him like he was speaking jargons

Soon a huge guy came before me saying;

“you slapped money, don’t you know whoever does that will remain poor for life” he asked me lifting my jaw so I could look up to him.

Rage filled me as I raised up my head to look at him, as I didn’t like the fact that they kept on bringing up the issue of class (poor and rich).

“I am talking to you”, he said as he lit his cigarette, snapping me out of my thought.

“Who’s your father” he asked me.

Anger filled me up as he asked that and all it was going to take was a last strike for my fire to explode

I looked at him daringly and he said;

“Do you know the sons of whom we are? You dare hit one of us. I’m sure you father isn’t even up to my driver”, he said looking down at the cigarette in his mouth.

Rage filled me up as I raised my finger pointing at him not minding how huge he is or how much they were

“Don’t you dare talk about my father like that”

I said in absolute anger with my eyes bulging out of its socket.

I was about saying more things when Prince jay came from behind, crushing my finger.

He looked into my eyes and said; “when Bosun money Crew talks, you don’t talk” he said with so much authority.

“Leave him Jay, let the boys take care of him, don’t get your hands dirty”, Bosun money crew said.

Soon, some group of guys standing behind bosun initially, came close to me.

One immediately gave me a slap which brought me back to life. More beatings were about to come in when we all suddenly heard “Stop! Leave him alone” from a man who has a baritone voice.

The voice sounded familiar to them, as they all stopped all actions. I was still trying to smoothen my shirt which they’ve rumpled when I heard

“Rashad what is it? We’re not in your lane so why are you in ours?” Bosun asked in anger.

“Leave the poor boy alone” he insisted.

I looked up to see the owner of the voice and I was blown away. If I was gay, I’d have definitely been head over heels for him. Beautiful creature with a powerful voice.

“I’m not poor”, I said silently under my breath.

“Rashad this boy isn’t poor because he was so rich when he messed with my brother and I need to let him know no one does that to the Money Crew” Bosun said in annoyance.

“Bosun, this same boy as also messed with the Blood gang and we also want to deal with him”. As I heard this, my heart race ten times than the usual. Fear began to creep in as I began to tremble in fear.

“You know me Bosun, You know I rashad lion the leader of blood gang don’t go soft on anyone. Leave him to us, we’d take care of him”, Rashad said in a commanding tone.

Ha! My life is ruined, I thought to myself.

I’ve never even heard of this gang before and they’re here saying I messed with them

Hot sweat covered me as I was confuse on what to do. Tears rolled down my eyes as I realized life was being cruel to me.

I couldn’t run because I was surrounded by the money crew boys and the leader of blood gang. I knew the end of my life was near when Rashad came towards me looking into my eyes. My heart started to beat fast, my legs were shaking and it felt like I wanted to pee.

“Leave him to us, the rest of the gang are there waiting for me to bring him” , he said not blinking as he kept on looking into my eyes.

My heart kept on pounding, I ran out of words and I was already thinking if heaven was my home or hell was the place for me.

“I trust you on this Bro”, Bosun said while he left with his crew, with Jay giving me a fierce look.

“Ha! Yinka, what did you do to the Blood gang?” Idera asked

Find out in the next episode.

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