The Niger’s call by M.O.Akande



The Niger’s call

Arise o compatriot
The Nigers called in vain
With courage and outrage ballot
The Nigers called with pain

There are gangs in street of salem
That makes giddy juveniles solemn
There’s a king in the realm
Who justify the oath of his reign

Arise o compatriot
The Nigers’ ego’s slain
In person and in cohort
The Nigers opt refrain

If in the hands of all-kill-there
lives are doomed from reach of radar
There be a head that wears a crown
That will avenge his own

Arise o compatriot
The Nigers’ name in stain
To bear cucumber or carrot
Worth far more than cain

Reverend boko-harass
Shall amnesty for delude pass?
Be it noble of metioned dynasty
He shall pay no mind to such insanity

Arise o compatriot
The Nigers loath the chain
Of acting ‘pockethical’ lots
Still chorosing refrain

But those boss who set themselves
And with deviants take cousel
Shall soon for structures and leaves
And newts become council

Arise o compatriot
The Nigers that called in vain
Pleaded and strike, prayed and riot
But then may never call again.


by M.O.Akande


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