The Fiasco for big brother Naija has begin and millions of youths all over the country have queued up for hours for a chance at the price money.
Why are your past housemates not posting throwback pictures of them on queue?

Because the organizers have 1 (one) unchangeable rule. ‘THEY DON’T PICK PEOPLE OFF THE STREETS

You must understand that big brother naija is a trade in attention and is thus business, so Tunde who is on Assu strike can never get in. Every housemate has 1 thing in common, they have been popping before.

Take Miracle for example, a top model, top 5 Mr universe, Ecowas Fashion Week, do you think he left his piloting shift to queue?

or Bitto one of the best OAP media experts and former Mr Makabo all before bbnaija.

Khloe was a popping model and video vixen for Davido, Wizkid, BankyW

or TeddyA who had a hit with Phyno in 2016

or Bisola who hosted Billboard Nigeria on STV, actress and appeared on Falz Ello Bea video and countless movies.

K.Brulle learnt music in UK, collaborated with ChocCity

or Anto who had worked with Disney Stanley Alliance

or Alex, Former Miss Eastern calaber festival and worked with Nestle as a model.

Ifunada is another ball game entirely, at 23 she was launching her fashion collection, presented for goldmyne video wheel, co produced dynamic awards, starred in MNET hit, tinsel, etc.

The point is, you don’t need big brother and queueing is a waste of your time, posting the bbnaija eye on your profile is burning of your data.
The audition stared years before the actual audition.
Who knows you?
What have you done?
Who have you influenced?
Bbnaija is not a talent hunt, Former housemate will tell you to be yourself.. lol.
Even if you got in, who knows you? who will vote for you?
Big Brother is not an alternative to assu strike or joblessness. It’s a business and always been business.
If you see it as that, maybe they will invite you next year, leave the queue and get to work.

This is not to discourage intended persons who wish to get in the Big Brother house, but just a bitter truth and fact they wont tell you.

Source:twitter trends.


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