The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 12


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IMSU FINAL YEAR STUDENT SHOT BY UNKNOWN GUN MEN’ I read out the headline of the news and return her phone back to her without reading the details, ‘cynthia m,you’re a darling, I can see your asnxiety but believe me,am in no trouble’ I said as I enclosed her mouth with mine  *lightout*winkz
After about one hour,I bade her good bye and went out to meet my guys who are already enjoying in a local bar beside the hostel
‘fellas,am set o’ I called out to them as they leave the bar  to meet me,we  entered the car and were about to move when all of a sudden
‘Brother Micheal,Brother Micheal’ I opened the door to see the then secretary of the fellowship coming,I flinched on seeing him  and deliberate on whether to wait or just leave
‘Brother Micheal,long time o, I went to your former hostel to look for you only to be thrown out by a belligerent dude, why did you abandon the fellowship for so long’ he continued rambling as snakie and bullet looks on smiling mischievously
‘it’s a long story pastor,so whatsup now ‘ I asked as I was already getting irritated
‘we are holding our holy ghost night which is starting today,this night by 10:00’he said as he gave me a pamphlet
‘alright see you later pastor’ I said as snakie drove off
The time is 9:30pm and we are all set for the show,after some admonitions from Edwin,we all set out and entered the car only the key member leaving osagie and Charles with the boys,they are going to join us when it has been confirmed that there is going to be war,Edwin look bossy in the lengendary red and green suit with an hat,while I dressed in a red trouser with a green t-shirt with skull drawn in it front with BAD MIKE inscripted at the back
The gate was wide open with different types of exotic car parked in the premises,music booming from the loud speaker,guys sitting in caucus,some dancing with girls and the celebrant Harrison with his girlfriend and some bouncer welcomed us as we came down from the car,he took us to a corner well arranged,the table filled with expensive drinks, cigarettes,blade opened one of the drinks and filled the cups on the table as we drank it amidst cheering
‘edwin big boss,bad mike…….’ Came from different angles as people hailed us
‘I know they will be here’ Edwin said as he pointed to the direction where Richard sat with his boys,they have the largest circle as they all were clad in their black dress,it was obvious they were  planning something as they all faced Richard attentively
‘call charles and the boys,let them enter’ Edwin said

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket and brought it out to saw that the caller was my brother, james.i leave the table in company of two of my guys to received the call incase of any funny attempt by those guys
‘Hello bro’ I hailed
‘hello micheal,where are you’ he asked in an unfriendly tone
‘what……..’but I stopped, ‘am in school now’
‘I know you’re in school but why are you not in the holy ghost praise night program?’ he asked
‘I don’t know about it’ I answered in a non charlant way
‘that shows how regular you’re in the fellowship’ he asked sarcastically ‘anyway I was invited by the officials and I want you to come there now’
‘ok am coming’ I replied curtly and hanged up and returned to the table,we continued dining and wining though with a little alcohol as Edwin insisted that we must prepared for the impending war which is certainly going to take place
‘micheal you and uche should go outside and lead the boys in’ Edwin said and we stood up armed with our pistols and went outside,we had not waited for long when a yellow 16-seater bus showed up with guys in green and yellow attire
‘mike the bad guy’ Charles hailed as he jumped out,I shook his hand and asked uche to lead the guys in while me in company of Charles and osagie are coming from their back but as we want to enter,jones came out of the venue,you remember him?, I know instantly that he was sent to spy on us but they are foolishly enough to sent only him,he walked by us and pretended like he came out to urinate by walking down a little and faced a fence unzipping his trouser
‘guy we must treat his F**K up now or never,infact if you like no follow me,I
will go and face him alone,the campus eyeing battle must end today’ Osagie said in his usual gun throtting mode
‘wait my friend,who told you we are not even going’ Charles said and we moved to him
He brought out his phone immediately he heard our footstep and faced us,we formed a circle around him and he was already jittering
‘hey guys, you better don’t try anything you will later regret’ he threatened trying to hide his fear
Charles move calmly to him  and gave him a powerful kick that lift him off his feet and landed on the hard coal tarred road followed by several kicks I downloaded on his stomach
‘leave him guys’ osagie said as he drag him up by his belt ,’when next you came to this world, don’t be my opponent’ he said to jones who was pleading
He pressed the gun into his body to subdued the loud bang of the shot and fire it ,jone’s body dropped down lifelessly onto the floor well drenched in his own pool of blood,I and Charles carried the body and disposed it inside a nearby drainage while osagie was washing his hand under the public tap water beside the road, after cleaning up,we are set to go but halted
‘whose phone is ringing’   I asked after feeling my pocket to be sure the ringing phone is not mine,
‘it’s the bastard’s phone ringing’ Charles said as he picked jone’s infinix phone and set to  smashed it against the wall but was stopped by osagie who collected the phone and pocketed it after removing the simcard, we proceeded to the party arena  only to collided with some guys from Richard’s side,we ignored them and went inside leaving them outside trying a number
‘guys where have you been now’ Edwin asked as we reached the table, I briefed him on what has happened, he furrowed his eyebrow in thinking deciding on whether to commend or blame our action but I think he liked it as he relaxed and announce to all the ‘boys to be at alert cos blood will flow anytime from now’
Some of us were standing while some were still sitting as the situation has became tensed,some security minded jew man –those that are not member of  any frat- are already leaving the party,
Am still on my second stick of cigarette when all of a sudden,the guys that went outside enter the party running and firing shots toward us, their mates sensing what has happened quickly join them in the firing but we are already set awaiting their first blow and immediately it was sent we replied instantly with rains of bullet taking three of the black boys, the disc jockey of the event was also their man as he brought out his gun and fired it at Charles who was busy firing his heavy automated rifle,the bullet dug a deep hole in charles’s skull as my best friend dropped dead, a hot tears temporarily blinded but went dry as I heard a whistling sound coming speedily from my back,I bend down in time as the bullet meet the ceramic water tanker behind me which burst open, I looked straight to my front to see Richard firing several shots at me but I manoeuvred it artfully,shouting from those rich men’s kid,some became born again instantly on the spot as they are shouting blood of jesus!,blood of jesus!, imagine those that are twerking some minutes ago******
The crossfire has caught so many from their side and ours, I fired several shots at Richard -cos am prepared to fulfill my assignment and at the same time revenge on him for pushing me into becoming a cultist- one of those shots hit his right leg,he gruntled loudly and moved swiftly over the flowers in the compound,i was determined to followed him despite the blaring of sirens signifying that police are around,i crept silently under the flower and saw him limping away,i straightened my gun and pumped two bullet into his head successively,i felt happy amidst the war on seeing him fall down,yeah i felt fulfilled and decided to find a means of escaping from the police only to felt a stinging pain at my back,then everything went BLURRED
To Be Continued…


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