The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 4


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I opened the door and richard came in, I was so scared to the extent that the headache am battling with disappeared.He gave me a piercing gaze that seems to tear my heart apart,after staring at me for about 5secs,I manage to greet him
‘Hi Richard,you are looking for Edwin,right?, but he is not around’.He looked at me and smiled shaking his head
‘Mike,too much of alcohol is not good for a responsible man,I saw you yesterday drinking like a fish with some irresponsible guy’He said
‘No errm,errm,I did not drink annny alcohol’I told him while stammering
‘Anyway let that go with the wind,I came to asked you why you abandon your room’
He asked
‘Actually,I did not abandon my room,I came here to spend time with my friends’I manage to replied him in my shaky voice
‘You came to spending time with your friend or you run away from me’He barked at me
‘No,I did not ran from you o,’
‘I hope you still remembered our discussion and you must see me by 8:00pm in my or rather your room,is that clear? He asked me like he’s talking to his younger bro
‘yes richard I will come’
‘Mind you,you can still report to any security you like even boko haram and I will show the true Richard,Bye,will be expecting you by Eight.He said and left the room
‘Bye’I said faintly
I slumped onto the bed fully confused,I realised that I am covered with sweat,hot sweat for that matter.I was lost in thinking about what is going to happen,will I be able to scale through this hurdle?if I succumbed to his offer,what will dad say?what will mummy say?,how will dad face the congregation,oh my god,what will I do now?, I was still in deep thought when I glanced at the clock,I saw that the time is 2:00,I stood up and went straight to the bathroom to have my bath.After bathing,I looked for food in the house and luckily I found some packaged rice and I took one out of it.When I finished eating,I laid down on the bed,I brought out my phone and dial mummy number
‘Hello micheal,how are you?
‘Am fine ma,’
‘hope there is no problem’She asked, I felt like telling her what is happening but I know she will report at the police station immediately and Richard has already warned me against.
‘No problem ma,just keep praying for me’I said
‘you know am praying for you and will always be praying for you,by the way,why is your voice like this?
‘Nothing,its just that am not well’
‘make sure you visit a doctor for treatment ,or do you want me to come over there’She asked
‘No need,I can take care of my self’
‘alright, take care,bye’She finally said
‘bye’I said and hanged up immediately.The time was around 4:00 when the guys arrived,I told them all that happened when they were away
‘o boy,if you don’t accept his proposal,he can waste you and you have only one option”Edwin said
I was so eager to know what can save me from this devil incarnated Richard that I had to shouted
‘pls Edwin tell me ‘
He looked at the others and they gave him the go ahead look,
‘Im afraid mike,the only option for you is to join us’
that is when i got to know that my hommies are also confra guy.O MY GOD,I WAS INDEED BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE RAGING RED SEA

Having listened to what Edwin had said,I sat down on my bed weighing the best of all the options available”Richard has promised me death if I refuse to concur or reporting,Edwin is promising to provide security for me only if I can join his group which is probably the best offer,But what will my Dad say?what will my mummy say? If I join a cult group,I am going to break their heart and am sure Dad will disown me.Oh my God,how did I got myself into this,God will purnish that silly woman who allocated that room 19 to me,how will i…………….”
‘Mike,we are going out,you have to make up your mind before tommorrow cos it is the initiation day for new member’Charles said interrupting my thought and they left.I looked at him blankly as he spoke,it was obvious that I was disturbed,my head is aching seriously like it will burst.Some minute after they left I decided that am going to join Edwin group cos to me it was the safest choice.The ringing of my phone brought me back to life and it was my dad who told me to be praying because a fellow pastor is seeing some strange vision about me.As he finished talking,a frozen hot tear escaped from my eye,I told him that I’ve heard and I will be praying.He asked me if there is any problem and I said no.I ended the called and I decided that there is no going back in my earlier decision to join Edwin group,I shrugged off the soberness in me and move to the bathroom.I was relieved after the wash,I dressed and sat on my bed listening to music because listening to music while am disturbed usually calm my nerve.I called cynthia and we talked for sometime before I hanged up.The boys came back around 10:00pm,
‘How far Mike’Edwin greeted
‘Am fine ‘I replied
‘how far about the matter on ground’Junior asked sitting on the edge of my bed,the others standing beside me with  askance look
‘its alright,I gave in for you guys’I said
‘waoh,now you’re talking’Edwin said holding my hands firmly
‘Chop knuckles boy’Charles said.
‘fine,now that you have decided to be liberated,tommorrow you will be admitted officially by 7:00pm.Now sleep cos tommorrow,there will be no sleep for us.He said  before going to bed
I sat down on the bed thinking  whether I’ve made a good choice on this matter,I gave a long sigh before going to bed

To Be Continued…


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