The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 5


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I woke up around 12:30 the next day,I saw Edwin and the guys sitting inside a yellow bus outside,they greeted me and told me that my food is on the reading table inside,I thanked them and went inside to take my bath,after eating,I checked my phone and found some missed calls from the fellowship president and cynthia,I ignored the president’s call and called back cynthi,she asked me how am finding the hostel I was given and I said no problem that its well.I ended the call and sat down  waiting anxiously for how the so-called initiation will be,I decided to cool off my agitating mind by playing my game which I’ve abadon since the start of these issues,after playing like four game winning all,the guys came in
‘Mike,my guy how far now’Edwin greeted
‘am fine,whats happening?
‘Nothing really,you have to rest so that you can have strenght to perform your initiation rites’Junior said’
‘Alright,am fit’I replied
****************************************************************************I was still sleeping when I felt someone shaking me,I looked up and found Charles shaking me
‘Mike, wake up,its time already’ He said
I stood up and went to the bathroom for a cold wash,i dressed quickly and went outside to meet them by a yellow bus parked outside fully loaded with guys all with bag on their back.I entered and the bus zoomed off.
After driving for about two hours,we reached  a  junction  where the driver is suppose to enter,I saw Edwin and some boys blindfolding  about four guys who keep calm on their sit,I was still looking at them till one fair guy came to me and asked me to face front before blind folding me,after driving for about ten minutes more,the bus came to a stop,someone hold me and lead me to a spot  asking me to stay there,I was still wondering what  is happening when I heard a footstep approaching me,
‘Take this to calm your nerve’I  recognized Junior’s voice .He gave me a bottle,I opened it and withdraw after taking a gulp realizing it was gin,
‘Drink it mehn,you  are going to find it useful’Charles said, I gulped the remaining at once,
‘you are the man,nice one’Edwin applauded me.My throat was burning likewise my stomach to the existence that I nearly fall down
‘Now we are going to start what we came here for,I call on the capon to give us his opening speech’I heard a voice said,it was then I realized that I was in the middle of a circle,I also realized that I was not the only one in the middle
‘As the power conferred on me as the capitiano of these prestigious club,I declared these ceremony opened’,it was following by loud whistling and speaking of the club language by the boys,’all of the jew man should kneel down’He ordered.The next thing I felt is a hand motioning to kneel,I obliged. ’As a member now,you are free from all form of intimidation or bully from anybody,no matter ………………………’he continued rambling on,
‘Now you’re going to be initiate fully by the priest’He said again.I winched in pain as a sharp object pierced through through my chest.After that the blindfold was removed,I saw the whole arena, I gazed at the arena from the capon wearing a jalabia-like regalia with the skull drawn in its front,all the guys dressed in red and green with my hommies inclusive.The priest an elderly man dressed in agbada with calabash and blade in his hand.We(the new member) were asked to recite the oaths after them,after the recitation,they started singing their club song dancing round us,after then we were asked to climb palm tree in the area with bare hand,Since I was a good climber in the my school days,I found no difficulties in it at all,Some guys who are not good in climbing were falling only to be sent back climbing with kicks from the guys who are waiting for someone to fall.Infact,one guy among us fainted during the the process,After the climbing,we were all sat down and singing began,I was so exhausted that I don’t know what happen,everything just went blurred.
‘He has woke up o’I heard junior’s voice.I stood up from the bed with a throbbing headache.All the guys rushed into the room,
‘So you’ve woke up,You are welcome to the world of freedom and liberation’They chorus
I stand still thinking WHETHER I’VE MADE A GOOD CHOICE OR NOT.

A month after I’ve bagged up,bagging up means joining a frat,we are already through with our exam and just waiting for result.Stil I don’t know why I was still afraid of richard  cos am still avoiding him despite words from my guys to face him that I was’nt the jew man he used to know,but one thing was sure,richard was the one that pushed me into cultism against my wish and that of my parent,I was going to make him pay for it,even though I don’t know how,but he will pay for it.
I woke up on Tuesday morning and told my guys that I am going to my former hostel to pack my remaining load,Charles volunteered to go with me and Edwin told me that he will give me something when am going,Junior brought out bottle of Macdowell and cups,I have improve my drinking prowess than before,Edwin served us round and we settled down drinking,As we were drinking,we heard a knock on the door
‘Who is that’Charles shouted
‘It is I am that I am’A husky voice said from outside
‘Ha,baba come in, the door is not locked’I was wondering who the hell is baba when The capon entered with some guys numbering about five.They all stood and shake him,I also joined them
‘Guys,I see that you dey enjoy’He said
‘Na so’Edwin said
‘ Mike boy,why you dey gentle,you no talk or you dey fear,I beg no fear anybody,The guys dey for you’He said as he collected the drink from Charles,
I smiled and replied him that Nothing  is wrong and that am not afraid of anybody.
‘Nice one,incase you don’t know,Im Ejiro’He introduced himself
‘The one and only’Charles input and they all laughed.Ejiro and his guy finally left after spending about one hour,I checked the time and it was already 11:00,I rushed to the bathroom,took my bath and put on a designer dress with a dark shade.Edwin opened a bag and brought out a pistol which he gave to me
‘It is not necessary you bring it out except if he gives you problem’He said as he handled it to me.
‘No problem,you can bank on me’I replied before I tucked it in my dress.
‘let go’Charles said and off we went
Few days after my initiation,I’ve been taught how to use a gun as you may be wondering how am going to use it.
Independence hall’I read as I saw the signpost.I  muster all courage to save my feet from getting cold cos going to Richard is like a dog going to the lion den especially as I saw his men sitting in the veranda.They all stood up immediately they saw me
‘See that stupid boy that capon dey talk about’one of them said as he point at me.A voice asked me to let him have a taste of the new mike but another decided against since I did not come for war.I ignored him and went inside.I entered to meet a full room exactly the scene I met the the first time I came
‘Mike,do you know you have just walk into a lion’s den’Richard said with his bloodshot eye glaring at me as he sighted me
‘Hey guy,we are not here for war,so lay off’Charles said unbothered as he sat on an empty bunk.
‘So why are you here’Richard asked as he came closer
I kept mute for some minute before answering in order to infuriate him’As you can see,am here to pack my remaining properties that are here’
I rushed the packing and within ten minutes,am through and call out to charles who is calm as he keep changing the music he’s listening to
‘O boy,let’s go’
He stood up and carry one of the bags,as we move near the door,Richard came to me and said
‘Mike,what about our discussion’
‘He’s now sailing with my crew,so forget about any useless discussion’Charles replied
‘But,he has booked his trip with my ship’Richard thundered as he locked my cloth
‘Free me guy,am not into any business with you ’I said and barged out of the room
‘watch your back when you walk’i heard him shouted
‘Alright,no problem,the battle line is drawn’Charles replied



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