The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 6


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The result came at last, i passed so was my guys, I was so surprised cos the guys are not punctual even they are not present on a particular paper day, then I began to know that truly power is the ability to exert influence as my government teacher used to say in my secondary school days .I deliberate on whether or not to go home for the break cos my guys are staying  ,in order not to arouse any suspicion in my parent.I decided to go home, on Friday which was the day am going,so was Cynthia, I followed her to the motor park and afterward leave for my own house,
‘Mike the university boy’ my younger brother Daniel shouted as I alighted from the motorcycle I boarded, Daniel was a very stubborn sss 2 student, I’ve warned him to call me brother Micheal but he refused,still calling mike like we are mate.Anyway am still unbothered
I entered my house and moved straight to my room, the room was still in order in the sense that it is not looking deserted, showing that the room is being visited regurlarly.Daniel served me drink and told me that dad and mum are in the church, I decided to rest before their arrival.I lied down on my bed while Daniel sat beside me as he keeps feeding me with boring story on school, church and other, at least boring to me
I was still in my dreamland when I heard maama voice
‘stand up school boy, since 2:00 that we have arrived’
I stood up groggily, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hands
‘good afternoon mum’ I said as I was fully awaked
She burst into into laughter and said ‘is this your afternoon’. I checked the time and found out that the time is already 6:30. She greeted me and asked me to go and greet dad in the sitting room
‘Good evening sir’ I said on reaching the sitting room
‘good evening my boy, how are you’ he replied stretching his hand for a handshake
‘am fine’ I said settling down on a chair
‘so how is everything’ he asked and I answered him and he asked about other thing,after all pleasantries he told me that they are going to vigil
‘you know that today is Friday and we are going to vigil, you’ve just arrived so you can rest, is that clear? He asked
‘yes sir’ I replied and went inside where my food is already waiting , I settled down to eat, just as I was about to eat, a call entered my phone ,I checked it and found out that it was from Cynthia
‘hi Cynthia, how was your journey back home’
‘it was fine and yours’ she replied in her velvet voice
‘it was fine thanks ‘ I answered and we talked for some minute before hanging up. I continued my food
‘we are leaving o, come and lock the gate’ I heard david shouted , I stood and follow them to the gate, I waved after their car and lock the gate.i went inside
I finished eating and went straight to the bathroom where I had a quick shower, I retired to bed feeling very tired, I ruminated over all that had happened to me since I’ve left home months ago, I imagined what will happen when dad get to know that I’m a cultist, I sighed loudly and fall asleep.

I woke up around 5:30 the next day, I sat up on my bed for about ten minutes before getting out of bed to do some house chore, I engaged myself in the tedious house work which include cutting of the grass in the surroundings which I ended around 8:50, I went inside to took my bath and find food to eat, after am through with all, I  sat in the sitting room watching African magic, at exactly 10:00, I heard the blaring of horn at the gate, I rushed to open it and welcomed them, they are surprised at the amount of work I’ve done and they commended me.
Each day I was spending at home was getting increasingly boring, so I made up my mind to spend just two weeks at home instead of the three weeks that I initially planned to stay, so after dinner on the Friday of the second week, I told them
‘alright no problem , just let me know all that you are going to need’ dad said
I was happy for what he said cos I was expecting his inquisitive question like ‘are you giving two weeks break, I thought it was three weeks’ and others, but he did not.
I use the next two days to prepared for my return journey back to school and before I know it  is already Sunday,
I woke up on Sunday morning around 7:00am and sauntered into the bathroom for a hot bath,I put on my white suit with a red tie and joined the family in the garage, I commend my siblings dressing including that of mum, after waiting for about 5minutes, dad finally came out with a fat large bible, I got on the wheel and  zoom off
We were welcomed by the ushers and some of the church members as we entered the church auditorium, I was greeted by nearly all as they all keep asking me the same question ,as soon as I was free from their ‘interrogation’, I moved to where my friends are seated. We exchange pleasantries and chatted for a while
‘ shall we rise for opening hymn by the choristers’ My dad’s baritone voice disrupt our chatting, half of the congregation has  been on their feet already
I looked around and found out that we are the only one sitting so we quickly scrambled to our feet,
‘there shall be showers of blessing’ the velvet voice of mercy came on the mic as she lead the song, Mercy was my former girlfriend or let  me say girlfriend since I’ve not broken with her, I fixed  my gaze on her amazed at how beautiful she has turned during my short time away from home or is it because it has been long that I saw her. Our eyes met and I winked at her which she smiled in return
‘The grace of the lord jesus Christ……………………………………………’ I rubbed my eyes as I stood up, oh my, I cant believe I’ve slept away since only to woke up during the sharing of the grace
‘all member of the good women society should wait behind’I heard mum announced,anyway I joined others as we trooped outside, I stayed inside the car chattering with my friends as they all left one by one, then I noticed mercy’s prescence,
‘waoh, see my big girl’ I said as I hugged her ‘how are you doing’ I asked
‘am fine o, and I loved the way you’ve abandoned us all these months’ she said with a note of sarcasm in her voice
‘No its not like that, it’s just that, am still busy finding my feet in the school, you know it has been tedious’ I said
‘it’s tedious or some girls are keeping you busy’she said
‘Ha ah, why are you thinking like that’ I queried………………………………………..and we keep talking till I saw dad and mum coming, I promised to call her later and bade her good bye, she stopped to say hi to dad and mum before leaving
We arrived home around 1:30, we settled down for lunch and I left for my room to brought out my loads, and I settled out for school after dad and mum usual advice.

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I have reached the nearest bus stop to the school when I saw a strange number calling my glo line, I deliberated on whether to pick it on or not, at last I agreed to pick it
‘hello, this is micheal, who am I speaking with’ I voiced to the receiver as I picked
‘ baba, he has picked it’ I heard a voice said, I hold it patiently waiting for who the heck ‘baba’ is
‘ hello’  a voice which I suspected to be that of Richard said, I shuddered at the remembrance of that evil genius,I’ve forgotten about him during the short time that I spent at home
‘hello who is this’I said pretending like I don’t know who the caller is.’hahahaha’ he  laughed ‘so you  are telling me that you don’t know who is talking’
‘pardon, I don’t get you, when you’re ready to talk you can called me back’ I said and hanged up on him, I find a place to sit in the bus stop shield and called my guys to tell them that am already on my way and in a particular bus stop,
‘ok, we dey come to escort you’ Charles said
I sighted them coming with a red Toyota camry car which they told me belonged to Ejiro,i waved my handkerchief as a signal to notify them where I was, Charles droved roughly to where I was standing to scare me but I stand still refusing to be scared,
‘you dey form strong man ehh’ He asked as he came down from the car
‘I am not a weakling now, I be super man’ I said and he burst into laughter
‘long time o, how are you now’ He asked me as we shake in our coded way
‘ am fine my brother’I said
‘this is chike’ he said as he point to a fair guy with the physique of  the legendary c.ronaldo, I moved to the guy and greeted him in our way of greeting, ‘and this is osagie’ Charles said again as he pointed to another lanky guy also light in complexion and I greeted him also and we entered the car with chike on the wheel
As we proceed on our journey, my phone rang out and I found out that it was micheal , I told charleswho was sitting beside me about it and he urge me to pick it
‘ hello, I say who is this’ I said into the receiver shouting
‘ hey calm down mr man , you don’t need all this shouting, am still giving you the last chance to reconsider your decision, or else…..,am sure you don’t need to know what will happen’ he said calmly and he hanged up
I don’t know how but am not intimidated at all by his threat, I told Charles and he told me to wait till we reach home
We drove to ejiro the capon’s house to meet a lot of guys outside playing music like they were having a party, we entered the place amidst hailing from the guys, we went straight to a corner where Austin and some guys are seated
‘Mike my boy’ Austin shouted as he saw  me
‘Austin bad man ,how you dey now’ I replied
‘ I dey as you see me o, whats up now’ he said
So , Charles decided to tell him all that happened,
………………………………………………….., so he threathen him seriously and promised to do him bad’ Charles landed
‘whhhaaaaaaaaat’ Austin shouted’ so this guy never desist from you, he dey call for war o
His noise attracted the attention of the other guys as Ejiro came to our side and inquired what happen and I told him
‘don’t worry, na small thing’ Ejiro said as he patted my back
‘ I trust you baba chief’ Charles said and then faced me’ baba don talk, so put your mind at rest, oya boys bring drinks for mike’ he called out
So we forget about it for the mean time and continue with our drinking bout till we late in the night before going back to our house


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