The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 7


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The irritating smell of weed greeted me as I woke up the next day, I looked around the room and found Ejiro the capon and others numbering about ten in the room, some with wrap of weed while some are just drinking,
‘Good  morning boss’ I said to Ejiro
‘how was your night boy’ he asked as he extended his hand for an handshake
‘ cool jare’ I replied as I moved round greeting the guys, after greeting them all, I searched for my phone and found it in my bag, I unlocked it to found out that Richard has messaged me warning me I’m playing with death if I did not come to him and tell him that I’ve accepted his proposal, I smiled as I read the message
‘Edwin, please come and see this’ I called
‘what is it my guy’ He asked and I showed him the phone
‘what, so this guy mean business like this’ he said after reading it and showed it to Ejiro
‘Guys’ Ejiro started after reading it ‘we don’t have to be provoked by that idiot called richard , let have a peace talk with him and the outcome will decide our next action.
‘ I think there is sense in what capon has said, so who and who is going to meet him’ Chike asked
‘I ,Edwin,Charles and mike himself are going’ Ejiro replied
‘ baba make I join your team’ osagie input
‘boy, you’re sure you want to go, we are going to bad guys den, No be kidding mission o’Edwin said and we all bursted into laughter
‘forget about kidding o, you no know say I be one man mopol , baba oya talk’
‘ok you can join us’ Ejiro said
Osagie clutched to a short gun tightly brandishing it,
‘hey mind you we are not going to fight there just peace talk’ Charles reminded him
‘Is alright’he replied
‘So guys am going and will be here back in the next one hour,so be prepared’Ejiro said and left with six of the boys and I went to the bathroom to take my bath.
I had just finished eating when I heard Ejiro knocking, I opened the door for him and he entered alongside with osagie cladding in the sacred yellow and green with ejiro putting on a jonathan-like hat, I greeted them in our way and rushed inside to find a yellow t-shirt with a green trouser and stucked the pistol given to me by Edwin into my back pack and joined them,
‘ok, everybody is set right,let go’ Ejiro said and wemarched to the car and drove off to independence hall.
We parked outside the gate of the hostel and entered to meet the absence of Richard,Ejiro asked me to dial his number which I did and he told me that he’s not at home and that we should should come and meet him at place known to my guys,Ejiro made call to junior and chike to come and join us, we waited for them for about five minutes before joining us
‘you know, we have to go there in large cos those guys are capable of doing anything cos we are going to his house and probably there are going to be there in full’ Edwin explained to me
We set out on the road drove for about thirty minute before reaching a mighty edifice with a huge black iron gate, Ejiro asked Charles who was on the wheel to park the car outside and we came down,
‘ press the bell’ Ejiro said to me
I pressed the bell and almost immediately the gate was opened, I became jittery immediately I set my foot into the house, seeing a lot of guys ,some dancing, some smoking, some just sat down with different guns on their tables. I remembered seeing some of them on the first day I came,
‘woah, so you came to beat me up with your defenders eh?’ Richard said as he came out of the swimming pool he was, and they all burst into laughter

‘No guy,we are not here for war, we just wan see you make we talk’ Edwin said
‘really, ok, sit down make we talk’ Richard said and four of us sat down cos Ejiro has already sat down immediately he entered,
‘ok guys, all we came here for is to tell you that you should free mike, the guy is sailing with me now, so forget about him’ Ejiro said in an ‘I don’t give a damn manner’
‘forget about that and don’t ever talk that kind thing again, never ever’ Richard shouted and he turned to me’ you see am not even interested in you becoming my man again, you are free to go , but know that you wont live to tell the tale of how you erred against me’ he concluded
‘guy, you’ve to bring your voice down when talking to me, I said we are here for peace talk,but if that is what you want,then we are on it’ Ejiro flared at him
‘then, that’s how its gonna be, now leave here now before I descend on you’ Richard said with his blood shot eyes while Ejiro sat still laughing mirthlessly
‘he said you should leave or are you deaf’ One fair guy whose name I later known to be jones said
Ejiro looked at him with a scary look but he refused to be intimidated maintaining his ‘I don’t care look’
‘let go guys’ Ejiro said walking furiously outside, I stood to go but Richard hold my shoulder saying’ you’ve stepped on the cobra’s tail so sit calmly for the reptile’s attack, bas—d,’ he said blowing the flame of his cigarette in my face
I gave him a stern looked before sauntering out of the house to join others and we zoomed off with Edwin rough driving
‘the guy really mean business,so mike is not save again, we have to plan on what to do , so Edwin let all the guys know there is a meeting, bye’ Ejiro said as we dropped from his car in front of our hostel and zoomed off.
I opened the door and fall on the bed heavily, I was burning with anger that the miscreant called Richard was the one that force me to join a cult group against my wish, now he’s threatening me with death, No, I must make sure he meet his death in my hand, I concluded before breaking down with cascade of tears running down from my cheek, I wept for myself,for engaging in these act, I wept for my parent,how they are going to fell when they got to know, I wept for ……………………… till nature take over, sleeping things


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