The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 8


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So guys, you’re welcome to this impromptu meeting that really need to hold, we are here to address a pressing issue that we all need to discuss to save our Buttocks from being scrap mercilessly from bad peoples’ Edwin started as I was surprised to know he was the depi capitiano( second-in-command),the spacious compound of Ejiro’s house was filled to brim as we all stand in a way forming a circle with a lot of guys I don’t even know from adam just like the scene we met in Richard’s house,
‘ok guys,we invited you to this meeting to let you to know that war don start between us and the yellow guys, so henceforth all member of this confra from are to be careful and vigilant cos I don’t want that sissy to use my guys to count score’ Ejiro said
Some boys including the trigger-happy osagie went on shouting happily obviously they are happy about the new development while I shaked my head pitying them imagining how lifes will be wasted but the sorrow mood erased  as soon a bootle of whisky was passed to me and we go on flexing till about 6:30pm when I heard my phone ringing
‘oh God, which kind of spoiler be this now’ I murmured as I  picked the phone
‘hello who is this’ I said gruffly
‘so you don’t have my number again’ I recognized her voice immediately, its cynthia ‘by the way, are you sleeping?’ she asked
‘yes am sleeping, in fact big sleeping’ I replied
She laughed for a long time which make me think whether she had discovered my lie before she said’ Micheal, you’re too funny, you’re sleeping fine, which one be big sleep again’
I also laughed for a while before asking her when she’s coming back and she replied that she’s has arrived about one hours ago and she ask me to come and visit her which I replied that am already on my way
I went back to my guys and told them that am going somewhere, they bade me good bye and asked be to be careful cos I was their main target, I told them I knew that no problem before going out.
I  adjusted my dress and crunched the tom-tom sweet I was licking in order to subsidies the alcoholic odour emanating from my mouth, I throw away the bottle of the remaining bottle water I was drinking and knock on cynthia’s door, I waited patiently as she said ‘coming’
‘oh mike dear, I’ve missed you so much’ she said as she saw me on opening the door, she jumped on me kissing me at the same time till we entered the house falling on the bed, light out
I woke up around 8:30pm weak and exhausted after the almost two hours bout of s*x, I wore my cloth and bade her goodbye before leaving.
I came out to meet a dark atmosphere outside, I contemplated on whether to sleep in her house but shrug it off, I moved on determined to get to the main road in time, I saw a shadow lurking around a corner but shrug it off again saying it was just my coward imagination, I increased my walking pace, just I was about to turned in a corner which was just a stone throw to the main road, I thought I heard’ stop there’
I looked around ,seeing no one, I continued trekking until I heard it clearly, ‘ stop there my friend or you’re deaf’ I stopped and looked back to saw Jones, one of Richard’s boys walking toward me, oh God, is this how am going to bade the world good bye, my parent wont even know what has happened to me , God please help me am going to repent if I could escape this.
All this thought were running in my mind as he keep walking up to me with his pointed sliver pistol………


O Boy, you’re as good as dead’ Jones said as he get to  my side, I became jittery as I finally accepted that there is no way out than to be killed,
‘so, turn to this corner’ he said pointing to a dark alley, I complied and move to the place, but I saw a huge plank on a stand, I looked at him and saw him receiving call probably from Richard,his partner was staring at me fiercely but am sure he’s high on alcohol, before they could say jack, I had picked up the log and use it to hit the miscreant’s head once but hardly with all my strength making him fall headlong, holding his already bleeding head and I  bolted away displaying my usain bolt talent,
I keep running which make Jones to fire a shot at time but fortunately for me, he missed, I jumped over a small fence as I heard another gunshot, I got to the main road but the whole place was silent, there is no single soul in sight, which could have happen as a result of two things, firstly it is already late and secondly the gunshots they heard,
‘Baba, the guy is crazy o, the guy escaped  after we’ve captured him’ I looked at my right side to find Jones and his second guy searching around, I was alerted immediately, the fact that the night was cold coul’dnt stop the hot sweat running from my head, I jumped into the culvert I was standing on and luckily it was not one of those dirty culvert, I heard the guy I hit swearing to do this do that for me when they catch me that I cant escape, as if he’s seeing me, I brought out my phone and messaged Edwin to let him know.
I checked my phone every seconds for his reply but non was forthcoming, fear enveloped me because I know that he’s drinking when I left him so he would have been drunk by now, as I crouch in the culvert, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard something shaking me, I crawled a few metres with a  great speed only to found out that it was my message alert,I opened the message and luckily it was him asking me to described the exact place for him, I give him the addresss and almost immediately he replied that he’s coming rightaway that I should stay calm, I sat down ,already cramped in the small culvert, I was already dozing off when I heard the ringtone of my phone ringing at it highest,
‘ oh my God, when I was already feeling happy ,this damn phone just give me out’ I complained bitterly as I quickly removed the battery
‘he’s there, he’s there’ I heard jones’s counterpart said as they are rushing closer
‘o God, accept my soul, forgive me my sin,and my parent forgive me also, it is not my fault; here I come’ I said my last prayer gently as I sat patiently awaiting my death

To Be Continued…


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