The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18 Episode 9


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‘look under that……………………’ I heard jones directing his partner before a loud sound broke the calmness of the night,I became frozen thinking that I have been hit by a stray bullet before I heard a loud groaning which was followed by jones urging his friend to endure till they leave.
‘Thank your star that we never met you here’ I heard Charles’s voice which made  me to heave a  huge sign of relief, I crawled out of the hole to met Edwin who has already bend to look for me
‘my guy, congratulation jare, those fool would have wasted you like that’ He said as he drag me up
‘mike the champion, nice one, you’re  getting tougher, it shows’ Ejiro said from the car as we approached it, we entered the car and we all went to Ejiro’s house,some other guys are already in the place and it was apparent that they were aware of what happen as they all hailed me as I passed, I entered the bathroom where I had a hot bath before I went for a bottle of whisky in the mini bar, I sat down with others in the sitting and Ejiro asked me if I know the person that he know they are Richard’s boys
‘ it was jones and one guy I don’t know his name but could recognized him if I saw him’ I replied him in a faint voice
‘alright no problem, Charles and osagie are going to work with you, you must bring those murderer to this place before next Saturday ‘ Ejiro said authoritatively
‘baba, we are up to the task, they are already here as you speak,  or no be so’ Osagie asked Charles who nodded in affirmative
‘ guy go and sleep, you have been stressed’Ejiro said ‘or one of those girls should come with you’ he teased and all of us burst into laugh while I went in without answering him
I lied on the bed with a lot of thought going through my mind,’what if I had been killed, will I not break the trust of my parent ?, how will they feel ?, what should I do now ?, should I leave anything in connection with cultism?, I keep
Asking myself  ‘but its too late, cos it will not discourage Richard from hunting me and who knows, Ejiro might not take it lightly with me’ I concluded.
‘God please, if I could scape this hurdle, I promise to serve you forever’ I keep repeating the words till the ringing of my phone jolted me back to life, I checked the time wondering who could have called at 11:30pm
‘Hello Micheal’ I was alarmed to hear the voice of my Dad
‘hello sir’ I try to sound healthy ,as if there is nothing wrong with me
‘what is happening to you, am just having strange feeling about you these days coupled with scary dreams, what is really happening’
‘dad, there is no problem, am fine’ I replied
‘remember I am your father, whatever is happening to you, you don’t have to be tongue-tied to me, but since you said there is no problem, Good night, may God be with you’
‘Amen, thank you sir, good night’ I said but he has already hanged up
I dropped the phone and tried to get some sleep, but my wandering heart keep recalling all what has happened to me in the last three hours, I wondered what would have happened if the gunshot had hit me,I was indeed lucky,I slept with a resolution to make sure that Richard meet his end in my hand


I alighted from Ejiro’s car the following morning and step into the lecture room, already filled to brim, I saw Charles waving at me from the back cos he has left before me, I shake hands with some few familiar faces as I walked through rows of chairs to the back, I settled down beside him and greeted him in our way without people around noticing,
‘Good morning students, course rep, where are the scripts I ………………….’ I faced front to see bespectacled prof Odia’s voice booming from the loudspeaker
After paying serious attention to the lecture for like one hour,the whole thing became boring, I started looking around the whole class ranging from the chics to the big yahoo boys in the class, but I saw him and could recognized him immediately, so I quickly called Charles attention to it
‘Guy look at him’ I said quietly as I nudged him
‘who’? he asked in the  same tone
‘that is the second guy who attacked me alongside with Jones’ I ponted at the guy wearing black shirt with red trousers with bandage on his head
He smiled wryly as he patted me on the back while texting osagie a message immediately telling him to bring a car and parked along the walkway
‘paa, paa, paa, paa’ the sound came from the beating of table by the already tired student. The lecturer sensed what  is happening and decide a call it a day
‘alright, this is the end of today’s class,collect your marked scrips from the class rep, have a nice day’ He said moving out of the hall immediately which was greeted with applause from the students.
Osagie’s text message entered charles’s phone as we get outside the hall,telling us that he has parked along the bushy path along hostel road, we trailed the moron who has an headset plugged into his ear nodding his coconut-like head, he continue walking in company of two other guys but they are not any problem for my guy
I and Charles keep walking amidst other students so that he won’t notice us,but suddenly he change his path and crossed to the bush part where osagie parked, Charles gave me a knowing smile which I returned as I know that the guy has reduced our stress, as he looked at his front, he saw osagie standing beside a car, he slowed his pace and became alerted, he turned back to go and saw me walking closer to him, his face lost its colour immediately
‘Hire killer, will you please kindly kill him now’ Charles said in a sneering tone while we burst into laughter
‘you guys better not try anything nasty, am sure you know who Richard is’ he said boldly
‘ Now keep quiet and move into the car’ Charles ordered him as he pushed him roughly
‘what if I don’t ‘ He said again
‘then you will bade one of your eyes goodbye’ Osagie replied him as I open my mouth in surprise wondering whether he could carried out his threat
‘Now move or you have a taste of this’ Charles said waving a shining dagger at him
The guy stand still for some times before moving inside the car, I sat at the back with Charles while studying the guy who sat calmly with a stern look.We entered the compound and came down while the guy was still sitting in the car
‘come down my friend or you want to die there’ Osagie shouted as he punched him, his screaming attracted other guys in the compound as they all moved closer, the guy came down strolling majestically to where Ejiro sat ,
‘Nice one guys, you’ve done a good work to bring this scoundrel called Scorpion here,’ Ejiro said as he spit on his face
‘do whatever you like but am sure you will not live to tell the tale’ Scorpion said
The statement infuriated Ejiro and in a flash, he brought out his silencer and shoot scorpion on the forehead,scorpion grunted loudly and he died immediately,
I noticed I am jittering, shivering, shaking, all put together cos this was the first time someone will be killed in my prescence, as fresh blood gushed out of the guy’s head, am wondering if I would have died like this if Jones’s gunshot had hit me that day,
Ejiro noticed my shivering and smiled before saying I am the person that was supposed to kill him if not the anger the guy caused him,
‘Blade, Uche, come and cleared this’ Edwin said and we all sat down in silence.

To Be Continued…


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