The Trial Of A Pastor’s Son +18



Praising the lord oh my soul
this is the day he has made
halleluya2x praising the lord”
My voice sounded happily as i lead worships in the morning devotion,which has become a ritual in the house and nobody dare refuse to partake unless you want to know who pastor  david is,I was exceptionaly happy today because i have been offered admission to study  mass com at a prestigious uni in the state.Well im Micheal,the second born of pastor and mrs david kingsley,my father was a pastor of one of the largest church,i have one elder bro and two younger ones.
After the reading of the bible,my father started counselling or rather preaching to me,”and make sure you don’t deviate from the part of christ and face your study,dont chase girls and shun cultism” Dad concluded.
“thank you dad and mum,i promise  not to tarnish the image of this family or get involved in any misdeed” I replied and i went back to my room to continue my packings.

I looked around my room while packing,shifting my gaze from my worn out Eden Hazard poster to my shoe rack.I was so happy cos leaving the boring home means a lot to me,leaving my strict dad and the joy of being an undergraduate.My efejoku by lil jesh ringing tone brought me back to life,i smiled as i remember what mum has said when she first listened to the song
“no need of asking why youth have no more interest in education,when someone will said”skiborobo skibo” and his friend will say”young john the wicked producer” and before you know it,they will be making million and you are still expecting youth to have interest in education, shio” Mummy has said that day.************    I picked the call and found out it was my friend and we talked for about ten minutes before i discover it was almost noon,i bade him good bye and finalise my packings.I went straight to the bathroom to go and bath,after thirty minutes,i was ready and off i went with my bag and baggage.
I alighted from the okada that i boarded to the school,i saw a girl and i asked her where to go and she took me to the admin office.After all the registration wahalas, i was given a room in independence hall,meanwhile the girl was with me all this while i asked her
“pls where is room 19 independence hall”?i asked
“is that the room you were allocated to? she asked with fear in her eyes
“yes, anything about it?i queried
“nothing ,anyway walk straight by the leftside on the pedestrian way ,you will see the signpost”she replied
“thanks so much,i will give a call when i’ve settled down,bye”i said and i begin to follow her description.After walking for about five minutes,i saw the place and i went inside.when i entered,i saw some guys numbering about eight standing  around a bulky guy that sit on a bunk,as i entered,all of them shifted their gaze on me,i was so afraid that i said “I” bowing like a fool ;).None of them answered, and i have to step back to confirm whether i was in the right place,having been assured that i was right,i re-enter the room and the guys were already leaving when i entered.As they walked past me,i greeted again’hell guys’but they did not even looked at me.I greeted the bulky guy ‘Hi bro im mike.He only nod and continue reading the sport magazine he is reading. After looking for a comfortable bunk and arranged my loads, i decided to go on a ‘familiarization tour’ around the campus. I started from the hostels, and then to the department and the cafeteria before going back home. On my way home, i meet the brethens from deeper life and i collected their pamphlet where their programs were highlight and i promised them to that i will come.
When i get back to the hostel, i met the bulky guy reading another sport magazine,even though i was angry with his snobbish character, i decided to be friendly as a child of god ;)
‘bro is that today’s complete sport’ i asked  but he only give me look that seems to say ‘warn yourself  boy’. I leave him to find myself something to eat.After eating, i lied down on the bed ready to sleep, then i remember that i have to called my dad,so,i dialed his number and he picked it after the third time
‘Hello micheal, how was your journey’? his deep voice rang out
‘fine sir,i just called you to greet you, thank you sir, greet daniel and janet for me’
‘okay, bye ,i will call you later’ He said and he hang up instantly
Huh, trust my dad,every kobo is important to him.after caling him i decided to play subway surfers on my phone but the fat stupid police did not let me go far before calling.After some unsuccessful attempt, i dropped my phone and slept.

To Be Continued…


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