True Love Knows No Bound-Episode 4

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[Episode 4]
………..Later that day
The class was over and I went to see Mr Williams, so many thoughts crossed my mind as I was going.
I knocked at the door to his office, he came opening the door, I was about greeting him when I sighted Miss Azuko, a young female teacher, who teaches the junior students Basic science. She was sitting comfortably on a chair. I wonder what she was doing in his office.
What’s my business? I thought to myself.
“Good afternoon sir, you asked me to see you” I said.
“Yes I did” Mr Williams replied.
“Oh! I’ll excuse you now”, Mrs Azuko said.
“Okay then, we’d talk later”. He said back to her.
“Good afternoon ma”, I greeted.
“How are you Kunbi?” she asked as she made her way through the door.
“Kunbi, I gave an assignment in class which you all submitted, of all the students In class you had the lowest score which means you probably weren’t listening in class or you didn’t understand what I taught you”.
As he said this, I felt relieved as this wasn’t what I thought he’d call me for.
I was already thinking of what to say when he said ; “I was told you are one of the bright student in class and if this is happening, it means there’s something wrong. Don’t you like me?” he asked feeling fly.
I immediately became a stammerer as I didn’t know the reply to give him. I mean if I had the chance I could shout on top of my voice saying “I don’t like you”.
But come to think of it, what’s this guy feeling Like? Why does he think every girl has to like him ? He probably was reading my mind when he said; “look, I asked that because students tend to have a problem with a course when they feel disgusted by the teacher and I don’t want this subject to be a problem for anyone of you.
So let’s help ourselves here”, he said giving a brief smile.
“Oh! Okay thank you sir, I’ll do better next class”, I said.
“Good then, I’ll be expecting that and if you don’t, we’re going to have a problem”, he added.
God, I already have a problem with you annoying being, I thought to myself .
“ I promise to do better”, I said giving him a weak smile. While I was leaving, he asked that I distribute the notes to the class while he handed them over them to me.
I left his office with so much anger. What guts does he have to talk to me like that? My hatred for this guy knows no bound. I wish I could change school already.
The rest of the term was pretty fast. We got to the end of the term in no time and my result wasn’t so good. My result would have been perfect if my maths grade was cool.
It got mummy really angry and furious and she was willing to do anything for my maths grade to be better.

We resumed back to school after our two weeks break and Mummy wasn’t joking about my maths grade. It was early in the morning and I was ready for School when Mummy called out to me.
“Kunbi, you need to get this maths right because your gce exam would be starting soon and you have every right to partake in it” she said in a low tone.
“I know mum, I’m trying my best”.
“Your best isn’t enough, I need to be in your school tomorrow, she said.
It was a Thursday morning when mummy stormed my school compound. She didn’t even ask to see the principal, she went straight to Mr Williams office with my help of course. We got in and yes Mrs Azuko was there again.
What’s between these two? This early? She couldn’t even wait till noon, I thought to myself. I’m really annoyed.
“Good morning ma”, they both chorused greeting mummy.
“Good morning”, mummy said back to them.
“Please I’d like to see the maths teacher”, she added.
“Here I am ma, how can I be of help to you?” he asked with a smile.
I stayed there mute as Mrs Azuko said “I’ll excuse you”
Mummy gave her a kinda look that I couldn’t even understand while she walked passed me touching me as if she was greeting me.
I felt a little disgusted by her touch. I just kind of dislike the woman now for no reason (oh darling Kunbi you’re becoming a devil in the making) I said to myself.
“Well my daughter failed maths, And this has been going on for a long time now” Mummy said with a straight face.
I thought to myself that I was in trouble because truth be told, Mr Williams asked me to always see him whenever I don’t understand things. I hope he doesn’t tell mummy that.
“Well I’m sorry to hear that ma, this was like a common probelm prior to my emergence but I’m happy that there was a positive result this time, but not all.
I’ll put the blame on myself that I’ve not really paid attention to her”, he said that giving me a stern look.
We both know he lied there, for he has called me severally to ask if I understand things and I keep saying yes while I continued failing. I wonder why he lied against himself .
Anyway I felt happy within but I still kept on my mean look like “who asked you to lie for me”.
“Its fine sir, the reason why I’m here is so that you can pay special attention to her , because she’s going to partake in this upcoming GCE exam and I dont want any mess up.
I don’t want her father’s family to have a cause to blame me at the end. Dakun, se bi omo Yoruba ni e?”
“Beeni ma”, he said with a smile.
Mummy can be so annoying, whey did she have to bring up daddy issues here ?
Please I want you to take her lessons at home after school
“Mummy…. “I said looking at her .
She looked at me but looked away and continued with her discussion with Mr Williams.
“Don’t worry, I trust she’s in good hands or is she not?”
“She is ma” he replied smiling
“Give me your number so we could bargain for price, I have to rush to work, I’m running late”
“Okay ma” he said as he wrote out his number and mum was set to leave.
I followed her and she said “That young guy is charming and he seems like a good guy. Kunbi don’t trouble him, And make sure you’re a good girl” she said smiling at me.
“I’m sure he won’t harm you, he won’t dare. I just feel he’s trustworthy” she said giving me an affirmative look.
“Okay mum!” was all I could say.
She drove off, and it dawned on me that I was stuck with Mr Williams….

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